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  1. That is right. I have seen the inside of 7800s with the rear seats up in the "service position" at Birchmount, and in fact the top of the engine (valve cover) is right there, no more than a few inches from the base of the jump seat.
  2. There is almost daily at least 3 Classics on Markham Road during the morning rush. Good place to catch one.
  3. For Sure!! GM buses are a class act. Back in the late 50's, they were overengineered and the proof of that is still on the road today in many cities. Pretty sad case for Orion when the TTC has to rebuild 25 year old buses because the BRAND NEW ones can't stay running
  4. It is parked out front because that is the bus that is being used for bike rack training!!
  5. Thanks sorry I did not see that. Thanks for clearing that up! Really something though to see all those GM's together at once
  6. Bus movements might be starting!! Today while I was doing Vic Park at least 15 GM's were heading west on Sheppard out of Service. It was like a congo line of buses - quite impressive really Anyone know where they were heading??
  7. Birchmount and Eglinton are where you will find like 95% of the S50 EGR's. Also when you hear the S50 (7400-7881) acclerate and also hear the loud roar of the engine fan, thats a good indication that that bus is slower. It seems that the fan takes some horsepower. Maybe TTCMech can confirm this??? It always seems the buses I get are usually slower with the loud fans. And they are not all like that. Some fans seem to roar A LOT louder.
  8. That is very true. SOME of the S50's don't seem too bad, but some are so slow that they are a danger on the road. In fact we recently had a bulleton posted at Birchmount from head office commenting on the slow acceleration of the S50's, mostly with the A/C running. The bulleton basically said that it is normal for diesel engines to lose power in hot weather and that us operators need to take special care because of the slow acelleration. And yes, I have driven certain Classics that are almost as fast as the '91 V's. Just being able to get the back doors closed and cross the intersection can make a HUGE difference. Yesterday I had 6673 on Warden. Because I have been doing Don Mills for over 6 months I have not driven a V in a while. WOW, was that ever a treat. The V's are really like sports cars compared to the sluggish S50's.
  9. Just so everyone knows 6669 WAS parked in the garage at Birchmount this morning, I walked right past it on track 2
  10. 6669 was parked at Birchmount on Thursday morning so not sure why it was at Queensway.
  11. Sorry if its already posted but I can't find it. Anyone know which Mississauga VII it was that caught fire last week?
  12. 7716 and 7717 were both on 25 Don Mills this morning.
  13. I totally agree, the GM was the best bus ever built. Everyone out there who hates them for whatever reason does not know a lot about buses and what makes them enjoyable for operators and passengers. OK so they don't have A/C (but they could be ordered with it) and they are not low floor. Oh I guess that means that all these people with strollers bigger than some compact cars could not get on a GM. Lets face it, you can get a whole lot more people on a GM than a VII anyday and with the windows open, the ventilation is great. As far as driving a GM, they are by far the most maneuvrable bus out there, the blind spots are next to none (the VII's have HORRIBLE blind spots), a GM bus basically does everything a bus should do and rarely spits back in your face. As well, because there are no computers running a GM, unless it is a major failure of the bus, they can sometimes be fixed on the street , try that in a VII. Ask some older operators who appriciate GM's why they stopped making them and they will say that GM had to stop making them because no one would buy new ones because the old ones would never die - think about it. Picture an Orion VII in 25-30 years. The TTC is nuts to think they will get 18 years out of those things.
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