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  1. Transdev alone to SURF ? I hear Form a Transcobec's driver : Transcobec (city bus division), Paquette (city bus division), and ADM (city bus division) was sell to Transdev I'll check my source and I'll be back as soon as possible
  2. I know personally the guy they bought the 7757,is really true, They recived the call of STO yesterday ~3PM for tell they win the bidding,, they go get the bus at STO garge in the next two weeks, if you have any question send me a PM
  3. alex quelqu'un a voler tes dessins et a inscri son nom a la place du tien voir sur facebook
  4. they still have a mistake on wiki (bus #606 was a 1995 novabus classic (same than #605) and was still in service
  5. this two bus was nerver go at montreal at the exit of novabus the buses (blank) was shipping to st-jérôme
  6. CIT Laurentides (TRANSCOBEC; St-Jerome) 601 (1986 GM Classic) still in service 603 (2004 Transcar Classic) 605 (1995 Novabus Classic) 606 (1995 Novabus Classic) still in service 607 (2004 Transcar Classic) retired 608 (2002 Novabus LFS) ex-stm 22-374 609 (2002 Novabus LFS) ex-stm 22-375 610 (2004 Transcar Classic) retired 611 (2006 Novabus LFS) 612 (2006 Novabus LFS) 613 (2006 Novabus LFS) 614 (2008 Novabus LFS HEV) 615 (2008 Novabus LFS HEV) 616 (2009 Thomas HDX) 617 (2010 Novabus LFS) 2nvyL82u6a3000069 618 (2010 Novabus LFS) 2nvyL82u?a3000070 CIT Laurentides (Paquette; st-eustache) 616 (2010 Novabus LFS) 2nvyL82u4a3000068
  7. part 2 Copie_de_ORION_IV__V.1_part_2.bmp Copie_de_ORION_IV__V.1_part_2.bmp Copie_de_ORION_IV__V.1_part_2.bmp
  8. what you thing ?
  9. Hi everyboby where i can find a towing (in paper) for paperbus ? thk
  10. if you have request about school bus i have more than 90% of all type of school bus in canada (blue-bird :TC-1000/2000/3000 ,vision, etc;Thomas : EF, RE ,HDX,etc; IC , corbeil , and more more more )
  11. HDX.bmp EF.bmp tell me what you think ... EF.bmp HDX.bmp EF.bmp HDX.bmp
  12. is a Québec bus so is in french TX3_M1.bmp tell me what you think... TX3_M1.bmp TX3_M1.bmp