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  1. As most of you are already aware, on Sunday September 24, 2006, Edmonton will be hosting it's annual free events day. This includes Fort Edmonton Park. The ERRS Will be running the regular streetcars in the park this year to accommodate transportation up to 1920 street etc.. A great picture day for those interested. I do know Units St. Louis Car Company #42, Ottawa Car Company #80 (Both Former Edmonton Radial Railway streetcars and Canadian Car and Foundry PCC #4612 former TTC Unit will all be operating. Last year they had 10,800 passengers in the 8 hours of operation on their streetcars. The park is open from 10am till 630pm. Come by and say hi to all the folks that work hard to keep a part of streetcar history alive!! Also remember, new members are always welcome. This would be a great chance for some younger folks to join and get opportunities to help restore cars and even become a motorman on these units! There website is www.edmonton-radial-railway.ab.ca
  2. My 1967 TDH-5303 made it to it's new home on Saturday. It will be saved and is insured and licensed now as an Antique vehicle. I will be working towards getting it ready for show and shines. Here is our load of pictures from playing with it in Calgary to getting it to it's storage in Edmonton. History: Calgary Transit #615 till about 1982 or so. Perimiter Transportation - Vancouver - #655 (Charter Service) Red Arrow - Spruce Meadows Shuttle - #665 (Shuttle Service) Out of service as of April 2011. Purchased by myself March 2016 and moved to new home on April 2, 2016. This is my baby now and she is amazing drive. Reached 85km/h continuously on the highway. I had an active Edmonton Transit operator with extensive historic fleet practice driving it home along with others trying it out in Calgary. Pictures of it's trip from Calgary to Edmonton are at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154072073881703&type=1&l=94d14da7ce You don't have to be a facebook member to view.
  3. So it was announced today at City Council that Darryl Katz has bought the lands where the Greyhound station is and it will be demolished for the arena in the near future!
  4. James

    Buy, Sell, Trade

    Hi folks I'm looking for a TDH 5303 Manual. Prefered quick possession so if someone in Edmonton has one... I'd be happy. Not overly expensive too. Thanks
  5. James

    Edmonton Radial Railway Society

    That might be a possibility!
  6. James

    Buy, Sell, Trade

    Wow. You got me to log on for the first time in years! thanks to someone messaging me this. I'm messaging you.
  7. James

    Captain Trolley

    It is with great sadness that I report that our friend, Captain Trolley is in the hospital. My understanding is that today they induced her into a coma. I understand she has not been well lately and off of work for about the past 2 - 3 weeks. I spoke to the one hospital today and they had discharged her yesterday however have confirmed she is in another. I will keep posted as much as i find out however at this time, I am devistated to hear of this. Please keep her in your thoughts. She meant a lot to many of us and i am just at a loss of words.
  8. Well today I visited the Alberta Railway Museum which is not open to the public at this time of the year, however since I've now become a member, i figured i might as well post some photo's. I hope to be out during the summer a bit showcasing equipment to the tourists and maybe even operating some equipment. I'm still involved in the ERRS however the ARM is only 10 minutes from my house instead of 45 or so minutes so it makes a big difference. Anyways here are some photo's I took today.
  9. If you know Peter, he is one of the nicest people around. To me he is a friend, Mentor and educator. Unfortunatly tonight, i found out that he has been moved over to the Misecordia Hospital here in Edmonton. He will more than likely be there over the holidays. If you know him, I am sure he would love some visitors. Call the hospital to find out which area he is in and when he can have visitors. I do not know why he is in but as most of you know, his health has not been the best since he had a stroke many years ago. I'm hoping to set some time aside on Christmas day to visit him myself.
  10. I have a 12 foot Sterling Aluminum with a 1966 12hp Westbend Motor (became chrysler in 1965) Here is 2 videos of it. This is the first time this motor has been out in the water in a long time. It was just rebuilt after sitting a while and the most it had been running was in a bucket of water. I hit about 25km/h. This was August 15, 2010 in Lake Wabamun, Alberta
  11. James

    2012 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    5 car SD-160 at 7:14 this morning northbound at Belvedere.
  12. James

    St. Albert Sightings

    Today, Due to snow, St. Albert Transit officially suspended all in-city service for over 3 hours due to residential roads so bad from the snow. commuter service to/fro edmonton was kept running but very slow.
  13. James

    SD160 Deliveries and Spottings

    I have a couple photo's. one of the workers with the jacks ready and one of the rail car with the SD being pulled down the track to be unloaded but they are on my phone and i have to head out.
  14. James

    SD160 Deliveries and Spottings

    Just coincidentally after this update of no new cars. 1075 is sitting out on the bridge under blue wrap at coliseum.
  15. James

    2012 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    Since there is not much postings in edmonton, ill post here. I noticed today at Central that they have extended the loading area of the one side platform farther back past the one wall. exit only spot and very tight as well as a 5 car markers have gone up. ETS is preparing to setup for 5 car trains it looks like.
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    Celebrity Death Thread

    Doobie Brothers Drummer Michael Hossack Dies http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20578150,00.html
  17. James

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Davy Jones - Lead singer of the Monkee's died at age 66 http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/02/29/monkees-singer-davy-jones-dies-at-66-report-says/
  18. James

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Another great loss. Whitney Houston passed away today. 48 years old.
  19. James

    Edmonton BBC's

    Not good. i was going quick
  20. James

    2012 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    YEah well the code doesnt work on my pro-164 but yours it does.
  21. James

    2012 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    For those that are using scanners and havent been able to listen when the driver presses control button, just code in your tgid list .00000 on the BC346XT it works. This is called i-call so most trunk tracker scanners can get this in! I tell you, its a big difference to hear my scanner noisy on transit again. lol
  22. James

    DATS Buses

    News from the shop, 5059 hit 300,000 km recently and is still going hard core! It's the first DATS bus to get that far