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  1. Anyways I'm thinking of Visiting my family in poland as their city is lublin poland and they have trolley buses.
  2. TC40102N

    Sarnia Transit

    Have anyone has a picture of these XD40's. Also on the other hand as how long will ST is keeping the Orion I (01.107) buses and the V's for active service?
  3. Who is still running buses with 6V71N or 6V92TA? Too add is Peterborough and woodstock Thanks TC40102N
  4. How about our Orion Vs's from ttc as their being retired.
  5. If you want to become a CPTDB Wiki Editor. Ask Wiki moderator Kevin L if you want.

  6. According to the TTC fleet Wikipedia on the 70xx 71xx page it said will all be retired by February 15 2015? Can anyone confirm?
  7. Did GRT retired all of the 9400's in December 2014?
  8. Is 9416 or 9437 confirmed retired or not?
  9. TC40102N


    Anyways the NFI MiDi bus can be used. Also my city has the 26 from 52 as the RTS fleet is getting mothballed and currently has 153 LFS artic buses from 2013/2014 and first artic bus since my city retired the OBI/Ikarus 286/III buses in 2003.
  10. TC40102N


    Has abq ride decided to order more XN40's or the LFS CNG. Also the LFS has a better turning radius than the XD40/XN40 buses.
  11. According to a Facebook post and one guy said he passed by the novabus plant and saw BC Transit LFS and not ttc units.
  12. I'd like to contribute the Wiki, please and thank you. TTC could use a little Update! Thanks TC40102N
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