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  1. So they will be numbered 8400-8454 and being delivered to Arrow Rd?
  2. I decided to make for future updates as 55 on order
  3. I meant ttc2252 the guy who made the old thread back in late 2013.
  4. Since i started to make a new thread while the person who made one is taking a break. I decided to make one and the other thread as ttc nova deliveries can be merged by an admin? Not arrived. 8401-8454 Arrived 9000-9152 2013 9000-9026 2014 (Wil) 9027-9054 9056 (Mal) 9055 9057-9103 (ARR) 9104-9134 ( Mt.D) 9135-9152 (Wil) 8400 Here's the new thread
  5. I noticed TTC toronto isn't on any of those lists?
  6. Plus they never had GM 1982 40ft T6H-5307N's and GM/MCI/Novabus classic's before.
  7. I think drt with 2003 8050 from 5 is the only orion v with drt and maybe in service? I do recall that i was on the ttc sales website back in july 2014 and said closed tender adwarded to Langille's scrap of port perry. Here's the website of that scrap yard http://www.scrapandcores.com/index.html
  8. GM/MCI TC40102N used to in the TTC fleet. But they are retired and only two of them are owned by a private company.
  9. Did u mean user Jane14 and where is he? I'm guessing that Mt.D will put some artic's on the 35 on rush hour?
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