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  1. Im seeing bunch of non-Queensway fleet on some of the routes 1350 on 46 1396 on 15 1012 on 123D Today is not the only day I see some of hybrid buses on the route.. So Queensway might be short on buses or drivers right?
  2. Do you know if Queensway division is short on buses?? I’ve seen several buses from the other division running on the Queensway route. For example, I saw 1068 on 37 Islington 35xx on 50 Burnhamthorpe (I don’t know the exact number) and I just saw 1268 running on 49 Bloor West this evening
  3. Do you know why some of the routes have very weird schedule?? http://ttc.ca/Schedule/schedule.jsp?Route=50E&Stop=e.b._on_Mill_Rd_at_Markland_Dr_(Silverthorne_C.I.)&Day=Monday_To_Friday For example, 50 Burnhamthorpe, a route which I use often.. has very very weird schedule and headway allocation. 1. The headway during the daytime (9am to 3pm) is really weird, as the headway during the weekend daytime (every 15 minute on Saturday, and 17-18 minute on Sunday) is better than the weekdays (every 30 minute) 2. I have no idea why the headway during the weekday evening (between 7-9pm) is better than afternoon rush-hours.. It is every 17 minute during the afternoon rush from 3pm to 7pm.. and it becomes every 15 minute from 7pm to 10pm. I have no idea how the TTC is allowed to organize such a weird schedule like that?
  4. If the LFSes are not replacing the Orions (which will retire probably in a year or two).. then which one will be replacing them? I know electric or hybrid buses are gradually replacing them.. but QUEENSWAY can't hold hybrids and electric vehicles unfortunately
  5. Ya this is my thought as well.. There should be at least one branch going through Jane.
  6. https://stevemunro.ca/2021/06/28/metrolinx-gives-toronto-the-finger-twice/ Well.. Doug Ford's double-standard and hypocrisy is just fxxxin ridiculous It is so funny that him and his brother (who's laid in his coffin now) was ALL-IN for underground transit... and now they are going ALL-IN for overground section at Leslieville just because the riding there is an NDP riding.. There are very strong opposition within the community about building section of Ontario Line overground, and it seems like Metrolinx and MTO is just giving them middle fingers now. I know the Metrolinx usually works closely with the provincial government (regardless of which party is in power).. but the way Doug Ford is working with them is completely disastrous.. People need to wake up and vote that cancerous Doug Ford dude out. I suspect those Ford families are dreaming of dynasty similar to North Korea (Kim's family) or Cuba (Castro's family).. to sabotage more things to develop Toronto and Ontario.. The transit in Toronto would have been much better and more advanced if Rob Ford didn't cancel the transit city plan entirely...
  7. Yes, It is ridiculous that they are making all services on Jane to stop at Mount Dennis station, which is about a kilometre away from Jane & Eglinton intersection. It would have been little better if they only left 935 to bypass Mount Dennis station, but the plan seems to be very ridiculous.. and that would be a big blow for those traveling between Jane Station and anywhere north of Jane and Eglinton. Do you think it would have been better if the branches were divided like that? Branch 1: Jane Station-Steeles/Pioneer Village Station (same as original 35 Jane) Branch 2: Jane Station-Mount Dennis Station (same as proposed 27 Jane South) Branch 3: Mount Dennis Station-Steeles/Pioneer Village Station (same as revised 35 Jane) Express Branch 1: Jane Station-Steeles/Pioneer Village Station (same as original 935) Express Branch 2: Mount Dennis Station-Steeles/Pioneer Village Station (same as revised 935 Jane) I think there should have been at least one branch going through Jane & Eglinton because I don't think those riders who lives north of Eglinton going to Jane Station was completely ignored..
  8. Ya, express service should have been stayed going through Eglinton... Diverting to Mount Dennis station seems to be a huge detour.. And those Ford brothers are evil because they are full of hypocrisy and double standards. I remember they went ALL-IN for building subways and build everything underground. However, Doug Ford changed the relief line planned by John Tory to teeny-tiny LRT line.. and they are planning to build it overground along the Leslieville area despite strong oppositions within the community.. It is so ridiculous because he was the one who supported underground transit... and he is now saying building overground is better because it's cheap. We need to do our best to #votefordout2022 because #fordfailedthepeople and #fordfailedontario
  9. I am good with all the changes except for this one.. As a matter of fact, the length between Jane/Eglinton I am pretty sure there are a lot of people taking a ride from Jane to north of Eglinton, and I don't know how many people will like adding extra 10-20 minute to their travel... I think most of the area along Jane north of Eglinton is a low income area, and people rely on the buses a lot.. it would definitely hurt those trying to get to Jane Station This wouldn't have happened if the original Eglinton LRT (which starts from Pearson instead of Mount Dennis) was still alive and yet.. Rob Ford tried to sabotage the project when be became a mayor and delayed it with a shortened version. Tbh, Ford families are such a cancerous people in both Ontario and Toronto. I am not hoping any of the Fords will step into the politics again to create dynasty like Kim's family in North Korea or Castro's in Cuba.
  10. So does it mean that we don't have to pay another fare when transferring between Miway and the TTC at either Kipling or Islington Station?? (or vice versa) I live in the corridor where I can use both 49 Bloor West and 50 Burnhamthorpe, and I want to know what will happen once the routes are integrated? Does it mean we can transfer to the TTC subway without extra fare??
  11. So this could mean Islington Station could start the major overhaul, right? I have a feeling that they will demolish that old bus-bay and replace to the one similar style to Kipling. I am wondering how it will be.
  12. Just saw 1416 on 48 Rathburn which is very very odd
  13. Again, I am just wondering why the Queensway is always the last one to get such an update, I think they were the last one to get VISION, and the new livery. One odd thing to mention is that they were actually the first one to get that presto machine. You shouldn't be acting like a grumpy old rude man when someone is just wondering about something.
  14. Everyone has a right to wonder about it to be honest. And older vehicles actually impacts the passenger experience. I've taken the TTC bus for the first time in a while. (49 Bloor West, QUEENSWAY DIVISION) and the Air conditioning was working poorly for both ways of my trip. Anyway, I kinda feel like Queensway is always the last one to get such an update, I think they were the last one to get VISION, and the new livery. One odd thing to mention is that they were actually the first one to get that presto machine.
  15. Well.. I just calculated for fun, and you don't need to be sensitive sir.
  16. I calculated the number of fleets repainted per division (referred to CPTDB WIKI) ARROW RD: 291/291 = 100% EGLINTON: 243/243 = 100% McNICOLL: 265/265 = 100% WILSON: 246/253 = 97.23% (Every fleets except 1364, 1371, 1372, 1373, 1383, 1384, and 1395) MOUNT DENNIS: 271/283 = 95.76% (Every fleets except 1356, 1359, 1378, 1379, 1406, 1407, 1409, 1410, 1412, 1413, 1415 and 1420) MALVERN: 209/243 = 86.01% (Every fleets except 1225, 1226, 1248, 1255, 1271, 1277, 1280, 1288, 1290, 1296, 1299, 1306, 1307, 1310, 1315, 1320, 1321, 1322, 1334, 1335, 1339, 1342, 1343, 1351, 1352, 1363, 1364, 1366, 1369, 1392, 1393, 1394, 1401, 1402) BIRCHMOUNT: 166/280 = 59.29% QUEENSWAY: 25/214 = 11.68% Looks like Birchmount will get to 100% once all the remaining NOVAs are rebuilt. For Queensway, the maximum it can get right now is 27% if all 58 NOVAs in the divisions are rebuilt.. and it is not likely that ORION Vll diesel will get repainted since they will all be gone in the year or two. I have a feeling that all NOVA LFS (8400-8572, 8574-8617) will eventually go to the Queensway once all ORION Vll diesel (7900-7979, 8000-8099) are gone. Since the number of fleets in those set are similar to current level which is around 215-220.
  17. So does it mean those non-revenue buses could come back in as an active vehicle?? They might retire in a year or two so I think the chance is mere
  18. It is even more handmedown because they are keep sending repainted nova back to Birchmount while sending one not repainted to Queensway.. I live in Etobicoke.. and 99 percent of the buses I see are not in the new livery… While I see tons of them in the other parts of the city
  19. Do you think when will they keep OG Hybrid (1000-1149) and OG non-hybrid (7900-7979, 8000-8099) in service until? and do you think which one will be retired first? I'm guessing non-hybrid one since those are the only fleet sets without the new painting (That's why it is really rare to see any vehicles with new liveries in central and south Etobicoke) while pretty much all Hybrids are repainted. I think only 1002 and 1148 retired for OG Hybrid so far.. That leaves 148 out of 150 For non hybrid, 7900-7905 were pulled out from the active roster and converted to TPS vehicle.. and two of them got vandalized during the Raptors championship parade and retired.. and 7906 and 7908 replaced those vandalized vehicles. 7907, 7911 and 7939 were sold to Sault Ste. Marie 7929, 7936, 7953 were pulled out from the active roster and converted to event support bus.. 7955-7958 were pulled out from the active roster and converted to EMS transport unit. 7953 and 7961 were converted to COVID-19 patient transport unit. 8045, 8058, and 8095 were retired due to serious accidents. SO 24 non-hybrids are retired so far. Wondering when are they going to be active until..
  20. I also saw that 3490 on 76 Also 1096 is on 50 Burnhamthorpe
  21. Anyone know if there’s a maximum designated lifespan for the bus fleets for the TTC I am wondering how long 2006-2007 Orion Vll fleet will last. I know few of 79xx are retired but I wanna know when will they last until?
  22. So does it mean people living along Burnhamthorpe or Bloor will have to pay their fare twice? I think fare integration is necessary in order to make that move because there are a lot of people (than the TTC is thinking) are taking transit in Central West part of Etobicoke, and they are not willing to pay their fare twice. As one of people living along that corridor, that’s going to be a big blow if I indeed have to pay one fare for the bus and the other for the subway. How can it be possible within the same city?
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