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  1. Doesn't the TTC usually avoid any subway closures during the long weekend? I kinda feel absurd since there is a subway closures going on this long weekend... Line 2 has been bombarded by shitty service reduction from November last year (and the service didn't even improve 1% till now) and now the subway closure?? TTC is just fxxxin crazy.
  2. I was on the fxxxin ridiculous trip way home tonight. (Around 10 11 pm) I took a Line1 train from St.Andrew to St.George and this was ok.. and the problem occured when I got to line 2 platform.. the service was suspended between St.George and Ossington due to a power off since someone was on the track level.. The Uber fare was jacked up and I ended up waited 15 minute before service resume. However, the train suddenly went out of service at Jane.. The operator told us the next train is right behind us… and the next one didn’t show up until like 10 minute after.. Do you know what is a common ground of taking the train out of service when the subway is this? I feel like the TTC is basically abandoning Line2 service right now.. with longer headway which didn’t even improve from last November.
  3. It is absolutely surprising that the TTC hasn’t increased service level at all on line 2.. and this is actually ridiculous headway to see even at night time. There are many events going on within the city and I am surprised that the TTC has no plan to increase service.. even by 0.1 percent
  4. Well, First I don't get why line 2 is the only subway line which had its service reduced, and second, I don't get why the TTC isn't planning on reinstating service level back to normal even though the crowding issue is getting worse and close to pre-pandemic. I think east side (Danforth portion) would be even worse than the western portion.
  5. I know rush hour is bad, but the night time is even worse with the headway sometimes go close to 10 minute. There will be a lot of people traveling at night time after the Leafs/Raptors and the Blue Jays game and I don’t know what is a hold up. Btw, going NIS also happens during the rush hour which is absolutely absurd.
  6. Well the ridership has clearly increased compared to a time when they reduced services back in November. Most of the workplaces are converting to at least hybrid now and university students are back in class and commuting.. and yet the TTC is not increasing service level on BD line at all since they significantly reduced in November.
  7. https://stevemunro.ca/2022/04/12/ttc-ridership-and-financial-update-april-2022/ On Steve Munro’s blog, he gave a spoiler alert for service changes in May.. and yet no subway service improvement for Line 2 Bloor Danforth. I want to know what the hell is a holdup since the crowding is becoming ridiculous.. I took a subway from St.George to Islington and I couldn’t find a seating room until approaching Jane. The train was packed at least until Runnymede
  8. Regardless of the age, fare evasion is a serious matter that everyone should care. I don’t think I’ve changed my story and the topic is still a fare evasion.
  9. I am mentioning highschoolers because they are the one who usually use a loophole of the children 12 and under being free. Now it is harder than ever to see if they are 12 or not since kids are growing up faster than ever and some of them looks like an adult. I know all fare evaders are absurd regardless of the age, but I spotted a lot of teenagers evading using a loophole.. I see at least 5 a day taking a 50 Burnhamthorpe bus going east at 8 in the morning I see a girl who uses kids presto card which has very strange sound compared to Post secondary/secondary & adults If my word selection was wrong. I would say they are absurd. Case closed
  10. Do you think there’s a chance that the service level on line 2 won’t be back to normal until at least fall? I thought the subway service will be the first one to go back to normal and I was kinda expecting the service level won’t increase in January.. However, I didn’t expect it will still be kept reduced for March changes. and I am not sure it will come back to normal anytime soon because Line 2 always had a reduced service during the summer. I do commute from the west end, and the train is basically getting filled after passing Dundas West or Lansdowne.. The way back is way worse as it turns into Tokyo at St. George. I suspect eastern portion (East of Bloor/Yonge) will be even worse since I do see some people had to skip a train or two to get on. 4-5 minute headway during the Am/Pm rush is getting ridiculous day by day as more people are heading back to the office.
  11. Do you think fare evasion is ok thing to do?? Highschoolers are highschoolers regardless of the age of a person calling it. Seems like you’re all in for fare evasion
  12. Well this post is about fare evasion.. You know at the subway station there’s a designated gate for those who don’t have presto right? I felt kinda absurd that there’s an operator inside the booth and those ruthless highschoolers are just passing by that gate without paying fare since it opens automatically.. I didn’t know that the TTC is this stupid enough.. (Well, they are already stupid since they are keeping reduced service on line 2 despite increasing ridership) they should have installed a gate which doesn’t allow you to pass the fare gate until you actually pay.. like one in the parking lot
  13. TTC 3565 on 50 Burnhamthorpe very rare sighting of Nova Hybrid on this route
  14. Response from Steve Munro.. He is suspecting that the service may not increase because of the underfunding from both provincial and federal government.. I thought the subway service will be the first thing to get back to normal... and this is absolutely ridiculous..
  15. BD line during the rush hour is getting ridiculous now.. it turns into like Tokyo after Dundas West or Lansdowne during morning commute.. 4-5 min headway during the rush-hour is now considered ridiculous especially more students commuting to campus and many workplaces are now converting to Hybrid at least
  16. Btw, when is the next opportunity for schedule changes? I do see a lot more people using the TTC now.. https://www.cp24.com/news/transit-operators-reporting-boost-in-ridership-as-gas-prices-surge-1.5810523 And this news article says there's a boost in ridership as gas price surge.. with more people going back to the office and students commuting to school.. + people ditching their vehicles due to insane gas price right now.. I feel like there really need to be more service ESPECIALLY on BD line now since it is getting now getting insane during morning commute. It not only becomes standing-room only at Kipling/Islington.. It does get jam packed which people can't really distance.. and the headway is still 4-5 minute even during the rush-hours. Even YUS line is getting more crowded although that line didn't get any reduction during the pandemic.. I hope it will be sooner rather than later
  17. Anyway, I’ve been capturing those who are evading fares along my commute and will be sending it to local news outlets as well as TTC customer service (It’s better than doing nothing about it) I’ve seen various forms of fare evasion from not paying fare to using a children presto card to evade.. and the problem got worse since the presto was introduced to the TTC. When I was a high schooler, I had to present my TTC photo id and pay fares and almost every drivers asked me for that.. and seems like the loophole is getting larger stricter guideline about the evasion is definitely needed..
  18. It is not.. Some high schoolers who look little don't pay their fare at all... and it is ridiculous that there are no such enforcement on that... I don't consider it as excellent since it is acting like a loophole for those highschoolers
  19. https://www.cp24.com/news/most-local-gta-transit-users-except-ttc-riders-will-no-longer-pay-double-fare-to-connect-to-go-transit-1.5800563 Well... I don't know why the TTC is not included in this deal..
  20. I really think TTC should scrap free fare for those 12 and under.. and it looks like the biggest mistake made my John Tory and it’s definitely contributing to revenue shortfall. I just found out there are a lot of high schoolers (especially those who look very little) are not paying their fares.. I am 100% sure they are high schoolers because there’s a secondary school on the bus route I use. Moreover, drivers should not open the back door when there’s nobody getting off. Some drivers choose to open both regardless and there are some absurd kids trying to hop through the backdoor without paying their fares. They should revert back to 5 and under..
  21. EV out this afternoon (according to Transit TO tracker) 32 EGLINTON WEST: 3726, 3729, 3736, 3737, 3738 52 LAWRENCE WEST: 3710, 3714, 3716 84 SHEPPARD WEST: 3711, 3715 91 WOODBINE: 3757 161 ROGERS RD: 3746 165 WESTON RD NORTH: 3708 945 KIPLING EXPRESS: 3733, 3742, 3743, 3748 952 LAWRENCE WEST EXPRESS: 3704, 3706, 3723 984 SHEPPARD WEST EXPRESS: 3703, 3717
  22. I think a lot of buses Western countries have longer lifespan compared to those in Eastern Asia like Korea and Japan. I think Japan has bunch of older fleets and rolling stocks.. (I’ve never been there but depending on what I heard) but from my experience in Korea.. In Seoul, the maximum designated lifespan for buses was 11.5 years and they’ve mandated all the fleets to be zero-emission like NGV (Natural Gas), hybrid, and EV most recently. Bus operation isn’t centralized unlike here in Toronto, and it is semi-public which the individual company is in charge of general admin while the city dictates service level, route changes of each routes. They have to get permission from the city to either increase or reduce service and changing to newer vehicles. Even though the max is 11.5 year, not all companies fullfill those lifespan. Some companies change vehicles after 9 years.
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