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  1. I also saw that 3490 on 76 Also 1096 is on 50 Burnhamthorpe
  2. Anyone know if there’s a maximum designated lifespan for the bus fleets for the TTC I am wondering how long 2006-2007 Orion Vll fleet will last. I know few of 79xx are retired but I wanna know when will they last until?
  3. So does it mean people living along Burnhamthorpe or Bloor will have to pay their fare twice? I think fare integration is necessary in order to make that move because there are a lot of people (than the TTC is thinking) are taking transit in Central West part of Etobicoke, and they are not willing to pay their fare twice. As one of people living along that corridor, that’s going to be a big blow if I indeed have to pay one fare for the bus and the other for the subway. How can it be possible within the same city?
  4. It would be absolutely horrific if the TTC cancels all three east-west route (48 Rathburn, 49 Bloor West, and 50 Burnhamthorpe) I live in Markland Wood neighbourhood which is probably the western most part of the city and there are a lot of people here using the TTC here. It would be horrific to walk all the way to The West Mall if all three of them are discontinued.
  5. So based on your answer.. That means 2006-2007 ORION Vll (7900-7979, 8000-8099) will last well into 2022, right? I thought it would be gone some point this year or next year since the older version of Orion Vll (7400-7882) were retired after 13-14 years. For example, 7620-7881 (7882 & 7883 included) first entered in 2005, and they were retired between 2017-2018. Given there are no significant new fleet orders until like next year.. do you think it will last until like 2022-2023? The older NOVA from Arrow (7200-7251) lasted about 16-17 years (1998 to 2014/2015) and the olde
  6. While many other transit services all across the country are implementing free-fare.. (Even Vancouver and Montreal is doing it) Why on earth the TTC is still refusing to implement that?? Basically the TTC is the only transit service in Canada which is not doing it.
  7. I am wondering why there’s no next train screen on the westbound platform at Islington Station. i know it is a station before the terminus station.. but the other terminus stations all have that screen at the both side of the platform
  8. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.thestar.com/amp/news/gta/2020/01/21/go-ttc-discount-fares-to-end-as-province-pulls-the-plug-on-funding.html Doug Ford assaulting those commuters.. By the way, does that mean GO transit and the UP express cannot be utilized with TTC fare if there’s a disruption on the TTC?
  9. I thought they are going to retire 79XX without upgrading. Was that a last minute decision to put VISION on 79xx's??
  10. https://www.cp24.com/news/ttc-board-wants-to-hike-most-fares-by-ten-cents-in-march-2020-1.4729593 This is totally dumb... since there won't be any merit using presto card.. There's only 5 cent difference between paying in cash and in presto
  11. Yes, I really think it isn't really efficient if you have to kill services to improve service reliability.. It is really similar to how Doug Ford is putting Ontario into a bunker.. Making cuts to the most vulnerable and calling it as an 'efficiency' and saving.
  12. https://swanboatsteve.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/20200105servicechanges.pdf Well.. it looks like the TTC's assault on the service level is continuing by the name of "Service Reliability Improvement" Three routes (45 Kipling, 54 Lawrence East, and 95 York Mills) will be removed from '10 minute network' I really think it is really bad way... increasing the headway only causes overcrowding. I use 50 Burnhamthorpe often, and the service level was reduced during the afternoon commute from every 13 min to 15 min.. and the bus is way overcrowded during the rush... 49 Bloor W
  13. I am wondering if there's a targeted deadline for converting all of the TTC bus fleets into a new livery. And do you think how long will it take with current pace
  14. I don't care which company will supply... I just want the balance to be displayed on the machine like the GO, Miway. It is so stupid that we can't check our balance directly from the device in the vehicle.
  15. Well.. except for those living in Liberty Village.. I was actually hoping there would be a station within the Liberty Village
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