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  1. Thought some 84xx were gone to Birchmount and why are they getting another batch?
  2. So basically the TTC is treating riders as dogs and pigs
  3. TTC and the city should have negotiated about the closure and need to discuss if there are any alternatives rather than shutting traffic flows including streetcars
  4. TTC used to announce those closures like month or two before.. and they did just like a week in advance this year. I don’t know if the TTC discussed with TIFF officials until last minute and couldn’t find any solutions.
  5. Do you think what is the estimated timeline of the retirement of the Queensway's 79xx and 80xxs??
  6. So this means 84xx Novas won't be a replacement of 79xx and 80xx Orion Vll, right?
  7. I really think PM peak is unrealistic... The bus gets really full nowadays during weekday afternoon rush... and it is so funny because 50 always gets reduced service during summer and winter breaks while 49 has same level of service all season long
  8. https://stevemunro.ca/2019/08/22/tiff-2019-to-demolish-downtown-transit-service-again/ I’m wondering why this shit is happening again during the tiff. Is it really an UNAVOIDABLE closure? I don’t understand why they still close the street even though the street was designed to have better streetcar traffic.. and I think that King Street Project is meaningless if they continue with stupid closure.. This is TTC’s message about the closure. “We encourage you to plan your trip in advance. We thank you for your patience during this important event benefitting Toronto’s economy and international reputation as a world-class city.” World Class city?? Fuck that.. Our fuckin politicians are trying their best to make Toronto ad third world city.
  9. Islington Station is absolutely chaotic right now.. as all 37, 50, 110 buses are utilizing ONE bus platform... MiWay buses aren’t even entering into the station as well
  10. Any ideas if any 79xx without VISION are still in service?
  11. Any reason why the wait time for the PM peak is being increased on 50 Burnhamthorpe? I often take 49 Bloor West and 50 Burnhamthorpe and I don’t see any difference in terms of ridership.. and It always looks like 49 is always getting better service while 50 is way underserved.
  12. My question was.. why don’t they just move 31xxs at Arrow to Queensway and keep 8400-8617 at Birchmount? Although it is still a hand me down, I really don’t see difference between putting 8400-8617 or 31xxs... Probably the TTC is trying to dump as many grumpy hand me down vehicles as they can to Queensway.
  13. Well.. I don’t Isn’t it simpler if Arrow’s 3100s move to Arrow and Birchmount’s 8400-8617 stays where they are. I know it is still a hand me down for Queensway, but why are they doing such a complicatex move
  14. ALL BECAUSE OF DOUG FORD!!! I quoted about this issue by commenting on one of Steve Munro's post on his website. Surprisingly, he knows about that Queensway's been getting hand me down buses.. and he is aware of it. More surprisingly, some people actually complained to the TTC about the grumpy old buses that they have to ride. I am also waiting to see any Queensway buses with new liverie since I don't feel like living in 2019 here in Etobicoke
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