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  1. Do you know why some of the trains get out of service so suddenly? yesterday, I was heading to my work to the west end.. my subway was stopping at Jane and the train operator said suddenly that the train was out of service. I know it was just a regular hour, but I think they do that during the rush hour. What is a clear reason for that?
  2. 7906 is on 49.. I thought that one does not have a VISION.. and are any of the 79xxs without vision are deployed as a spare fleet now?
  3. Im hoping Queensway won’t get 81xx since that is another hand me down buses. I think they might be getting some of the 8400-8617 from Birchmount once all of the Orion Vlls retires. It is still hand me down but still better than old crappy 81xx
  4. However, TTC and the city has been very hostile in transit infrastructure development in the west side of the city including Etobicoke. Focus is all on Scarborough, but I think Etobicoke area needs more attention. Since they were too focused on the other areas.. the redevelopment of Islington Station as well as transit hub at Kipling was keep being delayed. I know Humber Bay area needs transit infrastructure desperately, but it seems like the infrastructure isn’t catching up. I know many people’s been taking 66 Prince Edward bus, and I see the bus has been filling very quickly during rush hours. With Queensway buses which is no different from horse carriages. I blame everything to fuckin Ford families, who’s anti public transit fan, and ruined this city and continue to doing so even Doug is a premier of this province. If Rob Ford did not cancel transit city which included a waterfront LRT, it wouldn’t have caused transit infrastructure nightmare in that area. The bus to Mimico GO station is just a band aid solution, and the city has to come up with something permanent.
  5. I wasn’t the one who posted that though.
  6. Steve Munro has also admitted that TTC’s been hostile on Queensway’s buses
  7. Do you know what will happen to some of the Queensway's 79xx fleets which doesn't have VISION on them? I know some went to Birchmount to supplement streetcar replacement routes Right now, there's only one of them on the Queensway route which is 7921 on Evans Will they get VISION later on? or be retired later in the year?
  8. 7921 is on 48, the only NON-VISION QUEENSWAY fleet running on the route right now
  9. I don't know if it is bit outside of topic, but do you think remainder of 7900-7979 will retire before the end of the year? Especially one without vision (except 7957-7979)
  10. Yeah I agree with you. I wouldn’t criticize if they put that map on the first and third door of the car, while keeping the existing whole network map on the second and fourth door.
  11. I live in Etobicoke and had to agree with that Question. Except for the presto machine, Queensway has always been the last one to get such upgrades including VISION, and the new liveries. As a matter of fact, there are ZERO vehicles with the new liveries on the Queensway route. Eglinton and Birchmount had full of the early version of the Orion Vll and ended up getting new Novas. Even though Birchmount only got like 40 (9200-9239), the new is still new. i don’t know why the same thing can’t happen to Queensway.
  12. well 8627 8628 was just a TEMPORARY allocation. It was delivered to Eglinton originally.
  13. It is really unfortunate since 8400-8617 were already ran on Arrow Rd and Birchmount.. I remember Queensway had the D40LF which became the oldest fleet around 2016.. and now they have the oldest fleet in the system again.. (7900-7979) with some buses without VISION. Not only the Queensway division, but the whole Etobicoke area has been very hostile on transit. The Humber Bay area has been booming with steady population increase and the transit infrastructure can’t keep up... And the redesign of the bus bay at Islington Station is keep getting delayed... and Kipling hub is JUST being built right now. In the last 10 year, I’ve seen all divisions got the new deliveries but Queensway.
  14. So based on current movement. That means most of the 8400-8617 will go to Queensway and 7900-7979 & 8000-8099 will be on their way to retirement soon. it also means Queensway won’t see new liveries for at least 2-3 years from now, right?
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