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  1. Rally For Rails www.RallyForRails.com A rally to support Light Rail Transit will be held at the Waterloo Public Square from 12-1PM on Sunday December 5, 2010. How Can You Help The Rally? 1. Write letters to the editor (letters@therecord.com). 2. Send e-mails to politicians & members of the community. 3. Talk to your friends and bring them out on December 5th! Included below are tickets that you can print and hand out to supporters. Colour Tickets Greyscale Tickets
  2. Sorry the response took so long: As for joining Skyscraperpage, I PM'd a mod to find out. Unfortunately you can't join with Hotmail, but he suggested a lesser known web-based email might work. Either try that, or is there anyway you can register an email address with your ISP (it should be free)? Even if you don't use the account regularly, you could use it just once to register for the forum. Here's an article regarding Moving Forward 2031: Transportation review travels down the road to 2031 November 24, 2007 JEFF OUTHIT - RECORD STAFF Local politicians have launched another major revie
  3. I'll message a moderator to see if they can make any exceptions. Green transportation initiatives can fast run out of gas November 17, 2007 JEFF OUTHIT - RECORD STAFF Grand River Transit is buying six partly electric buses to save fuel, reduce pollution and be more green. Diesel-electric hybrids should be here by next October, plying the main Route 7 between Kitchener and Waterloo. It will be a test to see if hybrid buses make sense. Hopefully, taxpayers won't get burned, like they did when councillors bought clean-burning natural gas buses that turned out to be lemons. Hybrid buses u
  4. In case anyone is interested, check out (and please join) Waterloo Region's New Local Section at SSP which includes a Transportation and Infrastructure section: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/forumdisplay.php?f=295
  5. That makes sense since the 2007 National Womens Under-18 Championship was happening at The Aud. Speaking of Charters, this was on the Planning and Works Committee - November 6, 2007 Agenda: REGION OF WATERLOO TRANSPORTATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Transit Services TO: Chair Jim Wideman and Members of the Planning and Works Committee DATE: November 6, 2007 FILE CODE: SUBJECT: GRAND RIVER TRANSIT CHARTER RATES RECOMMENDATION: THAT Grand River Transit increases the charter rate from $60 per hour to $80 per hour effective January 1, 2008, AND THAT all Grand River Transit charters req
  6. Hey guys, I've been reading the site for awhile but finally joined thanks to kitchenerlrt. I'm more of a business and then urban guy, but I also enjoy transit issues. In my mind, all the issues are pretty interconnected. I know this post is two months old, but I wanted to update the ridership level. For 2007, the latest estimate I've seen is 14.2 million. The 2016 goal is 19.5 million, which we're currently ahead of schedule to meet. Out of curiosity, does anyone have individual route ridership info?
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