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  1. Hey Buddy congrats, I did my medical last week and police check in processing. Lookslike my training will start in November, what you think? Also before my TTC training, I took admission in driving school and I am taking atleast 5/6 lessons on big school bus, just get to the feeling on big bus and turning, stopping. I am &75 per hour. Anyways how you find over all training ? any wise advice can you give me prior to my training please. Thanks

  2. TTC Application Process

    Hi...my friend has the same date as yours.
  3. TTC Application Process

    Hi...My friend will have an Info Session on 26 July 2016, Anyone got invited yet?
  4. TTC Application Process

    my friend will have an info session on jul 26, anybody gets an invitation to there?
  5. TTC Application Process

    Merci beacoup mes amis
  6. TTC Application Process

    Dear all my friends, Does anyone renew CZ licence and take a written test? I must renew my license and can anybody share what should I study prior renewing my license. Thank you, Automotive-Parts
  7. TTC Application Process

    For the trainees, Do you know how many persons are allocated for WILSON division? Thank you.
  8. TTC Application Process

    Hi Everyone, Anyone who has a training in Wilson?
  9. Post TTC Application (You've made it! Now let's talk!)

    Hallo. any of you from Wilson?
  10. TTC Application Process

    Hi Everyone, Tomorrow will be my last day for Route Familiarization. From my point of view. There is no NIGHT ROUTE FAMILIARIZATION. The only night with the home divisional is 3-day Service Revenue on your Day 22-23-24. And usually on Day 24 will start from 1pm-10.45pm. The time may vary but overall it will have 8-9 hours driving with your Home Divisional Trainer. Please let me know if you have any questions again. Hopefully I can give you some info. Regards, AP
  11. TTC Application Process

    I have two questions that I haven't answer in the previous chats. 1. Who examined TTC/MTO Practical & Written Test? All TTC instructors are fully licensed instructor by MTO. So your air brake written/practical, MTO written/practical are examined by TTC instructors. They have their MTO instructor license numbers which will be written in your Daily Progress Report (DPR). 2. Which Division am I assigned? I am assigned for Wilson Division. There will be 12 persons behind me. so I can grow up my seniority soon after the 12 persons joining the division. Please let me know if you have any more question. I will be happy to assist you, because I am BLESSED to BE BLESSED. Salutements, AP
  12. TTC Application Process

    Dear All / Cher amis, Today is my badge day after finished TTC Practical Test on my Day 25. If you see my Picture Profile. That is the badge that I got today after 25 days struggling to pass day by day. Tomorrow will be 3 day route familiarization in my home division. So, guys.....for those who are called for training day, please please please pay attention to your instruction, do your homework, be punctual and absorb what they teach in the class and on the road quickly. Particularly for Air Brake Test, Turning Skills, and TTC / MTO knowledge for both practical & written. This forum helps so much, particularly to share the information. Truly speaking, I was down prior joining the training because one of the member of this forum failed on Day 16. But now, I can breath freely, all were passed by and now time to generate what I had invested before. If you have any questions, please send me a direct email to automotive-parts@hotmail.com and I will be ready to assist you. Thank you / Merci With warm regards / Salutements, AP
  13. TTC Application Process

    Hi Everyone, I am back again.....This is my Day 16, we are a group of 14 male transit operators. And TODAY WE ALL PASSED MTO PRACTICAL TEST. So....let me know when you want to ask me about something. From Day 1-15. I got already a temporary CZ license. There are 2 both TTC test (Written on Day 21) and Practical on Day 25. Tomorrow, we start to revenue service (Try to drive with real customers).
  14. TTC Application Process

    Hi Interstellar, See you tomorrow at Hillcrest. I will be assigned at Wilson. This afternoon, I tried to see Wilson Garage. Is that called Downsview?
  15. TTC Application Process

    Hi many555, would you give me a recall, when did you get the training ? Jan or Feb 2015?