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  1. That's a hydraulic cooler. Actually only 6597 - 6647 have it, 6648 - 6668 do not.
  2. Actually, the 2003 NABI Compos 7157-7164 were also ordered with 407c. The auxiliary condensor was installed from the factory on 5001-5120, and all new Gilligs also have this (Phoenix and RPTA). It's concealed under the fiberglass cover on the roof near the rear of the bus on the street side. You'll notice the cover is vented in this area.
  3. 6714 - 6719 are in Mesa. The 533 and 535 are both exclusively out of Mesa, but they have been shared in the past. Some express routes are "interlined" with local routes, also.
  4. Actually, both yards have dedicated express buses.
  5. It is entirely from Mesa now. They use the 87/Beeline Hwy to deadhead to Fountain Hills. D40LFA remain in Mesa
  6. There was a D40LFA on the 514 this morning, this route comes from Mesa
  7. The 45CLFW at Tempe are retired
  8. Today I spotted 5158 on I10E Rapid, and 6750 on the 108.
  9. I did spot 5121 on the 39 several weeks ago.
  10. It's possible that vehicles were moved, bus also Monday marked the start of the service changes and it may be that some of the runs may have been re-distributed between the north and south garages in preparation for the service expansion.
  11. As far as catching a northbound peak 72 at ASU.. Wouldn't someone be able to get on any bus that comes first (Orbit, 72, 62 etc.) to the transit center where the 10 minute frequency begins? Sure, a transfer isn't ideal but atleast it beats weighing out waiting/walking in the heat.
  12. I remember hearing that the bridge necessary to cross I-17 was a major cost differential. At the time, there were also talks about the future of the I-17 in that area, one source even suggested it may become a double decker freeway. I also read that the metrocenter transit center would possibly be relocated from the west side of the complex to the east side.
  13. They have also converted the 35 footers. The wrap seems to be pretty extravagant as in its not just a vinyl wrap. They have the lights around the roof and a light installed in the middle of the front of the bus. Any idea when their new buses will be delivered, what length and will they arrive as trolleys or buses?
  14. I believe the naming system is based on a 10-point clock centered in Phoenix, with the 0 pointing straight up, 1 towards Scottsdale, 2 towards Tempe, 3 towards Mesa, 6 towards Buckeye/Avondale/Goodyear and 7 towards Glendale. Note that the 590 used to serve the Deer Valley area, and if I'm not mistaken there were at one time 50x routes that went into the north Phoenix area (Pre-Dating Rapid). There are no longer any 5xx series express routes that extend from downtown Phoenix to other parts of Phoenix, they are all subsidized by surrounding cities. Phoenix seems to invest solely in Rapid service.
  15. Today I noticed Scottsdale Trolley bus 4505, which was delivered as a bus, has been converted to a replica trolley. It's different from 4501-4504 in that the roof pods are original with the "trolley" trim attached to the sides. I wonder if all Scottsdale Gilligs will undergo this conversion?