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  1. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    According to the recent transportation commission minutes (available Here) it appears that the City did not elect to continue the trolley operation contract with Dunn and is carrying out the fleet maintenance in-house. It's not clear who was awarded the operations contract, however.
  2. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    They are also set up that way on 8511-8520 7001-7009 and 8521
  3. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    Does anyone know who's contract these were purchased off of
  4. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    I had heard that some funding was dedicated to the rehabilitation of these units which are Caterpillar-powered, at least mechanically. I believe this was completed over the past year or so. That said, there may not be an immediate need to replace these buses. Also, it should be noted that the recent and upcoming service enhancements consequently require additional vehicles.
  5. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    Some info on future bus orders http://www.valleymetro.org/pressreleases/detail/award-of-new-bus-fleet-approved
  6. Sun Tran

    Neat, any idea which one? Will they be operating it in revenue service?
  7. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    I believe the silver buses were numbered in the 600 series and the original rental car shuttles were numbered in the 500 series. Many of the silver 600 series buses have been repainted into the rental car scheme but they retain their original seating layout. Interesting to hear they will stay around until '21.
  8. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    Total transit only operates 40' 2007 D40LFR buses 6455-6459/6481-6500 in addition to some cutaways. No artics out there. First Transit West however operates a large fleet of artics.
  9. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    That's a hydraulic cooler. Actually only 6597 - 6647 have it, 6648 - 6668 do not.
  10. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    Actually, the 2003 NABI Compos 7157-7164 were also ordered with 407c. The auxiliary condensor was installed from the factory on 5001-5120, and all new Gilligs also have this (Phoenix and RPTA). It's concealed under the fiberglass cover on the roof near the rear of the bus on the street side. You'll notice the cover is vented in this area.
  11. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    6714 - 6719 are in Mesa. The 533 and 535 are both exclusively out of Mesa, but they have been shared in the past. Some express routes are "interlined" with local routes, also.
  12. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    Actually, both yards have dedicated express buses.
  13. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    It is entirely from Mesa now. They use the 87/Beeline Hwy to deadhead to Fountain Hills. D40LFA remain in Mesa
  14. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    There was a D40LFA on the 514 this morning, this route comes from Mesa
  15. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    The 45CLFW at Tempe are retired