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  1. It appears that 5278 is at West. No sign of any others yet.
  2. When these vehicles were delivered, they were numbered in the 6000 series (6001-6008 I believe, with 6001-6004 as trolley replicas and 6005-6008 as regular 30’ Gilligs), despite the fact that Phoenix was still running NABIs in the same numerical series. A short time after entering service, they were renumbered into the 4500 series which seems to be unique to the trolleys. I can’t remember if the first 35’ gilligs, which arrived a short while later, were delivered in the 4500 series.
  3. The Tempe Transportation Center is safe and has a lot of RPTA-operated buses running through. You’ll catch an El Dorado 30’ there, but most other buses will be a variety of 2008 - 2013 C40LFR and the occasional Gillig. There is generally a lot of transit activity in this area compared to other parts of the valley. Nearby you’re almost guaranteed to catch an L40LFR on the “FLASH” route. There’s a bus every 5 minutes from Packard Drive, about 5 minute walk from the transit center in Tempe. You can ride around for the whole circular trip (about 30 mins). The Scottsdale 35’ Gilligs usually appear on the Miller Rd route or Neighborhood route. The east/west routes nearby in south Scottsdale (17, 29, 41) are all candidates for the XD60, D40LF, 2007 D60LF (Caterpillar powered), 5600 series gilligs and Phoenix-owned CNG gilligs. A little further north on route 50, you’ll probably see XN60, CNG Gilligs, D40LF or 2008 D60LF (Cummins powered). DE60LFR are often seen on 77 Baseline Rd, which is several miles south of the Tempe transit center. D40LFA and D60LFA often operate on routes 40 and 112 in the east valley. Your best bet for a RAPID bus is in downtown Phoenix (45C-LFW and Xcelsior). If you go in afternoon peak, you can ride between the State Capitol and central station. Note that the I-17 route runs counter to the other rapid routes through downtown, so you can hop on that at central station, get off at the capitol, walk down to Jefferson St. and catch whatever shows up on the I-10E, I-10W, or SR-51 Rapid to go back to Central Station. RPTA XN60’s are somewhat scarce.. you’ll see them in downtown Phoenix on the 533/535 but you can also sometimes catch them on routes 45 or 61. D40LFR are also hard to come by as they mostly operate on the west-valley express routes. You’ll also see them in downtown Phoenix. Enjoy!
  4. 4518 has the trolley replica package, 4520 and 4521 do not. I'm unsure about 4519 at this time.
  5. 4514 - 4517 are 35’ CNG 4518 - 4521 are 30’ CNG
  6. New in Scottsdale, 4518 is a CNG 30’ Gillig trolley replica, spotted on the downtown route. 4520 and 4521 are also 30’ CNG Gilligs - without the trolley design, spotted on the Camelback route
  7. Spotted 5600 (first diesel gillig?) on the 41 this afternoon.
  8. The fairings house an auxiliary air conditioning condenser, unique to builds for the Phoenix area
  9. According to the recent transportation commission minutes (available Here) it appears that the City did not elect to continue the trolley operation contract with Dunn and is carrying out the fleet maintenance in-house. It's not clear who was awarded the operations contract, however.
  10. They are also set up that way on 8511-8520 7001-7009 and 8521
  11. Does anyone know who's contract these were purchased off of
  12. I had heard that some funding was dedicated to the rehabilitation of these units which are Caterpillar-powered, at least mechanically. I believe this was completed over the past year or so. That said, there may not be an immediate need to replace these buses. Also, it should be noted that the recent and upcoming service enhancements consequently require additional vehicles.
  13. Some info on future bus orders http://www.valleymetro.org/pressreleases/detail/award-of-new-bus-fleet-approved
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