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  1. Sorry for the late reply... I think it was the year before (2018). I went to a college around there for the Fall 2019 semester and never saw any of them out on the road. Also went to the New Bedford garage to try and locate them on multiple occasions (I was told by someone that they were still running), and I saw nothing but Gilligs.
  2. Those would be Ford E-450 cutaways—2017 models.
  3. Damn, missed this. To my understanding, unless UMass expresses some kind of interest, 98% of all PVTA buses end up being scrapped down to the very last rivet (I remember going to the UMass garage in Spring 2013, and seeing a couple of the 1999 35' RTS being gutted for any usable parts before getting sent off. There's also some pictures of some Ex-GMTA RTS in the UMass lot that got their frames stripped down to the core for parts). Not sure where they get hauled off to, or who buys the buses, as the auctions appear to occur behind closed doors (or they occurred before the rapid rise of the Internet, and thus are virtually untraceable). In my experience, you won't get very far by just waltzing in unannounced to any of the garages (thanks to the post 9/11 culture). I recommend reaching out via phone to the Amherst garage if you want to do a photo shoot or something (most of the people who work there are enthusiasts themselves, and will likely accommodate a request for a picture or short pass-by video). As for the other garages, they most likely won't reveal any information unless you reach out to a select few individuals (i.e. people who have been around long enough to remember the RTS, and also people who know who they're dealing with--another enthusiast). To add to that point, My understanding is that very little record on the older fleet has been kept, beyond a handful of pictures (i.e. there's a picture of an older 7000-series Fishbowl in the lobby of the VATCo garage). Whatever you do end up trying, best of luck. There was a few more Gilligs delivered in 2018. Apparently, UMass is supposed to get more Xcelsiors this coming year, and the oldest Gilligs will get pushed into field trip/charter service (replacing the 4 Novas and lone TMC). Based on their past track record, I'd say more XD40s. The ProTerras are a hit or miss most days, so I don't think they'll be investing more money into ZEV buses anytime soon.
  4. - IIRC, LFSA are usually on the 31/33/40/42 and 47/50 timetables on weekends. Haven't been in Hartford on a (leisurely) weekend in ages, so I don't know for sure. - DASH shuttle buses usually depend on the event going on. If large crowds at the Convention Center are expected, then 40 footers will be put on the line (i.e. during ConnectiCon). My guess is XDE60s, if the batteries on the current XDE models don't crap out like they have on other XDE40s of agencies (i.e. those in Brampton). The current state government isn't too worried about the emissions of public transit, so XD60s are possible, too.
  5. Hello, Can someone rename Norwalk Transit District 180-197 to Norwalk Transit District 180-186? Made an overestimation, and found some more info on the company website.
  6. Yes. They work on all divisions. Some services (like express buses) require a little extra change if you try to use a day pass on those routes. For New Haven, Routes 212, 228, 229, 238, 271, and 272 utilize the diesel and hybrid artics heavily. During AM rush hour, they may appear on the 201 and 215. On weekdays for Hartford, Routes 42, 47, 50, 52, 54/X, 60, 62, 64, 66, occasionally the 83 use the local hybrid artics. Route 101 is almost exclusively hybrid artic. Depends on what you are looking for in terms of fanning value. I.e. for high speed areas, I recommend the 32, crosstown routes (91 & 92), and the 121 (goes on a highway for about 10 minutes). The Gilligs only run on CTfastrak feeder loops (140/F, 144, 153, 161), and all feeder routes operate seven days a week.
  7. I didn't make the page, so I'm not sure if it's my place to say, but I would be in support of it. I've created/added to articles like the NJT MCI one before, and the method you mention seems a lot cleaner and more organized than pushing all the information into one big article. Anyway, can someone make a redirect for DASH (Alexandria Transit Company) 601-611 to DASH (Alexandria Transit Company) 601-614? MetrolinerXLZ added a couple more Ex-BeeLine buses to the roster (I can say their info is credible because they are working for DASH), and I saw photos of 613 earlier today in a Facebook group.
  8. Hello, Can I request a redirect for New Jersey Transit 16001-16002, 17001- to New Jersey Transit 16001-16003, 17001-17240, 18001-18129, 19001-19184? Or would it make sense to wait until the order is finished to create a redirect?
  9. A friend of mine who works for Connecticut Transit in Hartford says that it was annoying to call for contractor-operated buses (I guess A14 or A8 can sound like various things over telephone or radio) , and so contractor buses (from this order onward) will be numbered in the 8000 range.
  10. Added the information. Unsure of how the cutaways are formatted, so give a holler if there's an error.
  11. I guess that makes sense. Thank you for your response.
  12. I was looking on the SF Muni page, and had found that their AN440 had B500R transmissions. I did some more looking, and many other AN440s and AN440LFs had this same configuration. Does anyone know why they would be configured B500Rs, when other companies such as the Los Angeles MTA and Boston's MBTA (as well as Paul Revere Transp.) have found B400R transmissions sufficient?
  13. Is it possible to make a redirect from King County Metro Transit 7301-7439 to King County Metro Transit 7301-7429? I suppose the range was miscalculated by someone, and the page with up to 7439 is still being updated when it shouldn't.
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