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  1. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Connecticut Transit

    A friend of mine who works for Connecticut Transit in Hartford says that it was annoying to call for contractor-operated buses (I guess A14 or A8 can sound like various things over telephone or radio) , and so contractor buses (from this order onward) will be numbered in the 8000 range.
  2. LegoNovaLFS2001

    PACE Chicago additiond

    Added the information. Unsure of how the cutaways are formatted, so give a holler if there's an error.
  3. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Neoplan AN440/LF question

    I guess that makes sense. Thank you for your response.
  4. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Neoplan AN440/LF question

    I was looking on the SF Muni page, and had found that their AN440 had B500R transmissions. I did some more looking, and many other AN440s and AN440LFs had this same configuration. Does anyone know why they would be configured B500Rs, when other companies such as the Los Angeles MTA and Boston's MBTA (as well as Paul Revere Transp.) have found B400R transmissions sufficient?
  5. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Modifying a page title

    Is it possible to make a redirect from King County Metro Transit 7301-7439 to King County Metro Transit 7301-7429? I suppose the range was miscalculated by someone, and the page with up to 7439 is still being updated when it shouldn't.
  6. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Brockton Area Transit Authority fleet update

    I've added the information about the hybrids, but until it is confirmed, the diesels cannot be added.
  7. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Modifying a page title

    I see. I will keep that in mind. And thank you.
  8. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Modifying a page title

    Hi, Can someone delete this page: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Metropolitan_Atlanta_Rapid_Transit_Authority_1801-1855 Or create a redirect to https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Metropolitan_Atlanta_Rapid_Transit_Authority_1801-1885 ?
  9. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Why are there pages for routes within a company?

    I mean if the wiki should also have pages for most (if not all) routes within a system, i.e. pages for every route from MBTA in Boston, or pages for every route from all Los Angeles-area companies, if that make sense.
  10. From the day I joined the CPTDB to now, one thing I haven't understood is why pages for individual routes were created. Transit authorities/companies already have detailed information kept on their schedules/websites, so I thought that level of detail on this forum was extraneous. Could someone better explain why there are pages for routes within one given system? And can this level of detail be applied to all other pages?
  11. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Connecticut Transit

    You went too, eh? Nice! I rode it on Saturday. I thought about going today just for those shuttle buses (maybe they would bring in some recently decommissioned MCI or the reserve 400s ^-^). I thought Saturday was bad. The Amtrak shuttles had to turn people away at some stations, and the A/C on some of the ex-MBTA cars went out on Saturday. Until I heard what happened today, that is. As expected, some people were confused on why the bathrooms were locked.
  12. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Milwaukee County Transit System

    Uploaded & Added.
  13. LegoNovaLFS2001

    2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    I don't see why you chose to continue a debate that was settled over a week ago. Unless you were late to the party, your response was unnecessary. But, while people still see point to come here, my point was that the change in overall capacity suggests the bus was returned to Alexander Dennis and was reconfigured to have an ISX. Since you seem to love my evidence, here's some more for you: A charter company by the name of MARTZ (from Camden, NJ, if I remember correctly)has had a handful of MCI E models rebuilt at Atlantic Detroit Diesel to use a Series 60 with an Allison transmission (previously CAT C13/ZF Astronic). To counter my point and to somewhat agree with yours, the few repowers done within the last 10-20 years have not really required an interior change, because the engine used for repowering fits in the cavity reserved for it (NYCMTA #4899 is an example). Another model that has required modifications for an engine that may not fit is the Orion V. Buses with the Series 50 engine equipped had the middle portion of seats removed to better support the height of the engine, as you say. Another example is Greater Bridgeport Transit, of Bridgeport, CT. All of their LF series buses were repowered to utilize the ISL (previously Series 50 EGR). Some more of my "evidence" that could support the idea that an engine of a somewhat larger size could be fit into a transit bus.
  14. LegoNovaLFS2001

    2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Well, since we are going to bring up the Altoona report... The Altoona report indicates there are 87 USSC seats in the Enviro 500. The wiki says there's 86 of 4ONE Aries and Lazzerini seating, so there is some proof of the engine being refit to have an ISX. It has a larger liter displacement than the ISL9, and bus builders/transit companies have been known to reconfigure the interior of a bus to support a new engine (An example is Montebello Bus Lines of California: They had sent their 1991 RTS to Complete Coach works to be refitted with Detroit Diesel Series 50 engines, and the rear seating was raised to support the size of the Series 50 engine. Additionally, nearly every bus with the ISM engine has received a body extension/modification to support the size). This is a demo/pilot bus, so the manufacturer is prone to change details to better the overall performance of the bus. A prime example is SEPTA #3000: It was sent to New Flyer with comments from SEPTA on improving the bus and the rest of their order. It was not I who had looked in the engine bay, but Joshua Roden, and assumably another driver because nobody would be able to open the engine bay without the driver, had read the text on the engine emblazoned on the engine, and had said it read ISX, and that driver can potentially confirm whether it does or not. BUT I thought about what Adrian said about not listening to hearsay, and the fact that people said it sounded like ISX, I decided to take a listen for myself. It sounds similar to Nova LFS Artics I've ridden, so I will temporarily concede. I agree with the idea that it has an ISL9, but the truth will be revealed when someone finds their way to the engine bay and gets a picture of some technical information printed on the engine.
  15. LegoNovaLFS2001

    Connecticut Transit

    As am I...it could be possible that it occurred because it's the holiday season, and 1204 gets crowded regularly. But even if that was the case, 108 is supposed to be there, unless the driver asked for a 1700 instead.