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  1. For the wiki, what's a general size one would want to achieve in their pictures (i.e. 5MP, 12MP, etc)?

  2. Connecticut Transit

    The process can vary. I saw 1708 in Hartford before 1707. But now 1754 & 1768 are in line to receive it's tech before 1753,1755,etc.
  3. Connecticut Transit

    The 2001s are next for retirement. Those are: 108 (Comes out once a week or so to replace the Union Station Shuttle XDE35), 109, 110,111, & 112. Those, and the 300-series D40LFs. There's the also brand new bus, 1750, if you're interested in that. Although, I can't imagine it looking too good now after spending the last couple days in service (New Haven's buses get quite a beating from the passengers).
  4. The VIN for WRTD 338 is as follows: 15GGE271981091634 SEAT (New London-Norwich) has an 801-802,not 803-805. These are D40LFs. The last D35s were 793-797. There's two 2013 Gillig BRT HEVs as well: 1301 and 1302. 396-397 have Cummins ISL engines instead of ISB. 1301: 15GGB301_D1181441 (That may be a 7 in that missing digit, but I don't know for sure. Pics I had were too blurry). 1302: 15GGB3018D1181442 The VINs for the 2017 XD40s is correct up until 1741 (051197) . For 1743 and up, last 6 digits start at 051760 (So they were built after MiWay, GRT, etc.). I made a mistake in referencing them a few months ago as well. The 1600s go up to 1626. The 1700s go up to 1799. The 2017 MCI D4500CT for Hartford are numbered 1676-1694. A25-A26 have been removed from CTfastrak service,and lastly, all 2002 D40LF have been retired and are up for auction, and 107 as well as 340 are retired. If you need actual pictures, I can provide all except 1301.
  5. Connecticut Transit

    The 5th gen buses have started to reach New Haven. 1750 started service on Wednesday, with another 50 coming to replace all of the 2001 and 2003 D40LFs (1749-1799). A few months following this, another 31 will replace the last of New Haven's 2004 D40LF. (About a year, give or take a few months). After 1749 and 1750 arrived, 107 and 340 were decommissioned and given their sending away "party". By then, New Haven will have switched to the three-digit numbering scheme. As the routes, fareboxes are setup with the appropriate hard and software, New Haven's current fleet will be transformed into an almost completely new image, where the centerpiece will be Cummins, after a 30+ year reign by Detroit Diesel. Here is 1769 at the North Main Street Garage. I believe this was delivered either yesterday or today.
  6. Connecticut Transit

    Started service last Sunday. CTtransit 2017 MCI D4500CT #1677 on Route 913 Express by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr CTtransit 1677 - Builders Plate by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr CTtransit 2017 MCI D4500CT #1677 on Route 913 Express - Interior by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr With 57 seats, it has USBs, WiFi, and sports a Cummins ISX EPA 2013, with Allison B500R6 as the only choice for a transmission. And SEAT SEAT 2006 Gillig Advantage 29' #558 on Route 3 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr SEAT 558 - Builders Plate by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr In other news, as XD40s 1730 and up continue arriving, several 400s have been placed at the North Main Street garage. IMG_7810 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr
  7. I've found a roster for the FRTA of Franklin County, Massachusetts, dating back to 2015, so perhaps the page can be filled slightly with this info. http://frta.org/wp-content/uploads/20150710-FRTA-Final-Site-Selection-Report.pdf I should note that they've added 2 buses (1601, a 2016 New Flyer MiDi MD30, and 1701, a 2017 Gillig LF 35') to their roster, so more than likely the 30' Gillig buses are gone.
  8. Connecticut Transit

    Can this thread be re-named? I would create another thread for the other TAs in Connecticut, but that just seems wasteful of space, in addition to the fact that all the other TAs in CT have 20 buses or less. Connecticut Transit And it appears that I was wrong. The 1600 XD40 series stops at 1626, as when I "visited" the Hartford Garage, all I saw outside were 1700 XD40s and 1600 MCIs. Whoops. And a bus cleaner I know who works for CTtransit says that 123-126 aren't retired yet. 124 and 125 have been saved for MNRR Bustitutions, and 123, 126 etc see regular service. Idk where 1480 came from, but in the 2 years I have been venturing around Connecticut, I have never seen a 1480. Otherwise, it would be in a body shop at DATTCO or on the 928, where they regularly put their 2014s. Speaking of 2014s, I got my first 2014 LFSA V.I.N. CTtransit 1429 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr As well as my first local XDE40. It's quite blurry though, so I typed it out. 5FYH8FR14DC045863 SEAT And SEAT's 2008 New Flyers are numbered 801-802. Not 803-805, because none of these numbers have appeared on their tracker site. (https://seatbuslive.com/map) Middletown Area Transit I'm glad to see the newer Gilligs are getting added, however, the 2012 models they have were omitted. (JA104D, 3007-3008) I've gotten chances to get most of the VINs. 3007 is a tricky one. OMSI Textures by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr That's 3008 ^^ OMSI Textures by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr JA104D. I've asked about the JA---D part, and apparently it means job access.
  9. Feature Photo Submissions

    Wallpaper by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr CTtransit 110 & 480 are seen moving down Temple Street in New Haven, CT. Both are scheduled to be replaced by New Flyer XD40s by 2020, making the Xcelsior the dominant bus model in New England, and Cummins the dominant engine manufacturer. CTtransit 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 #1732 NIS by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr 1732 is one of 125 New Flyer XD40s scheduled to be delivered to Connecticut to replace their aging fleet of (2001-2005) New Flyer D40LFs.
  10. Connecticut Transit

    That is an ex-CTtransit 2001 D40LF. I'm unsure of the number, since five 2001 buses were bought and are going to the same area, (115,116 went to somewhere in NYC, 117,121, and 122 went to Long Island, along with at least half a dozen 2002 units). My guess is that its going to a scrap lot. Either that, or someone is starting a charter service in LI.
  11. Pioneer Valley Transit Authority

    While compared to other companies like that of Boston, New York, (I think even Rochester has a bigger fleet) they seem small, but still, gotta enjoy the little things, and way smaller TAs have made it here without the threads being deleted. Anyway, straight to the point. Pioneer Valley Transit Authority VINs listed: PVTA 1070: 1TULD3A2LR826937 PVTA 1309: 4RKNNTGA8XR833918 PVTA 1410: 1M9TH16J3GS816109 PVTA 3030: 4RKLDTGA3SR830709 PVTA 3118: 4RKNNTGA5XR833895 PVTA 3122: 4RKNNTGA2XR833899 The last time I was within their territory was when the ProTerra buses debuted (well, about 2 weeks after they got them, actually). I was able to get the VIN of the one they had out that day. The Springfield garage is very close-doored people when it comes to their operations (Even though they have next to no fence in the crippling trolley shack they call a depot). Hopefully when I go back in the fall (That seems to be the plan, anyway) I'll try to get more, but here's the VIN of 1410 Interior of by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr One of the largest issues I have with the wiki page regarding the PVTA is that the 1999 model RTS aren't listed at all. Don't really know if they were forgotten, overlooked, not enough info to write on them etc, but specifically, the 1999s UMass-Amherst had. Along with VATCo 7130-7134. They had 12 T70-6N (or T70-606, whatever is easier), numbered 3112M-3123M, formerly 3012M-3023M, 3 T60-6N 3101S-3103S, formerly 3001S-3003S and the 40' 1995 (3027-3041) UMass had also held that letter length designation (L, like the 1992 and 1993 models). For whatever reason, UMass has retained two of the 40', 3030L and 3040L. PVTA 1995 NovaBus T80-606 #3030 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr I did come across them multiple times, but it was the same one, every time, 3030L. I did get the VIN off of it though: 4RKLDTGA3SR830709. Of course, Carfax doesn't believe this is accurate, but I reconstructed the VIN with the blurry pic I took using the last 8 digits along with other buses made in the same year, in addition to the fact that I used this, and it adds up. They also had a 1990 (actually a 1989 model) T80-606 numbered 1070. Which was the only running for SATCo during its time. But I'm guessing it was shifted to UMass along with some 1995s when the last of the Gilligs and the New Flyer XD40s arrived (1153,1162 and 1174. These ran quite often until more XD40s later on). It was quite a treat getting this bus, because prior to this, I had never been on a bus with 6v92. PVTA 1990 TMC T80-606 #1070 on AVP Shuttle by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr Builders Plate of PVTA 1990 TMC T80-606 #1070 on AVP Shuttle by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr. I happened to get one last '95 recently (if you count 9 months as recent), #1127. It found a second life of sorts at a local driving school. Ex-PVTA 1995 NovaBus T70-206 #1127 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr Now onto the newer stuff. From 1990 onward, everything had an Allison transmission, even the hybrid buses (i.e. 1310: ISB~Allison Ep40, 34xx, 79xx: ISL9~Allison H 50 EP). The only buses I am iffy about are the 2001 Optima buses, since I've seen them once, and that was in the VATCo lot in the contingency fleet. And the possibility of 1563 being 7551 is non-existent, because I have photos. Furthermore, there are THREE 2008 35' running in Northampton. When I went to Amherst in November, I found a 7552 in the back of the garage. Of course, since it's Government property, I couldn't get pictures, and home was too far to risk getting into trouble. PVTA 2008 Gillig Advantage #1563 on Route R-10 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr PVTA 2008 Gillig Advantage #7551 on the B-48 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr
  12. Martha's Vineyard Regional Transportation Authority (VTA)

    Ah, OK. Thank you for the information. With their reputation, I'd be surprised to see nothing broken when it leaves..
  13. Martha's Vineyard Regional Transportation Authority (VTA)

    Sorry to bump this topic, but one of these found its way to my neck of the woods. Has DATTCO taken over "VTA", or was the bus sold? IMG_5780 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr This was taken outside the DATTCO facility in New Britain.
  14. Connecticut Transit

    From the looks of it, the MCIs delivery started last week or the week before. Anyway, MCIs up to 1692 have been delivered, and 1691 this morning. At this point for the Xcelsiors, up to 1730 (As far as I know) have been delivered. They were hidden behind the MCIs well. When I visited the North Main Street facility this morning, the lowest unit number I saw was 1676, so it's almost safe to say that the MCIs start at 1675. They've also placed some of the 300s, as well as a Suburban, 2 2005s, and a 2014 XDE40. CTtransit 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 #1730 NIS by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr CTtransit 2017 MCI D4500CT #1691 NIS by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr New CTtransit 2016-2017 MCI D4500CT NIS by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr New CTtransit 2016-2017 MCI D4500CT NIS by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr And I got the last 2015 MCI builders plate. CTtransit 2015 MCI D4500CT #1512 on Route 917 - Builders Plate by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr Lastly, a pic of 304 on the Asylum Hill Shuttle CTtransit 2003 MCI D4500CL #304 on the AH Shuttle by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr
  15. Connecticut Transit

    Some updates. "Crashed" MCI A71 was in fact the bus involved in the collision on Asylum Avenue. It suffered virtually no damages, except that the piece that connects the bike rack and the bumper was damaged, and the bike rack was taken off. It was active during PM Rush Hour today. New MCI D4500CT The new MCI D4500CT have started arriving, and it appears they'll be numbered in the 16xx as well, possibly from 1661, but the guy who posted about it depicted 1678(?), so the possibility of a number like 1671 (when the 2010 contractor coaches were ordered, A71-A91) or 1675, going along with the 2014 order. If the images are too blurry, I apologize. It went from a phone to Facebook to .png to here. New New Flyer Xcelsiors Regarding XD40s, I was at the depot a few days ago (well, outside the fence) for about 5 minutes, and saw a new MCI and XD40. Because New Flyer plasters the numbers in large font, I saw 1722 outside in front of an MCI. 1721 was out on the 66T, and 1720 on the 46 a few days ago. By the end of the month, those 2002s will be history, if not sooner. New Property And it turns out that former DATTCO lot in the North End was bought from DATTCO to store new and "decommissioned" buses, as well as part storage, as of the CTtransit reps put it. This makes sense now, because a 2007 D40LF was there along with all the to-be-retired 2002 D40LFs. New XD40 VINs 1614: 5FYD8FV10GC050534 Click me for photo 1619: 5FYD8FV1XGC050539 Click me for photo 1704: 5FYD8FV1XHC051160 Click me for photo CTtransit 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 #1704 on Route 30X by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr 1712: 5FYD8FV14HC051168 Click me for photo CTtransit 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 #1712 NIS by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr 1714: 5FYD8FV12HC051170 Click me for photo 1715: 5FYD8FV14HC051171 Click me for photo 1718: 5FYD8FV1XHC051174 Click me for photo 1720: 5FYD8FV13HC051176 Click me for photo CTtransit 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 #1720 en Route to Garage by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr In other news, a new bus appeared on one of the rarest of routes, a CTfastrak feeder route, during the graveyard shift. Even while 29' buses are running, there's never people on these runs. Maybe it's this barn foreman the employees/ former employees speak of. CTtransit 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 #1713 on Route 153 by Xavier Trofisher, on Flickr