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  1. Red means Confirmed, Bravo means suspicious package or Bomb Threat Which means a Confirmed Suspicious Package/ Bomb Threat
  2. Now i feel bad about it because i know someone that lives right beside this. Wishes on him. Do you have the fleet number of this or not sure?
  3. A bus has caught on fire in Coquitlam, in the Westwood Plateau area, No word yet on injuries.
  4. Does anyone have any blank D40LF paperbus templates? If you do, please send one over, Thanks!
  5. Who's excited for tomorrow's unveiling of Route 66?
  6. True, and they still have to buy buses anyway no matter what.
  7. They will get more if more people voted yes than no for the transit referendum.
  8. But in this press release, it says they may order up to 180 buses; They've already received 45 of the proposed 180 buses... It COULD be 60 and 40 foot buses, but you never know... NOTE: This was published in May of 2014. http://www.newflyer.com/index/051214-translink-180-natural-gas-powered-xcelsior-buses
  9. Update: Skytrain service has resumed, not stopping at Scott Road. Millennium Line goes from VCC-Clark to Columbia.
  10. And I thought they were only used on the 555. [emoji14][emoji590] From Poco depot I mean
  11. Here's where some of our D40LFs are being sold. http://www.busindustry.com/buses.php?page=&type=3&bus=1405
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