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  1. My thoughts and prayers are to all of those affected today, and especially to the families that lost loved ones.
  2. Point to ponder ......................... the next time you're looking at a 213XX, straight on from the front, as it's approaching. Do you find the "bus number" very hard to see/read, because it's hidden behind the bike rack? Maybe they should "move" the front number "left & lower", so it's more visible.
  3. Was there an "Open House" today, for the new Maintenance Facility? Pretty sure I saw a sign on Strasburg this morning directing vehicles to a parking lot for the "Open House". Was this even advertised?
  4. Shouldn't this be in "Sightings" now?
  5. Found Bus 2201 on Route 33 Trillium inbound to Forest Glen Terminal (3351 on the Run Box) ! https://maps.google....q=31+Mcbrine+Dr+ (Click on "Did You Mean", and it will open to the Google StreetView ............ Pan around, and you will see the bus at the stop, picking up 2 "regulars", who are looking at the Google car!)
  6. And today it was "towed"? Does anyone know why?
  7. I liked it a lot better when "Craig" declared a Conflict of Interest, and couldn't speak!
  8. The "radio police" are working this week .................LOL
  9. BTW, that's Portland Oregon. (Well at least we know "they tow"!)
  10. Hmmmm, are we going to see this on King Street in downtown Kitchener, or anywhere else on the LRT line?
  11. HAPPY CANADA DAY! New bus fares go into effect today.
  12. Funny, but I never heard that?????
  13. Mechanics are supposed to be moving in, as I write this! Tool boxes for each mechanic are being moved over by "fork lift", so once moved, that mechanic should be working out of the new shop. In the mean time, I guess, they have to run back & forth. I wonder if "defect buses" will have to be taken into the new shop, or will they still be parked where they are now. (up until now??) Also, the GRT parking lot is now blocked off, so "de-construction" of the "old shop" can be started, and the preparation of parking garage commenced. I guess that will include the "new" drivers lunch room, and gym ,as the current lunch room is supposed to be converted into a "Dispatch Office". Lots of changes at Strasburg!
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