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  1. 123-124 unwrapped from Lego, 124 wrapped for Anne/CBC.
  2. 7474 unwrapped from Pulse FM.
  3. 1601, one of five 2016 New Flyer XD40s in West Vancouver Municipal Transit's fleet, poses for pictures during the first of Vancouver's many snowfalls on December 5, 2016.
  4. Waterfront Station Expo Line platforms closed due to water leak. Trains terminating at Burrard.
  5. That unit was 3351.
  6. Today's list of Novas on the 95/145: 9607, 9611, 9627, 9643, 9658, 9718
  7. Hi, Can you please delete the following files please? Thanks! File:TransLink GIlmore Station platform header-a.png ( File:TransLink Stadium-Chinatown platform header-a.png ( File:TransLink Lake CIty Way Station platform header-a.png ( File:TransLink Main Street-Science World platform header-a.png ( File:TransLink Brentwood Town Centre platform header-a.png (
  8. 9404 to BTC.
  9. 209-210 for Vancouver Whitecaps. Was 211-212 already mentioned? Have a feeling it did but can't find it.
  10. 9533 and 9543 back to VTC
  11. 9423 unwrapped from Vancity.
  12. Spotted a Nanaimo D40LF heading east on Highway 1 in Langley. Couldn't see the fleet number, but it was in the red and blue scheme with RDN decals.
  13. It's a little bug on all 2009 Mark II trains where the destination and/or the interior maps don't automatically change. Sometimes, the display is a hit or miss.
  14. The banner ad is on car 202 (currently on the M-Line) for a law firm.