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  1. Edmonton BBC's

    Still saddens me to this day when I think about these buses.. That only around 3 years ago they were still rolling in Edmonton fighting for their life. Still can't believe they are gone.. Would love to sit in one again just to remind me of that time. =)
  2. Seeing as CNG hasn't taken off yet after all these years kind of tells you something. If we are to move beyond fossil fuels, natural gas is not the answer and certainly not much better.
  3. 2011 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    It runs on Sunday and holidays with all the other "Sunday schedule" service. I was always a little disappointed that it didn't run on Saturday. Well that's ok because I have a vehicle now and am learning to drive it really quickly haha.
  4. Hybrid Spottings and News

    6001 on a 4 Capilano today.
  5. 2011 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    But remember that the wires were unsightly!
  6. Hybrid Spottings and News

    6002 on an 83 this afternoon.
  7. 2011 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    Yeah same here luckily. I took a 112, 7 and 94 twice. The first 94 I caught was about 10 minutes late and the others were pretty much on time. Guess we got lucky!
  8. 2010 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    The thing I like most when I get to a transfer point is seeing my other bus and having time to get to it, and not seeing it pull out as my bus pulls in.
  9. 2010 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    Second day in a row I waited 45 minutes for the 85 that was supposed to leave Downtown at 17:55. Serves me right for thinking it might come a bit earlier! Didn't come by 6:25 so I caught a 1 Capilano, which by the way at least 3 in a row came at the same time. Funny because the 85 and 70 I take in the morning to ad from Downtown was on time Thursday and Friday.
  10. 2010 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    If they did that it would miss maybe 2 stops around 97st hey? People could just take the 5 or 120 to get down to there. Well that bridge will hopefully be open soon anyways.
  11. 2010 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    I don't know but it was pretty aggravating, having worked all day and freezing outside for 50 minutes. =P That 112 was almost always 10-15 minutes late even before it snowed so who knows.
  12. 2010 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    I once again waited for the 17:55 Route 85 which was at least 30 minutes late AGAIN, gave up and waited for the 112! The 112 my girlfriend takes was 50 minutes late getting downtown from West Ed. Supposed to leave Downtown at 17:22 and finally came at 18:10. =P
  13. 2010 LRT Spottings

    I attempted to catch the 85 leaving CN tower at 5:55pm this evening, it didn't come. I waited until 6:23pm when the last 112 Capilano came and took that instead. I don't think there were any shortage of extremely long waits for buses. How the heck does the 85 get 30 minutes behind? It goes from Capilano to Downtown and back on a fairly obscure residential route. Speaking of that 85, I spotted it by my house as I was walking towards 98ave on 79st after getting off the 112. =P So I guess it came after all. What a joke.
  14. 2010 LRT Spottings

    No sympathy for stupidity. Should never be screwing around any train tracks.
  15. 2010 Edmonton and Area Spottings

    Could just take the 4 or 106 maybe? =P I still don't understand why the 596 doesn't at least run on Saturday. This city sucks.