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  1. Fitting then since the Children's hospital looks like it too!
  2. Saw it as I was heading home. Looked odd at night, like something built out of Lego!
  3. 7579 was on the 41 and 7585 was on the 72 on Wednesday.
  4. I won't miss being parked behind them when they were running. They certainly were noisy buses!
  5. I thought it was based on the bus length now, but yes I did wonder that too. I would bet 1900's, but I don't know if they are planning any more Arbocs. Otherwise it could even be the 1500's.
  6. Talking to my father, who used to work for Bombardier in the high ups, he isn't surprised by the delays they are currently having. He mentioned that these kind of issues are quite common.
  7. There was an error in dates, I will actually be there on Labor Day, September 5. I doubt anything will be running on that day.
  8. I am pretty sure I have seen 2406 on the red line a couple of weeks ago.
  9. D40LF

    Kingston Transit

    Unless somebody else, like Queen's, is willing to pay for it. I always found KT to be reactive not proactive to changes.
  10. D40LF

    Kingston Transit

    2300 is still early. I currently go out of service at 2300 and that is considered early, other buses are out there until 2630 (0230AM in normal talk). The last buses leave downtown at 2420 and some people say that we finish too early!
  11. No sign at VP either. Thought they were due earlier this year.
  12. Yes plus when you are taking over a bus it gives you an idea whether you need to stroll to the bus stop or run!
  13. D40LF

    Kingston Transit

    Right, but when does the service end? Queen's always got later service which didn't do anything to help others get home after a late night out on the town.
  14. D40LF

    Kingston Transit

    I see KT still forgets about the rest of the city. Years ago there were complaints about the preferred treatment that Queen's gets. I have to agree with them, so what if they pay for service, so does everyone else!
  15. Spotted it on the way home as I was driving up 4th Street SE at about 2330.
  16. Dang, I was hoping it was one of the new Yaxing and that they had given it a random number.
  17. Very nice. I didn't get to ride the trams when I was in Poznan back in 1991. But then I was there to go to Wolstyn for the steam engines still operating on the PKP so it made up for it a bit.
  18. I don't know if anyone will find this of interest but noticed today that bus 7812 has fare box number 1 in it.
  19. Noticed them Monday night as I was driving home. At first I thought it was a sticker that someone had put on the sign but then got a chance to read one. Yes it is a nifty idea but I have to wonder how many have stood there waiting for a route 65, or whatever route, without reading the red banner.
  20. Broken already... Has 5 been out? Seen 1-4 and 6 but no sign of 5.
  21. Tuesday it was 1,2,3, and 4 running together.
  22. Saw them at the end of evening rush heading west, guess on a Tuscany service. 2401 , 2, 4, and 6. Was just pulling into the 301 stop on 7th street at the time.
  23. Finally spotted a four car consist of these cars passing through the core yesterday.
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