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  1. D40LF

    Hey Guys

    Just to let you know that due to recent events in my life I have lost all interest in the whole transit scene and I will no longer be posting here. I wish you all the best and take care guys.
  2. D40LF

    Damaged or dead vehicles

    Oh that was the one on Barlow where the passenger had been sitting in the rear corner when the truck hit.
  3. D40LF

    GM Fishbowl Tracking Thread

    $omething that a LRT driver might be able to afford???$$$
  4. D40LF

    Calgary Transit

    That looks like a GTA game!
  5. D40LF

    GM Fishbowl Tracking Thread

    You're not going to offer it a good home? Only $2,200, plus transportation costs, registration, insurance. Then you need to find somewhere to store it.
  6. D40LF

    Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

  7. D40LF

    General CTrain Discussion

    Which makes sense and is the same as mentioned in the video I posted above. Just sad that such a law has to be passed in the first place. But unless the city is going to have a CPS or PS officer at every crossing then it won't mean anything.
  8. D40LF

    General CTrain Discussion

    Looks like California passed a law about wearing both earbuds while cycling or driving. Of course there is nothing about pedestrians. Just surprised that someone passed a law, or that there was a need to, but not surprised that people, as shown in this video, choose to ignore it.
  9. D40LF

    General CTrain Discussion

    Nope, hence why they will walk out in front of moving cars expecting the cars to stop, even if it isn't a crosswalk. Or if it is a crosswalk will run out without checking to see if any vehicles are approaching.
  10. D40LF

    General CTrain Discussion

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-c-train-fatalities-headphone-ban-1.3995225 Can't see how they would enforce this.
  11. D40LF

    Kingston Transit

    Well they say there is an area similar to the 'Bermuda Triangle' in the east end of Lake Ontario southwest of Kingston called the 'Marysburgh Vortex'. Maybe it was on route 10 and got a little 'lost' on the way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marysburgh_vortex
  12. D40LF

    New Chatroom

    Thanks Tallis, really appreciate it being removed from the front page!
  13. D40LF

    Retired buses found, wondering what updates you want

    Whenever I drive around in the country side I often wonder if there is an old bus parked on a farm, or behind a building. Sometimes it turns out to be true!
  14. D40LF

    Celebrity Death Thread

    While I watched the reboot, and lets face it the original is very dated, I still preferred the original. He will always be Apollo to me. Richard Hatch had pushed for for a continuation of BSG for years but wasn't involved in the rebooot. However he jumped at a chance to appear in the reboot when offered. By comparison Dirk Benedict, the original and best Starbuck, hated the reboot.
  15. D40LF

    New Chatroom

    Its a pity that I can only hit the like button once... I say get rid of it.