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  1. So is 7777 still on property? When I was a spare boarder this was considered a cursed bus as whoever had it seem to have issues, and I don't mean breakdowns, just something would happen. I finally got it not long before leaving transit and I have to admit I was not happy. Towards the end I thought I was going to escape but then the director of CT got on. Boy talk about stress level going up! By the way wasn't this one of the ones that was supposed to have been a D40i but the order was changed to D40LF?
  2. Only once can I remember driving a big bus on a shuttle run. I was sent to Dalhousie to cover an outbound 77 and when I got to the end of the route the shuttle was waiting for me. I hopped out and spoke to the driver, whom I knew, and he told me that when he had reported to VP they had no shuttles for him. He had to wait while diesel prepped one for him.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I can remember quite a few of these around the system and as already been mentioned they had them along Crowchild. Since I use to drive late night runs, especially the route 20, they were great as when you saw the flash you knew someone wanted your bus. Still it paid to slow down as you approached those as some people never pressed them and still wanted your bus.
  4. I don't remember doing those areas on a school run, although it is possible. I am trying to find the old running boards that used to show up on self-serve (for some crazy reason I saved them all), I have them somewhere but so far can only find the 2013's. I also have a photo of 7001 on what I think is a school run but there is nothing on the signs so again will need to look for the running boards.
  5. Found this photo of 7609 sitting outside Anderson Garage on May 10, 2012 at 0757. I no longer remember where route 861 went but it seems that the sign was not working so only the number was displayed.
  6. Saw it late last year being pulled a GE as it passed through Kingston, got some photos of it at Joyceville. Knew it was coming as the scanner said ten axles, one engine and the car. Remember it had an odd number (odd as in not even) even though it was an eastbound. I don't know if there was anything to help the loco and car couple but I did not check. Tried to tell a few people about it as no one seemed to know, just a few messages that it was coming, but no one seemed to care so,..
  7. September 5, train 519 derailed as it was taking the siding at Ernestown with one car coming to rest fouling the main line. Train 48, with a P42 leading, which was running 20 minutes behind had an allision with the derailed car that damaged the entire right side of train 48. Passengers transferred to train 650, which was running behind 48. Train 650, which normally terminates at Kingston carried on to Ottawa that night. Was listening to it on the scanner. It was train 692 to Winnipeg
  8. D40LF

    Hey Guys

    Just to let you know that due to recent events in my life I have lost all interest in the whole transit scene and I will no longer be posting here. I wish you all the best and take care guys.
  9. Oh that was the one on Barlow where the passenger had been sitting in the rear corner when the truck hit.
  10. $omething that a LRT driver might be able to afford???$$$
  11. That looks like a GTA game!
  12. You're not going to offer it a good home? Only $2,200, plus transportation costs, registration, insurance. Then you need to find somewhere to store it.
  13. Which makes sense and is the same as mentioned in the video I posted above. Just sad that such a law has to be passed in the first place. But unless the city is going to have a CPS or PS officer at every crossing then it won't mean anything.
  14. Looks like California passed a law about wearing both earbuds while cycling or driving. Of course there is nothing about pedestrians. Just surprised that someone passed a law, or that there was a need to, but not surprised that people, as shown in this video, choose to ignore it.
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