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  1. I don't remember anymore and my daytimers are in storage right now. But I would have had two buses as I mostly worked split shifts.
  2. When I had my birthday at SG and VP I never made the news. They just gave me a bus to drive but I was not allowed to keep it
  3. During my time at CT this was how it was explained to me. 1 - 1163 - Low Floor buses 1200 - 1999 - Shuttles 2000 series - LRT 3000 series - non revenue miscellaneous vehicles like trailers, scooters, etc 4000 series - Supervisor vans, PS vans, tow truck 5000 series - MCI 6000 series - articulated buses 7000 series - high floor Flyers 7500 series - low floor Flyers 8100 series - low floor Novas. Of course it changed over time and there were exceptions, the two U2AC were 3001 and 3002 before being renumbered 2101 and 2102. while 8000 and up is now both Nova and New Flyer. I once rode in 3028, being taken to my bus at the far end of SG.
  4. Maybe CT is going to use the 3000 series for low floor LRT, which could mean that the vehicles currently in the series will be renumbered, perhaps into the now vacant 5000 series.
  5. The Colorado Dome cars are three specialty cars used either on the Canadian or the Skeena (currently stored), it is not a fleet of cars such as the Renaissance cars of which 106 entered service.
  6. It definitely was a rookie, not me as I never went to train!
  7. I hope you weren't the operator who got a full train and then called in a bus full code as they passed through a station non-stop before control caught them Definitely should not happen. I remember being told in training to not allow people to stand in front of the yellow line but in reality it happened all the time. Those people can block your view of the mirrors or the door when you pull into a stop. I hated having them standing next to me as well.
  8. While they were second hand the majority of the cars had been stored out in the open since being built and had never even been tested. But I think in this context I think new refers to the cars being new to VIA.
  9. Had the pleasure of sailing on the Holiday Island back in 2008 and had a good trip. Shame that it is now gone.
  10. Sorry to burst your bubble but I once did a high school run in a D40LF and had over ninety people on the bus. They were so packed in I had trouble opening the doors when I got to the school. I complained to control and pressed the button to film the interior, I even left students behind as I could not fit anymore on. When I got back to the garage I was called into dispatch to speak to control over the phone. I thought I was in trouble as control had said not to leave any students behind, but they only wanted a report. Seems this had been on ongoing issue but I was the first operator to notify control. Two days later there was a second bus on the run and I got a thank you.
  11. You should try it in rush hour, with all the extras and expresses passing by.
  12. There was a 7600 that had that issue too, sit at the lights and the speedo would say you were doing 20 km/h. Called it into control and told them so that if I got a ticket it was on record. When I had it again I found out that it only happened when I put the heater on!!!
  13. They should be coupled back to back so that the customers can move between vehicles through the rear door. Also the operator can just switch cabs at the end of the route.
  14. That could be the problem. With CAD taking over control of the destination signs some drivers stopped checking the signs to ensure it was accurate. When it went out of service the operator probably drove to North Pointe, if that is where it started in, still displaying the MO sign.
  15. Could be a CAD glitch. When it first came out the signs used to change on their own all the time. One time I was a '3 Elbow Drive' and when I left the core no one got on my bus when I stopped at the bus stops. After several stops I looked up and the CAD had changed the sign to 'Out of service'. Whoops. Another one was at a certain time of day the route 1 leaving Bowness would display a school run. However I would have thought by now that such issues would have been resolved, but I would not be surprised if they had not!
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