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  1. Double T


    I havent been on here for a while, but i thought i'd take some time out of my busy schedule to say that i bought a new car!! I bought a 2000 Ford Taurus SEL wagon. Its got 167,000kms & it has every option except leather seats & heated seats.
  2. I did a huge search out, pulled an all-nighter. I had transit law put out an a.p.b. & within an hour he was supposedly spotted in orleans according to a driver, i searched orleans, north gloucester, most of the east/west transitway stations, downtown & barrhaven. I've searched most of the places i could see him going to. Hopefully the search party will have better luck than i did. I wont be joining the search party right away due to the fact i pulled an all-nighter looking for him. I should be able to join up around 3ish-4ish depending on if the car is at the house
  3. Countdowns have been spotted at Meadowlands & Fisher
  4. Yes, we have gray poupon but it costs....
  5. One of my friends had a crisis, i snuck out of the house with my stepdad's car. I made it 3/4 of the way there & then it ran out of gas. Good news: crisis was resolved Bad news: I had to push a car half way home
  6. 5011 on 123-51. Posting for Canadian National.
  7. ~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~~~

    Now go get drunk.

  8. Double T


    I finally found another Buick park avenue. An 86 this time with 92,000 US miles. Same colors as my old buick :angry: I'll post some pics soon
  9. M.Wright jlarocque2005 Canadian National Hurdmanhugz JCL stm_5307N SMS Tristan Matt Demers kellergraham M.Boone mtltransitguy Ayobe 80-040 Guy-Concordia David D. general682002 Kevin N Kevin L Enviro_1203 Mystic Mad Mark MCI Classic Doug Waiting for 30 minutes MCIBUS
  10. I recieved a phone call from M.Wright at about 10pm, he spotted three new special constable cruisers at the Ottawa Police HQ. Those three cars are all Ford Crown Vics.
  11. Posting for M.Wright as hes on the road at this moment, 5002 on Route 7 St.Laurent.
  12. 5003 on the 231, on run 109-57. Posted for M.Wright
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