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  1. Double T


    I havent been on here for a while, but i thought i'd take some time out of my busy schedule to say that i bought a new car!! I bought a 2000 Ford Taurus SEL wagon. Its got 167,000kms & it has every option except leather seats & heated seats.
  2. I did a huge search out, pulled an all-nighter. I had transit law put out an a.p.b. & within an hour he was supposedly spotted in orleans according to a driver, i searched orleans, north gloucester, most of the east/west transitway stations, downtown & barrhaven. I've searched most of the places i could see him going to. Hopefully the search party will have better luck than i did. I wont be joining the search party right away due to the fact i pulled an all-nighter looking for him. I should be able to join up around 3ish-4ish depending on if the car is at the house
  3. Yes, we have gray poupon but it costs....
  4. One of my friends had a crisis, i snuck out of the house with my stepdad's car. I made it 3/4 of the way there & then it ran out of gas. Good news: crisis was resolved Bad news: I had to push a car half way home
  5. One driver has a Cadillac DTS as a taxi for BlueLine. I couldnt get the number or a picture.
  6. Canadian National has texted me with his spottings while out & about. 5001, 5004, 5007 & 5012 were on the 18.
  7. M.Wright just phoned me & he has spotted 8792 at St.Laurent South, in lane 2122. This was spotted at 11:12pm August 8/09
  8. ~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~~~

    Now go get drunk.

  9. Double T


    I finally found another Buick park avenue. An 86 this time with 92,000 US miles. Same colors as my old buick :angry: I'll post some pics soon
  10. M.Wright jlarocque2005 Canadian National Hurdmanhugz JCL stm_5307N SMS Tristan Matt Demers kellergraham M.Boone mtltransitguy Ayobe 80-040 Guy-Concordia David D. general682002 Kevin N Kevin L Enviro_1203 Mystic Mad Mark MCI Classic Doug Waiting for 30 minutes MCIBUS
  11. Double T


    My mom's car had an issue with the driver's side window switch, i took the top part of the switch out & now to make the window go up & down, you use a metal screwdriver to jump the two metal pieces on the bottom of the switch also i fixed the clock display on the radio by tapping it with my finger, stays on now too Redneck repairs: works for low budget people haha
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