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  1. I have changed this topic to TTC New Vehicle Installations/Unusual Equipments
  2. true enough, I did not have time to post it before 12. Some say that April Fools runs all day.
  3. Good luck on your final exams and assignments

  4. Happy April Fools These pictures were taken in summer of 2015 during AM run. There wasn't a blue orion on 20 nor a blue artic on 76.
  5. Good day, Try to find these 2 if you can as they are out as of now.
  6. Any updates on 8058? Guess not, since this will not be ready for the Easter Parade.
  7. Let me know when the NOVAs are announcing anything. Please post the unit number. Happy Easter
  8. Okay, I clarified it now. I know friends who are management, let me ask them
  9. No I am not a current TTC employee. I am not posing as a TTC employee. A driver told me that it will be 3 day suspension.
  10. If you say that all of Eglinton buses have it, then I am cool with that. Please let me know if any are NOT working for Eglinton buses only. 1093 have the speakers working. I think only rebuilt ones have it.
  11. Thank you for telling me that 1133 is back to normal seats. Yes, once the presto thing is fully working, I will post it on the first page
  12. nice photo. I believe that is a road call bus. Since I don't think Wilson has those.
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