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  1. fully pong? If it s a pong+ding then it is nothing really to look out for.
  2. +7943 On a side note, it has an 8000 stop request bell if anyone noticed it.
  3. yes, some units do have it. All Nova Artics on 196 should have it.
  4. I hope this will satisfy you. I did add an updated date. Please feel free to tell me if there are any units equipped with presto units.
  5. 1511 has it huh? I won't be surprised as this unit technically belongs to Mt. Dennis.
  6. Hello I hope this list satisfies most of us. It is updated Yes, it has been updated. I just did a typo before and I do apologize for that.
  7. sure or if any pulls into the station, we can check if we have the time to.
  8. Thank you. I will keep an eye out for the working ones at Wilson starting now
  9. ok too bad then. But we have met to my impression.
  10. Lex, we met at The Harvey Shop event. Yes sure, let's meet at the bus rodeo this year.
  11. Yes, that is correct. You know me by now. You could have said Hi to me and given me a high five Yup the 2 ladies are my buddies. I knew them for a long time.
  12. 4017 has the flexity bell. Add 8131 with working announcer on 87
  13. The thing is that I need to confirm it to have it working first.
  14. My friend told me that all 7300s have the presto readers equipped and that includes the 7900s and 8000s at Queensway. Thank you for updating this list. It is ok if you double post.
  15. 1657 on 71/77 with working speakers. Add 4004 with a high pitched ding bell. I believe this was mentioned here before in another forum? Oh well never mind if it has
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