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  1. 8051 external announcement is broken. 5901-06 has the new external sign and speaker functional.
  2. It is in square brackets So it has already assumed to be confirmed.
  3. Okay, it is being upgraded. Earlier in the post, someone mentioned that 4400 the original one is retired.
  4. Here is 4400. It is in regular service. If the original 4400 is retired, please clarify this. I rode 4425 today and it was very smooth.
  5. correct, depending on how long the keypad will respond to the destination sign. Usually in 10 sec it will change to the message it displays.
  6. This topic seems to be forgotten.... 8054 has the full NG bell. Please keep updating me with the units that have external announcers working.
  7. yup, actually not the 1st time it happened. One was on 23 a while ago.
  8. 8493 on 16 I assume a driver must have been doing OT on that route from Arrow.
  9. Thank you for the update. I did put the units in square brackets that are assumed with Presto working. I did remove the ones that you dudes told me that does not have Presto.
  10. 505 currently not serving Broadview stn. It is diverting north on Parliament, East on Gerrard, South on Broadview and West on Dundas. Any reasons for this?
  11. Thank you for the update. I noticed that the TTC website only has Wilson routes and also the 195 equipped with Presto. Please continue posting units with working presto as some do not have it or not working.
  12. Thank you, I needed one.
  13. It will be nice if my username can be ttcbusdude. Please change it to that if you can.
  14. well it is about time that the artics have the presto readers I will have to check and keep my eyes out for more that have it.
  15. yes some of the orion VIIs are half pong. The front is pong and the back is a ding.
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