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  1. Happy April Fools day everyone. There was not a TR on Blood Danforth yesterday.
  2. I heard a TR leaving Yonge today evening. It is unusual for a TR to be out on Saturdays or at all, perhaps a shortage?
  3. Please do not post the bus/streetcar has an electronic bell. Someone mentioned that 4053 has the new electronic bell. This is a flexity bell. 4119 and 4017 has it for like at least 1.5 year now. +4243,4113,4236-37 have the external working. 5118-5119-5094-5095 has the new TR chimes, so annoying. +8214 and 1816 7788 has the GM Fishbowl/Nova RTS next stop sign.
  4. Yes 7603 was on 7. The reader must have been installed backwards. I was on it yesterday and did not notice it. Good catch!
  5. The reason is because 511 is operated out of Russell division. 502, 503 are operated by buses as well because of this case. If 511 goes back to Roncesvalles, that will be great. We can have streetcars return.
  6. + 7437 have the fully Pong bell, no idea why. 1726 has the new 8300 front doors apparently, still have to confirm it myself on that one.
  7. 8320 on 76 8318,8244,8344,8158,8232,8246,8245,8317,8321 on 260!!!! 8491 is on 910 right now,8358,8292,8322,8355 Roadcall alerts.
  8. Someone mentioned to me that 4086 has external announcers working. Ok.
  9. since when did 7791 join STI?
  10. Yesterday, I spotted 1086 with passengers on doing training on 16 McCowan. The operator was wearing a TTC vest.
  11. okay cool Let me know when you find out please
  12. ok, was the keypad saying anything?
  13. Yes currently. I don't know what is going to happen. I am guessing the keypad is only for announcing things. Put in the bus code and it announces the destination. B121 512 ST CLAIR STN I am just guessing.
  14. 4025 has the new electronic LED bus destination sign and keyboard. I stated that the owl will be hooting again. This means that we will be hearing the external announcers announcing over and over again.
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