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  1. Yes. If you can provide me with the vehicle numbers that you saw them, that will be great.
  2. First time McNicoll roadcall alert! TTC 9084 on 29 It seems like Eglinton wants the 116 and 86 back badly. 8702 on 116
  3. Here are the latest total number of buses at the garages Arrow(289),Queensway(200*),Malvern(198*),Birchmount(300),Wilson(263), Eglinton(243), Mount Dennis(278) McNicoll(269) *As these are retiring, it is roughly estimated to be around that number.
  4. 0332,0549,0572,0729,0803,1119 and 1751 are at Malton. We all know that all the 0601-0653s are at Malton 0301-0302 at Malton 0501-16 at Malton 1301-1310 not including 1303 are at Malton 1351-1357 is at Malton 0851s that are not retired at Malton The rest are at Central. Please feel free to update my list if there are more at Malton.
  5. Any idea what computer voice name is TTC vision for external and also the next stop voice is?
  6. Thank you. :) So to be clear, 1301-1309s are blue buses out of Malton? 1304 on 51 right now.
  7. Thank you. List has been updated as of today. Please let me know if anything else is missing.
  8. Happy Holidays everyone. I will organize it properly. Yes Matthew TTC 4120, you can update it as well.
  9. The front list has been updated. Thank you. Matthew TTC 4120 for updating the list. Together, we can work as a team. I will be updating the list once a week or even twice a week. 4069 has the flexity stop request bell. 8576 has the new behind the white line and also the decal stickers.
  10. No, it has not. Thank you for telling it here. 9043 has the Orion VII kneeling sound
  11. Thank you. I was not sure because on the 1st post, it lists that unit as a vision bus.
  12. Does 1339 have vision or is it back to Trump? It is a Malvern bus now. If anyone knows this, that will be great.
  13. 1100-1149 have the new orange interior stickers 4004 is a normal stop request ding bell 7779 has the full NG Bell.
  14. There are more than just 1 Orion VII with a full NG bell. 7876 on 113 is one of them. Please list the other Orions that have full NG bells if you can.
  15. +8821. I am sure that the broken smashed doors will be fixed ASAP and be in service with the new replaced ones. If that's not the case, let me know by next week.
  16. Yes, correct. They both have the black display, but it is orange red.
  17. Please continue to post Presto readers that are not working.
  18. Happy April Fools day everyone. There was not a TR on Blood Danforth yesterday.
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