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  1. Go Transit has released it's list of coronavirus related service cuts. A lot of frequency reductions, some highlights are a return to weekend hourly service and the elimination of weekday express services on Lakeshore, the elimination of the Niagara trains, the apparent elimination of the Hamilton-Toronto express with the exception of a few late night trips (willing to bet this one doesn't come back), and weekend Milton buses going hourly for each branch.
  2. Aside from major excavation work, the only possible fix I see at Spadina station is removing the glass panels at the west end of the platform.
  3. Apparently the TTC is modifying the 504 King platform at Broadview to fit two Flexities. They're installing a second curb cut but I can't visualize how the modifications will work unless they're extending the platform onto the curve.
  4. How is Windsor-London-Toronto operating if there are protestors at Bayview? Are they rerouting over the Guelph sub?
  5. No different than all the other loops without room for two flexities.
  6. They were transit models, not tourist coaches. Aside from being left hand drive (and larger FMVSS spec bumpers) they looked mostly identical to contemporary JDM Hino buses. IDK if they had any typical American transit bus specs like floor mounted turn signals and stop request cords.
  7. There were a few Hino demonstrators in New York in the early 1980s.
  8. The delays on Spadina could be mitigated if the TTC wasn't either unwilling or unable to get the switch controls and white bar signals working properly at the Spadina/Queen and Spadina/King intersections. I've seen multiple near miss accidents at Spadina and Queen during other diversions from streetcars attempting to turn across traffic from the inside lane, to the point where I'm surprised operators haven't made formal work refusals.
  9. How many companies have dropped this route since Beaver bus dropped out. Three?
  10. Assuming the ancient Nxsys simulator is accurate there is or (most probably) was a third possible G/Y signal at Islington, from the WB end of the pocket track to the EB main and then into the platforms.
  11. AFAIK when ATC is fully deployed T1s won't be able to run on YUS at all. I believe the work cars will get some sort of ATC equipment. The ATC system does have a manual mode, but i'm assuming it's only practical to use it when the subway closes.
  12. The best place to get a presto card near the CN Tower is the GO ticket desk at Union Station. Some of the presto vending machines take cash, all take cards but AFAIK they will only accept Chip and PIN cards so plan around that. The zoo is a pain to get to on transit, but from a transitfan perspective it lets you ride some of the major suburban trunk routes that tourists never generally go near.
  13. The Ottawa and Montreal systems both closed in 1959, Ottawa in May and Montreal in August.
  14. Keep in mind that by July 1, 511 should be back to streetcars. and the only route with CLRVs will be the 506.
  15. If you want to ride the 506 you should try to ride the whole line, it runs through lots of different and interesting neighbourhoods.
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