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    TTC Service Changes

    http://ttc.ca/TTC_Surveys/Junction_Area_Survey.jsp Proposed changes in the Junction/Bloor West Village area. Highlights include: Replacing the 30 Lambton with an extension of the 40 Junction, eliminating a 25 year old vestige of the trolleybus system. Extending 127 along St Clair to Scarlett Road. This is the most overdue IMO, especially with all the new development west of Gunns loop.

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Ansaldo still has some literature about the Identra coils on their website (does this mean they still support it?) https://globalproductsupport.ansaldo-sts.com/productsegments/automation/servicemanuals/usa/5705.pdf The coils were in use until the early 2000s, I only remember seeing them on the St. Clair West short turns. Until the late 1980s-early 1990s service cuts there were more scheduled short turns, I also suspect they were used then. Identra coils were also used for route selection on the CTA. I always thought that in the interlining period the TTC handled route selection was handed with punch tape machines, not the coils (which caused problems when the service on the ground didn't match the schedule).