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  1. Kingston Road is a mess, it's probably the only major commercial street in the city without a gridlined bus route. Maybe with the Eglinton LRT they can restructure the service.
  2. I wonder how much it would cost for the parks department to charter a cutaway like the brickworks does? The TTC could try something like the 28A to the Brickworks, a branch of the 12, 9 or 102 running to the bluffs every 30 minutes on weekends.
  3. Crazy move by a Brazilian trolleybus driver.
  4. In North America specifically, or in the world? Because there are certainly still high floor transit buses being made. Marcopolo and Hino off the top of my head. Nova lists a suburban configuration on the LFS spec sheets, though not many have actually been made. Some of the CITs in the Montreal Area run them.
  5. The signalling is fully bidirectional so technically they can short turn a train anywhere. The bottleneck in your scenario would likely be the single platform at Union.
  6. I hope Rocky Mountaineer is paying for the costs of preclearance. Otherwise it's just a subsidy for an expensive land cruise.
  7. Yes. 20 minute service from Long Branch in the AM rush is a joke. I guess the TTC's reasoning is that the 110 can carry a lot of the demand.
  8. Nextbus still thinks the diversion is in place, so a lot of the predictions for the 501 are wrong.
  9. On page 11, the TTC is proposing moving the 505 out of Broadview station and bringing back the Harbord car routing on Gerrard as part of Smartrack/GO RER. Maybe to free up platform space at Broadview for the new waterfront lines?
  10. Most of the Metrolinx docs I've seen say the Crosstown will use Bombardier CBTC and cab signals in the tunnel, they don't talk about full ATO.
  11. Very nice. I might have to get to New York next year to ride it.
  12. Part of me hopes the TTC does, so he can enjoy all the engine noise and diesel exhaust in his front yard.
  13. I noticed a CLRV with a Luminator control unit installed today. Is the TTC planning on installing electronic signs in the CLRVs?
  14. I wonder if Grande West is considering introducing a 40' bus. They could become the Canadian Gillig, an alternative to NFI and Nova for smaller agencies with lower ridership and that don't run their buses as hard.
  15. I was being facetious bringing up ADL but they have actually responded to the RFI, as well as Van Hool and BYD. Realistically it's a choice between NFI and Nova.