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  1. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    You can search for a specific bus in Transee. It works with the TTC and some of the suburban systems.
  2. Streetcar News

    The King Street pilot started today and in typical Toronto fashion it seemed a third of the cars at King and Spadina ignored it. On a weekday it will be a mess. One problem IMO is that the green ball signal implies you can go straight through. Maybe have the advanced green arrow, and then red ball + white transit bar, which would still allow right turns on red. From Spadina to Yonge was much faster than usual though.
  3. Old Greyhound timetables

    Not Yukon, but I think Frontier Coachlines is still in business in NWT.
  4. General Subway/RT Discussion

    At least on Saturday the trains were turning north of the station at Davisville.
  5. Allison shift selectors

    The OEM for the shift selectors is Curtiss Wright.
  6. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Because then the TTC could buy outside of New Flyer's parts network.
  7. GO Transit

    I'm pretty sure this would be the first 24 hour transit service in the 905.
  8. People will buy all inclusive packages based on price. If interjet is 25 dollars cheaper than transat people will go with the former. Also remember that there is demand going the other way too, especially since Mexican nationals don't need a visa to visit Canada.
  9. Toronto is getting a new ferry

    I wonder where it will operate from. I doubt from the Bay St. docks.
  10. Streetcar News

    I know Finland gets more snow than Toronto does, though i'm not sure if they dump salt on the street there. Salt was actually a major issue when the CLRVs were first introduced.
  11. GO Transit

    It really is. I don't get why ML can't create a fare zone just for Pearson and just use one set of readers.
  12. GO Transit

    I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but GO has a special website for it's 50th anniversary, with a few old schedules on it. It's interesting to see how the Yonge North B and C buses operated more frequently in peak in the 90s than the Viva Blue does now. http://goingstrong.gotransit.com
  13. Its interesting the applications all list "Points in SK" as both origin and destination as opposed to specific routes. Does this mean that Saskatchewan just quietly deregulated intercity buses?
  14. Spadina Subway Extension

    You're seeing the display for the SCS system, it displays a speed limit based on fixed beacons between the rails, and I believe it calculates a braking curve, but it's not a CBTC system and has no interaction with the signalling system at all AFAIK.
  15. Streetcar News

    The TTC is going to have to come up with some kind of plan to deal with this. Other than expanding the loops (which their is available land at both stations), either shorter or no layovers, short turning cars before they reach the the stations, or rerouting the 505 so king cars can use both tracks. Of course the TTC managed to run far more cars through both Broadview and Dundas West in the past, with both Dundas and King sharing single track loops.