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    Life After Greyhound

    eBus, Pacific Western's lower priced service, will also be adding an Edmonton-Fort McMurray service as well as additional Calgary-Edmonton frequencies in October. https://myebus.ca/news/calgary-edmonton-service

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    At least some of the H cars (or ICTS cars maybe) used a siemens sound chip for the chimes.

    Greyhound in the news

    Pacific Western (both Red Arrow and the lower priced Ebus) already runs Calgary-Edmonton. Greyhound has already turned over all it's Vancouver Island services to Tofino Bus who seem to be doing a better job serving that market than Greyhound did. Another company (Cantrail or Pacific Coach maybe) will likely pick up the TCH\Coq services in BC, though bus service in BC is not deregulated so it depends on whether the government will allow this without forcing unprofitable routes as a condition. Those are some of the larger intercity bus corridors in Western Canada. The problem is that it's usually cheaper to fly between the major prairie cities than to take the bus (Winnipeg-Calgary one-way is $119 for example - unless you really hate flying why would anyone take the 19 hour bus trip). That doesn't help people who live in small towns without a car though.

    Greyhound in the news

    I think the only commuter services left in the GTA are Toronto-Barrie and Toronto-KW. The former is still well used for reverse commuting to the University of Waterloo. All the intercity services in Windsor-Montreal corridor are very well used. If Greyhound ever pulls out (or the PC government deregulates) Trentway-Wagar (Megabus) and probably Pacific Western would likely take them over.

    Gillig product discussion

    Many Gillig buses were operated in shuttle service during the Vancouver Olympics. This was probably the largest Gillig operation in Canada. I think the buses were never technically imported into Canada, they ran with American IRP plates.

    Greyhound in the news

    They've expressed interest in the busy intercity lines in the Montreal-Windsor Corridor (and I wouldn't be surprised if the PC government deregulates intercity bus service). I can't imagine them being interested in anything else.

    TTC Service Changes

    http://ttc.ca/TTC_Surveys/Junction_Area_Survey.jsp Proposed changes in the Junction/Bloor West Village area. Highlights include: Replacing the 30 Lambton with an extension of the 40 Junction, eliminating a 25 year old vestige of the trolleybus system. Extending 127 along St Clair to Scarlett Road. This is the most overdue IMO, especially with all the new development west of Gunns loop.

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Ansaldo still has some literature about the Identra coils on their website (does this mean they still support it?) https://globalproductsupport.ansaldo-sts.com/productsegments/automation/servicemanuals/usa/5705.pdf The coils were in use until the early 2000s, I only remember seeing them on the St. Clair West short turns. Until the late 1980s-early 1990s service cuts there were more scheduled short turns, I also suspect they were used then. Identra coils were also used for route selection on the CTA. I always thought that in the interlining period the TTC handled route selection was handed with punch tape machines, not the coils (which caused problems when the service on the ground didn't match the schedule).

    Buses in Cuba

    Many, mostly second hand. Most new buses in Cuba are assembled locally from Chinese CKD kits.

    Greyhound Run/Schedule Changes

    I think that notice is reducing the statutory minimum frequencies, not the actual service on the road. There's nothing on extranet and the schedule finder still shows at least 5x TCH and 3x Yellowhead going into May and June.

    Streetcar News

    I think the underground loop at St. Clair West has old Ohio Brass special work that's not compatible with pans. The rest of the line was replaced with pan compatible overhead as part of the RoW project.

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    You can search for a specific bus in Transee. It works with the TTC and some of the suburban systems.

    Streetcar News

    The King Street pilot started today and in typical Toronto fashion it seemed a third of the cars at King and Spadina ignored it. On a weekday it will be a mess. One problem IMO is that the green ball signal implies you can go straight through. Maybe have the advanced green arrow, and then red ball + white transit bar, which would still allow right turns on red. From Spadina to Yonge was much faster than usual though.

    Old Greyhound timetables

    Not Yukon, but I think Frontier Coachlines is still in business in NWT.

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    At least on Saturday the trains were turning north of the station at Davisville.