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  1. 51 has also been updated; spotted one bus with the new signage mid last-week.
  2. The photo in that article indicates the fleet numbers are 165 and 166. New livery as well - looks like it matches the new city logo.
  3. 1315 has become a dedicated training bus since it was removed from Grey Line service; this is likely the one you saw. Here is a photo of 1315 in its training livery from the Wiki.
  4. There was a change in the past week or so that changed the westbound display from the incorrect "Line 4 to Sheppard" to "Line 4 to Sheppard-Yonge", which now scrolls. The voice program has also been updated to eliminate the pause between "Line 4" and "to (destination)".
  5. GPS glitches happen commonly. Don't read too closely into it. And glitches like this is why I will never trust movements or retirements based solely on where a vehicle is tracking. Need to do it old-school (have an actual set of eyes see it).
  6. 8888 was part of a different ad campaign. The ones on the VIIs had an all black background, while the one on 8888 was a multicolour design. The situation I'm referring to had the same ad from the retired bus placed onto another bus.
  7. It seems 150 is retired; 161 is using its license plate.
  8. I would argue that individual components being fixed/repaired/replaced on an as-needed basis does not qualify as a "major overhaul" of the vehicle as @Jan Boic stated.
  9. In a more recent example, Dolphin Gaming had full wraps of 4 Orion VIIs out of Eglinton in late 2016/early 2017. One of the wrapped buses was retired in the early part of the retirements; as a result, another VII unit was wrapped to finish the ad campaign.
  10. The quirks from the TTC's signalling system seem to come from the intended use of the crossovers when those segments were originally designed/built. To use your first example, Eglinton was always designed as a terminus station, allowing for automatic routing of trains over the crossover; meanwhile, Lawrence was not designed as a terminus station, so the signals around it only permit the movement from NB platform to SB mainline through the crossover as a 'diverging' routing, with the Y/Y signals. The lack of a signal at the north end of the SB platform at Lawrence is also indicative of this - going from NB mainline to SB platform requires a call-on, as there is no subsequent signal to control trains after the crossover. The crossover at Jane is set up similarly. In this way, Lawrence is not actually an inconsistency. The nearby Sheppard(-Yonge) is a bit more inconsistent however, as going from NB platform to SB mainline would give a G/G as departing any other terminal station, even though it was never used as a scheduled terminal station. I suspect this has to do with the very early designs of the North Yonge subway extension calling for the end of the line at Sheppard. The crossover at Bloor is inconsistent, but this was more because the crossover was retrofitted into the signal system rather than planned that way (IIRC the original crossover was manual control, like all of the intermediate crossovers on the original Yonge line). I do not see what prevents the signal system from giving a Y/Y aspect to go from SB mainline to NB platform, as there is a signal at the south end of the NB platform. (Reverse movement of NB platform to SB mainline should also theoretically be possible, given the extra signal on the SB mainline north of the portal).
  11. Sorry for the wait - the two buses have been added to the Vicinity VIN page.
  12. Apparently that was tonight, as the change has been made.
  13. The page has been moved.
  14. This is not the first time you've been warned for criticizing other members in a rude manor. Thanks for the patronizing statement. I think I am able to make my own assumptions on how page titles work, considering I was the one to move them in the first place... </sarcasm>
  15. The 2012 TD925 buses have been undergoing a refurbishment, which involves repainting the buses. The Megabus name and logos have been reapplied (as seen in the photo below, taken May 19, 2019), just not the Megabus Man. He is not present on any of the J4500s that have recently been put into Megabus service, so they are likely doing a brand refresh that does not include Megabus Man on the livery.
  16. C'mon, please be nice to other Editors. Don't criticize someone for making a minor mistake. Everything on the Wiki is fixable. Thanks for your hard work in creating and populating the page! Don't worry about the naming issue - most pages in the ETS section still use the old "System" name. If I have enough time before the weekend, I'll move the page to the "Service" name.
  17. No. Route 11 was discontinued after the 2017 season due to low ridership. It was supposed to be gone earlier, but I think GO was not able to announce it early enough.
  18. That photo of 8776 is when it was privately owned. Although it is in OC Transpo livery, it is not an OC Transpo bus at this point. So therefore, any photos of it in its current configuration should not be uploaded and put onto the OC Transpo fleet page.
  19. They had TRs down in Lower Bay for the Doors Open event; I would imagine that this train would have been either heading towards the centre track east of Broadview in order to turn around for the connection to Line 1, or it was heading to Greenwood Yard to be stored overnight.
  20. The page is titled with the correct capitalization, as you hyperlink shows. There is occasionally an issue when viewing pages on mobile devices where the capitalization of titles goes a bit wonky, but it's not related to the page itself. My personal guess is that it's the autocapitalization feature of phones that does it. I'd prefer to hold off on moving/renaming at this point. I haven't seen any official source to confirm whether the 10-bus add-on order has been cancelled; I'm also questioning whether the original 10 buses will get cancelled outright at this point, making any page movement a moot point.
  21. 1. Only Presto allows you to use a 2-hour transfer, so there's a benefit of that. With the recent fare adjustment, Presto only gives you a $0.15 savings per ride over cash, and it costs $6 to purchase the card. If you didn't already pay for your UP fare it may have the potential to be cheaper to use Presto, but if you buy Day Passes it'll give you more flexibility and probably save you more money. 2. TTC prefers to fully convert one route to Flexity before moving onto the next route. So routes 504, 509, 510, 512 should be fully Flexity, and 506 will be fully CLRV. 501 is the current "transitioning" route so it will have a mix of CLRV and Flexity. The ALRVs were just reactivated from storage last week, so if you're very lucky you might find one out as a last-resort spare or a cover vehicle (most likely on 501). 3. No Proterra or BYD buses have been delivered, so chances of finding one around Canada Day are zero. The XE40s will be based out of Arrow Road garage in the north-west end of the city; it's unknown if they will enter service by the time of your visit, so check one of the online trackers. 4. Some of the streetcar routes are being replaced by buses due to construction (505) or lack of available streetcars (502, 503, 511). They also run some bus trippers to provide extra capacity during rush hour. Otherwise there are a number of other bus routes in the downtown core; just look for route numbers that aren't in the 500s. 5. What are you looking for in a station - frequent service, cool/interesting architecture, nice views?
  22. Both Air France and KLM are part of SkyTeam Alliance. The service was previously operated by Greyhound Canada; while the main branding on the coaches was for KLM, if you look closely there are logos for both Air France and SkyTeam. Perhaps Air France is paying for their branding to be more prominent now, or KLM has another coach. The logo on the front of this coach is for Skyport, which is now owned by Keolis (with a lot of the Autocars Skyport coaches being rebranded with the Keolis logo/"livery"). So they are still operating the YUL-Ottawa shuttle.
  23. Yes, both Owen Sound and Meaford are in Grey County. (Blue Mountains technically is also in Grey County, but the municipality has its transit service contract with Collingwood, not Simcoe County, which is why the Blue Mountains Link will not become a LINX route). A 3-bus spare pool out of 5 is a pretty healthy 37.5% spare ratio. Also don't forget that Sinton can provide their own backup cutaways, which further increases the spare ratio. They would probably need a 9th bus if they were to add additional routes, but they wouldn't need another bus to improve the spare ratio. Going back on topic, I agree that a bus connecting Owen Sound and Meaford would probably be more useful to residents. It's about a 25-30 minute drive between the two communities, so they could easily run some sort of connecting service with one bus (3 round trips a day, with the bus circulating within Meaford to provide local trips). That would probably generate more ridership than the current model.
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