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  1. @translink fan: The 06xx X3-45 coaches are not all from the order, or even built in the same year. 611's VIN indicates it was built in 2010, while 643-654 are from 2014. As @Bus_Medic stated, the box on the roof is most likely related to the air intake for the engine, due to a lot of running on dirt/gravel roads up in the oilfields. I haven't gotten a good rear doorside picture to really show it off, but you can clearly see the box on the right side of 0646, and you can faintly see the air intake holes on the top of 654 in the following pictures.
  2. I have photographed both buses... 6006 I caught two weekends ago, it's definitely not accessible. 6363 also does not have a wheelchair lift. Because the US side was in such a scramble for accessible equipment when the 2012 deadline hit, they would definitely not have sent any coaches with wheelchair lifts up to Canada. Occasionally they swap coaches in London, dunno if they did for 6006 and 6363. The Canadian side sometimes doesn't care about meeting the US accessibility requirements, especially since the coach will only be making one stop and returning across the border quickly. (The cynic in me is saying maybe they put the non-accessible coaches on the runs stopping in Detroit during the evening/overnight so they won't be discovered... 6006's run stopped in Detroit around midnight, and returned to Toronto around 6:30am.) I was thinking recently too that I haven't seen the 88xx coaches often, as you said they seem to have disappeared after the 06xx were acquired. However just as I type this, 8876 is tracking on schedule 5509 leaving Toronto now.
  3. Toronto-London-Detroit uses Greyhound Canada equipment and drivers all the way to Detroit, where as @ns8401 said US-based equipment (mostly the Michigan-owned buses) operate the rest of the way to Chicago. Occasionally US equipment shows up east of Detroit, but that's mostly when a Greyhound Canada bus needs some emergency repairs. For Toronto-Buffalo-New York, Greyhound Lines equipment is used for the majority of trips. Similar to the setup with VIA and Amtrak's Maple Leaf train, Greyhound Canada drivers usually operate between Toronto and Buffalo (drivers have to put papers in the driver's window stating it is being operated by Greyhound Canada, with the appropriate legals). Sometimes Greyhound Canada equipment is used, and those buses usually get changed off in Buffalo and turned back to Toronto on another schedule. The Buffalo Airport-Scarborough Town Centre schedules predominately operate Canadian equipment, although the bus starts in Buffalo, heads to Scarborough Town Centre, and turns back to Buffalo. Montreal-New York also operates with US equipment. I think it may be Greyhound Lines drivers the entire way, similar to how Vancouver-Seattle operates. Accessible equipment is required to be operated on all trips heading into and out of the US, so the Toronto-London-Detroit corridor almost always gets Prevost coaches (mixed with the handful of D4500/D4505 coaches equipped with lifts). Occasionally a 6xxx without a lift get assigned to a run continuing west of London, although if coming from Toronto these usually get changed off in London, but sometimes they slip through.
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    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    More info over in this thread:
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    Ontario Northland

    Ontario Northland has their schedule set up smart for what they currently need to operate. One bus operates North Bay -> SSM -> Hearst, a second operates Hearst -> SSM -> North Bay, with both buses meeting in the middle at Sault Ste Marie. To have a northbound trip make it to White River earlier in the day would involve having buses (and operators) overnight in SSM, which will add to the cost of operating the service. Or have that first bus leave ridiculously early from North Bay, which would be inconvenient for any customers on Hwy 17 east of SSM, in order to make it more convenient for customers heading west of White River.
  6. That won't be possible, as all intercity coaches in the US have been required to be wheelchair accessible as of November 2012. That's why the Canadian operation got that huge amount of newly refurbished 102-DL3 coaches - they didn't have wheelchair lifts. Most of the 06xx X3-45 coaches from the oil sands have already ended up in Toronto. They will either be transferred east, or be sold to new buyers in Western Canada. They're new coaches and should find new life easily. Those D4505 coaches are 12 years old, high mileage and haven't received a refurbishment - I don't know how many of them find new homes outside of scrapyards. As @Uwe mentioned head office has probably already earmarked which coaches are gonna head to Ontario. For example, @A. Wong's pictures show 1179 and 1180 operating on runs in Edmonton - these coaches were regulars on the Toronto-Winnipeg corridor just a few months ago, so they've clearly been transferred further west and probably won't stick around.
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    VIA Rail Canada

    I was speaking specifically to the Canadian, not VIA in general. If it was system-wide, you could count every trip in the Corridor.
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    VIA Rail Canada

    That doesn't make sense. How does the train get back from Vancouver to Edmonton? There needs to be another eastbound departure - maybe on a date you weren't searching up? EDIT: Searching myself, there is a #4 heading eastbound from Vancouver to Edmonton on day 2, departing at 17:00 (the normal #2 departure time) and arriving at 20:50 in Edmonton on day 3. Find it interesting they'd be putting two Canadian departures on the same day... when was this the last time there was scheduled more than one departure on the same day? Also VIA has a nice big warning: "As the summer 2019 schedule for the Canadian is being finalized, please note that some arrival and departure times are still subject to change. " So I would expect that some of these oddities (such as 4 departures from Toronto and 3 from Vancouver, and possibly the 2 departures in 1 day from Vancouver) would get fixed by the time the final schedule is released.
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    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Since the previous conversation was in this thread, here's an update on ex-7900-7905, the TPS converted buses... Last night 4 of the buses were downtown for Nuit Blanche, serving their new purpose as road blocks. They are numbered ES-0 to ES-5 and labeled for "Events Support", and oddly also have the Toronto/Ontario/Canada logos on the rear, similar to other buses in the new LFLRV livery. They have retained their TTC license plates, which makes tracking their former fleet # a lot easier. The four that were out have the last digit match their 790x number (aka ES-0 was 7900), so I'd assume 7901 and 7905 are now ES-1 and ES-5 respectively. The buses are not numbered externally btw, only visible fleet numbers are on the interior front panel.
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    TTC Orion VII Movement List

    -31xx delivered to Arrow -84xx move from Arrow to Birchmount -77xx-78xx retire from Birchmount -81xx move from Birchmount to Wilson -15xx move from Wilson to Malvern -15xx-18xx retire from Malvern I feel like there are easier ways to retire buses but what do I know... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Today's Special Sightings

    I think he meant the buses had returned to the garage, not that the routes had. Both 1035 and 1071 are tracking inside Mount Dennis.
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    Today's Sightings

    TTC: 400: W100, W105 402: W101 403: W107 404: W102, W182 405: W211 407: W277
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    Missing in Action buses

    7575 was out in service on Sunday, also on 505.
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    Today's Special Sightings

    8595 was also on the 505. I wonder if both of these were gap buses, as the 505 was running particularly terrible this afternoon (3 and 5 bus clumps seemed to be quite common).
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    TTC Service Changes

    Think it was the second weekend after they officially changed the schedules over that they put artics out for one Saturday. Probably at least 2 years ago now, and clearly it never caught on... I've ridden 85 frequently on Saturday mornings, and while the buses are generally busy, they're never in the range of requiring artics.