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  1. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Finally getting around to watermarking some photos from Sunday... quite a decent day morning of coach fanning around the Rogers Centre before a Jay's game. Some highlights include: Cherrey Bus Lines has some new buses: 104 is a D4505, and 4700 is a D4005. Not sure if they are new to Cherrey or purchased from elsewhere. The number 104 was previously used for a 2002 J4500, which I assume is now gone from the fleet. Some of Cherrey's 102-EL3 coaches look like they have been refurbished: 9956 is sporting a new livery, and saw 5454 in the same new livery a few months ago, with the new-style MCI logo (which makes me think they were the ones who did the refurbishment). Foley Bus Lines had 142 and 144, both MCI E-series coaches likely purchased used. Franklin Coach Lines had many of their buses operating a conference shuttle from MTCC. One of their buses was 229. Not sure what year it is built in, but added it to the Wiki. An MCI demonstrator, 68125, showed up. The driver appeared to be from Foley. Ontario Coach International 5742 picked up a charter group around Spadina/King. It is an old Prevost LeMirage. Other buses include 1208, 1416, 1600, 1800 from Badder; 3104 from Bell-Horizon; 507, 508, 8214 from Cherrey; 53474, 88003, 89018 from Coach Canada; 124, 129 from Franklin; 300 from Hammond; 2010, 9881 from Autobus La Québécoise; 218 from McCoy; and 9121 from Sookram.
  2. MiWay

    @TTC 9701 already pointed it out in the post above his. No need for @noahrp24 to also mention it.
  3. York Region Transit \ Viva

    It's not that there's a "new way" to pay, it's more from complaints that a. Presto doesn't work on TTC buses operating in York Region, and b. Drivers are not supposed to issue transfers to passengers paying using Presto, and this announcement is supposed to absolve them of this. And yes, it's definitely overkill...
  4. Bit late to report on this news story, but BC Transit is taking delivery of 11 Arboc shuttles this year. Distribution is reported as follows: - 3 units to 100 Mile House; - 4 units to Alberni-Clayoquot Custom Transit System (Port Alberni); - 2 units to Cranbrook; - 1 unit to Salt Spring Island; - 1 unit to Merritt. 100 Mile House and Port Alberni will have their entire fleets swapped out, likely for consistency as the new Arbocs will be gas-powered; the current buses will get transferred to other communities to replace whatever 2010 Arbocs are still around, along with any Polars still in the contingency fleet. Cranbrook may have both of their Arboc units transferred out as well, unless their Sprinter is getting replaced. The one bus each for Salt Spring Island and Merritt are probably to expand their spare ratios; Salt Spring Island particularly had 5 Polars replaced by 4 new Arbocs last year.
  5. GO Transit Bus Refurbishment

    2317 has been refurbished... it was delivered in the skyline livery, and was repainted into the "swoosh" livery during rebuild. 2328 was the start of the order that was delivered with the "swoosh" livery and revised rear end design, and it is also the first order that received the Metrolinx livery during refurbishment.
  6. "Old"? I would think it's brand new - considering that BYD has not been producing buses for the North American for long enough to have them retired yet! It is relatively commonplace for manufacturers to take a newly built bus and use it as a demonstrator for a short time before getting delivered to the customer. This is more commonly seen for trade shows, but it does happen with visits to regular transit agencies. Since BYD already has one of their demonstrators being used by Translink, they need a different bus if BC Transit/Victoria is interested in the model, so using a brand-new, undelivered bus for AVTA is definitely an option if other demonstrators are not readily available.
  7. MiWay

    There are appropriate topics in others sections of the forum for your little Photoshopping games. Please leave the main transit system threads for actual news.
  8. Feature Photo Submissions

    Here is a picture of BC Ferries' Queen of Nanaimo, taken in June 2017. It was withdrawn on July 27, 2017 after 52 years of service due to mechanical issues, and has been replaced by Salish Eagle and Salish Raven (the latter of which was rushed into service after Nanaimo's mechanical issues). Note that if this photo is chosen, I can provide a copy with a smaller watermark.
  9. Modifying a page title

  10. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Yes, that bus should be ex-Coach Canada 83605. I was under the impression it was owned by North Star Limousine, unless they changed their name recently. It's been in a white livery with various names (including Toronto Coach and Zoom Tours) since 2014, and the red livery/new headlights seems to have been applied this year. Here is my photo of the same bus departing the Coach Terminal back on Canada Day.
  11. Today's Special Sightings

    No, there is typically only one bus on the route when it is running. This weekend is the Veld Music Festival at Downsview Park, so the TTC runs many extra buses on the 101 to shuttle participants from Sheppard West Station to Downsview Park.
  12. Safeway Tours

    Spotted a Safeway unit with fleet number 5718 on Highway 401, suppose this is a Pacific Western unit. Since PW typically numbers their units sequentially they likely have at least 5 units.
  13. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    They were likely heading to the Line 1 shuttle to begin service at Sheppard West.
  14. Ontario Northland

    Ontario Northland will be operating on a trial basis a CNG fueled coach provided by MCI. From photos on Facebook, it looks like it is a D4500 numbered 13895. http://www.ontarionorthland.ca/en/news/ontario-northland-first-intercity-motor-coach-operator-canada-pilot-compressed-natural-gas