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  1. Likely buses deadheading to/from the Line 1 shuttle. The LFSA and VII NG HEV are likely heading to/from Malvern, and the 3xxx heading back to Arrow Road. Deadheads are permitted to use Highway 401 at the driver's discretion.
  2. Yes, @CV92 already posted that some Novas were transferred to Victoria to help with the shortage. 9465 was a former CFV bus by the way, not Chilliwack.
  3. GO Transit schedule changes effective November 2nd are now posted online. The key tagline in most of the changes is "Starting November 2, we’re reducing and adjusting service on some bus routes to ensure we’re using our resources when and where they’re needed most." Highlights (or lowlights) of the changes include: Minor schedule adjustments for Lakeshore East and West trains, including shortened running times for the Niagara commuter trains. New weekend train service on the Stouffville line, running hourly to Mount Joy. Route 12 will move to the new Park and Ride at Centennial Parkway and QEW, replacing the Nash and Barton temporary lot. Route 21 will have reduced weekday service to compensate for the use of higher-capacity double deck buses on many trips (for example, Milton will only receive hourly service inbound after 1pm). The overlapping branch structure will also be simplified during some time periods, collapsing 3 branches into 2 for example. Route 30, 31, 33 will see reduced service because of the additional train service added in September. Route 37 will change its southbound evening departures to better align with the train service. Route 66 will receive double deck buses, and service will be cut to compensate (hourly during rush hour, every 2 hours during midday). Routes 70/71 will be revised because of the additional evening and weekend train service. It seems they will continue to run hourly northbound 71A express buses from Union while the evening trains are running, likely because the all-stop trains are significantly slower than the bus service for people heading to northeastern Markham, Stouffville, and Uxbridge. Parallel bus service to Union will also be maintained on weekends (with bus departures spaced between train trips to provide half hourly service). Minor timing/trip adjustments on routes 36, 52, 61, 63, 65, 67, 68, 90, 91, 93.
  4. YRT is making service changes effective November 3, 2019. Service changes in November are a little unusual, but oh well... Route 1 Highway 7 is changing its eastern looping because of "long-term construction" affecting its normal stop location at SmartCentres Box Grove. Buses will leave westbound along a circuitous detour via Copper Creek, 9th Line, Highway 7, and Bur Oak to regular route. Routes 2 and 14 will have their stop moved at SmartCentres, but the routing is unaffected. Route 52 Holland Landing will be converted to On-Demand service during off-peak. Not sure why this was delayed to November instead of being done alongside 51 and 58 in September. Routes 22 and 105 had extra trips added in September to cover school overloading that are now being recognized in the schedule. New school special 417 will have a second bus in the AM and PM. The usual assortment of minor schedule adjustments to routes 18, 23, 26, 50, 85, 203, 240, Viva Purple, and Viva Green.
  5. 0715 is still listed as Active. The two 2018 Novas probably went to expand the fleet for the 6th route created from the splitting of the West Ridge route.
  6. Coach Canada sightings down at the Toronto Coach Terminal today: Coach Canada (Toronto-Montreal corridor): DD42631, DD42739, 83901, 85037, 86009, 86021 Coach Canada (Toronto-Niagara/Buffalo corridor): 83920, 85002, 89002, 89005 Badder: 1115 Francesco's Limousine: 1017 Franklin: 231 Great Canadian: 8848 Kunkel: 734, 798 Leduc: 3948, 3953
  7. Forgot about this thread... Pacific Coach Lines 3009 is now Quick Shuttle 1728 (confirmed via VIN). Photo dates back to June 2019.
  8. Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for travel. I would expect most trips to be doubled up. The destination is not cottage country (kinda cold for cottages) but students returning home from university.
  9. First has gotten most of their foothold in Canada by buying up existing school bus companies, such as Laidlaw and Cardinal. Most of the time these older buses would have been originally purchased (and numbered) by one of these acquired companies, and unless First decides to renumber them, they will continue to carry their original numbers.
  10. It's hard to know what a mystery coach is when all you can describe about it is "an older MCI". Looking at the Wiki, Angel did use to operate a MCI 102-D3 from 1996. It's quite possible this is still hanging around in their yard. Photo of it below. In related news, an Angel Tours X3-45 with the name ZEUS passed me earlier today. While I couldn't get a picture of it, it had the same graphics (with the Angel Tours logo added) as Prevost demonstrator 6185 (photo below). I suspect that Angel purchased it outright, and has put into their numbering naming scheme.
  11. 8410, 8412-8418 have been tracking at Hillcrest for the past few days, and 8419-8420 haven't been out the past two days either. Are they earmarked for more repairs/fixes?
  12. Well, in case the buses are needed for their intended purpose (to stop vehicles from being intentionally driven through crowds), you'd rather have an 18-year old bus written off with accident damage rather than a 3-year old bus.
  13. 85J is the internal reference to the branch of 85 Sheppard East running between Sheppard-Yonge Station and Don Mills Station.
  14. The information on the Wiki should be relatively up to date, as much as it can be. I received an official BC Transit fleet roster dated January 2019, and the Wiki was updated to reflect that. Other local members have contributed bus movements throughout the year when they are known to occur.
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