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  1. Yes, but the LFS HEV have only been based at 2 of the 8 bus garages. Meaning the 75% of operators that are not based out of Arrow or Malvern don't get them. The short duration of their time at TTC means that any operator that was hired more than 4 years ago would have never received training on LFS HEVs unless they were based at the two divisions containing them (driver movements between divisions are not super common). So any Wilson ops who joined the TTC more than 4 years ago will need to be trained.
  2. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Niagara_Falls_Transit
  3. I'm not sure how much pull Safeway Tours has now over the coach operators nowadays, given their service levels (both in Tours and Casino runs) is much reduced compared to pre-COVID time period. Because of the sheer volume of guaranteed work they could provide their coach operator(s), they could bully their way into asking for all sorts of things, such as the "3 years or newer" rule on equipment. I'm not sure they can pull off the same demands now, given both parties are likely still recovering from their severely reduced revenue over the past few years. Who is Safeway using nowadays? Pacific Western has exited the Toronto market, and I don't know if Coach Canada, Great Canadian, or GTA Crew Services are still being used. GTA in particular has sold off many of their newer Prevosts purchased for the Safeway contract. Attridge for sure is still being used, but to answer the question on equipment, they're still using the same 2016-2018 H3-45 coaches from before the pandemic.
  4. The above requests should all be completed, along with the links redirected to the new page titles. No worries, and thank YOU for all your work on the Southland pages! It's a lot of effort and information you've been putting in, and I'm always happy to help in even a small way with the page title changes!
  5. Where, pray tell, do you short turn a train on Line 4?
  6. It took longer than normal, but Line 3 is shut down as per usual for the weather conditions.
  7. Oakville has had electric demonstrators stop at their garage before, like most GTHA agencies have.
  8. Same story here as well; on the day I was hanging around Scarborough Centre all the eastbound departures were on time except for Book-A-Ride, where the two late morning trips were both 30-45 minutes late despite Toronto being the originating city. Their westbound arrivals in the afternoon were also showing up at completely random times that I couldn't reconcile with their online schedule, despite the other companies showing up relatively on time.
  9. 501 and 504A streetcars are diverting due to emergency watermain repairs along Dufferin Street; the TTC's alerts indicate 501 cars are extending to Roncesvalles (looping presumably in the yard? I think both the North gate and Sunnyside Loop are both still out of service...), and 504A cars are looping at Fleet Loop. The service notices are less than clear, as the 504 map shows the closure on Dufferin and diversion to Fleet Loop, yet the text talks about a convoluted detour routing in the east end.
  10. Looks like its last day out of SW was on January 5th (according to Transsee). 2017 has not been in service since December 1st, so it may be broken down. Guessing it will move to BRT following its repairs. Given the last five of SW's 2022 XD60s entered service in the last week of December, this was probably what allowed for 2019 (and 2017) to return to BRT. Given the number of conventional artics at BRT now, it's not like they're sorely missed or anything...
  11. Articulated

    BC Ferries

    The Powell River Queen retired this afternoon; it had a mechanical problem in the afternoon and cancelled all its sailings from 4-7pm. Island K'ulut'a came out around 7pm (as was scheduled) in relief. Starting tomorrow, the Campbell River to Quadra Island route will operate with 2 Island class vessels (Island K'ulut'a and Island Nagalis) during peak times. The Nanaimo Harbour to Gabriola Island route made a similar switch last year. Mayne Queen is now the lass vessel from the class that is still "active", and will supposedly receive a refit to continue as a spare vessel in the fleet. That class seems more flexible in deployment than the current minor-class spare vessels, Quinitsa and Quadra Queen II.
  12. All three page moves have now been completed!
  13. No, but you never mentioned in any of your posts today that it was a solution. Instead you kept bounding on and on about how every system needs to operate deep into its neighbours territories and duplicate service. Extending routes everywhere is also not always the best solution. At some point, routes become too long to manage properly and service quality declines, due to issues in one area affecting service in a far-away area, or just accumulated delays piling up along the route. It either means large gaps and bunching becomes inevitable, or it requires very long recovery times at terminals which is inefficient. Think the 501 Queen streetcar, which has historically had poor service quality for many years thanks to it being merged with the 507 Long Branch car to find "efficiencies". The result of this is that cars are now having 2+ hour one-way trip times, and service to Long Branch or the Beach gets huge gaps due to streetcars encountering delays through Downtown. A proper integrated system where it makes sense is the best way, really. The example you gave earlier of MiWay and Brampton do this best, where corridors extend a short distance into the neighbouring municipality where it makes sense to do so. But it's not necessary everywhere, and there are much greater political and financial concerns that preclude this. Metrolinx was supposed to be looking into fare integration, but that project seems dead now (once they realized nobody was going to pay more to subsidize the cross-border riders).
  14. And that problem is better solved with proper fare integration between neighbouring municipalities, not by running duplicated services on the same corridors.
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