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  1. The coach does not matter as much, as Greyhound Lines and Greyhound Canada pooled equipment for most, if not all of their eastern routes which crossed the border. I would regularly see both US and Canadian coaches on runs from Montreal to NYC or Boston. It's more a matter of who the operator is, i.e. a Greyhound Canada or Greyhound Lines employee. This is more a question to others... I know on the Vancouver-Seattle run the US operator continued through to Vancouver. Toronto-Buffalo runs are done by Canadian drivers. For Greyhound runs from Montreal to the US, are they done with the US drivers all the way to Montreal, or is there a point at where there is a switch between Canadian-based and US-based drivers? I am leaning towards the former, but would like confirmation from someone more knowledgeable than myself on this topic.
  2. W628 and W629 have been delivered and plated. Still the same ProMaster/CS-2 vehicles as last year.
  3. Stop tagging every person who edits the Wiki in every post you make. It's getting annoying. The photo of 4964 I would argue does not meet guidelines; the shadow covers the entire side of the bus, and the bus only occupies a small portion of the frame. Please stop making this a "competiton" to get your photos up on the Wiki.
  4. The current Union Station Bus Terminal is going to be the base of a building shortly. The land USBT is located on (plus the air rights over the rail corridor) was included in the deal that got the new terminal incorporated into the base of the building on the south side. As for everyone yammering on about the new terminal being too small, current USBT has 7 platforms, and current TCT has 7 departure platforms (never mind that they're numbered 1-14, each platform has 2 numbers assigned to it. This is a holdover from the days before 45' coaches were standard. The even numbered platforms are never used nowadays), plus one lane in the Elizabeth Street building for arrivals. With the amount of service reductions over the past couple of years, there are no more than 4 scheduled departures within any 30 minute span, so 7 platforms for arrivals and departures will be sufficient. The new terminal seems to have 2 levels of 7 platforms each; this nicely segregates GO and intercity passengers onto two separate levels, and each level has enough platforms for their own needs.
  5. TTC: 1500 heading east on Sheppard at Don Mills just now. No bike rack, and being followed by a pusher truck.
  6. Their website still lists their Vaughan location as the "head office"; however, they also list a location on Hollyholme Farm Dr in an industrial area of Barrie. They may have moved much of their buses and maintenance up there, especially as the Casino Rama runs form much of their income. I'm not sure who owns that yard around Jane/407; I have seen buses from multiple owners on that property in the past, so it may be that Angel was only leasing space, and have moved their operations to a property they now own in Barrie.
  7. Forgot to post this on here, but the first two Island class vessels entered service earlier this month: Island Discovery entered service on June 10th on route 18 (Powell River - Texada Island), directly replacing North Island Princess. Island Aurora entered service one week later on June 17th on route 25 (Port McNeill - Alert Bay - Sointula), allowing Quadra Queen II to become a full-time relief vessel. This completes a series of vessel shuffling for the replacement of Howe Sound Queen, which retired back in June 2019.
  8. BC Transit is taking delivery of new high-floor cutaways with Girardin Micro Bird/G5 bodies for HandyDART service. The first 13 units will be delivered to Victoria, while the next 15 will replace all of Nanaimo's fleet (Wiki lists 14 HandyDART vehicles, with the news article listing an extra "light duty bus temporarily activated in January" that will be replaced). I'm assuming some of the newer Arbocs in Nanaimo's fleet will get shifted to other communities, as they have a couple of newer ones that shouldn't be up for replacement quite yet. 2590, 2597-2598 have been spotted being delivered, assuming they are for Victoria. https://www.bctransit.com/nanaimo/news?nid=1529709626854
  9. The Skeena does not normally run with sleepers; it is a day coach, and does the trip from Jasper to Prince Rupert in two days, overnighting in Prince George. The main point of resuming once-a-week service on this line is to provide service back to the isolated communities along the train's route. Jasper (and connections further to Edmonton) is not the main destination - Prince George and its services (like the hospital) are.
  10. Hi there, Could you list out the specific things that need fixing/changing? I'm sure myself or another editor would be happy to make any additions or corrections that are needed.
  11. Thanks for the detailed and comprehensive list @Catherine Wilkins! I've added the plates to the Wiki page.
  12. Keeping me busy today aren't you? 😛 The above requests have been completed.
  13. @Jova42R The photo of 9619 is definitely not appropriate. The bus is too small, only occupying a tiny corner of the frame, and is in a shadow, causing it to be very dark and difficult to see any detail of the bus itself. 4747 is a little better, as the bus is centered in the middle of the frame and on a (tight but okay) 3/4 angle. However I agree with @Orion6025 that the image is too pixelated to upload. As mentioned, the ALP46 photos do not meet the guidelines as they are obstructed, and they're also taken against the sun causing their sides to be a large dark shadow.
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