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  1. GO Transit

    Nope. Most of the weekday midday/evening and weekend trains will terminate at Aurora. On weekends, the first 3 southbound trains originate in Barrie, with the 17:00 departure from Union and the last 2 northbound also extending to Barrie; the rest only go as far as Aurora.
  2. If you don't mind me asking... how can you tell it has an ISL9 vs an L9? My understanding was the ISL9 was rebranded to L9 for the 2017 model year to meet the new emissions requirements. Is Victoria slated to get all 30 of the LFS? Do you happen to know which ones are on property now?
  3. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Because the station infrastructure is not owned by the bigger companies, they would have to pay to utilize it. Apparently the big telecoms don't think they would get enough of an return (i.e. new customers) to justify the cost to access the infrastructure. Wind/Freedom is a smaller company in a marketplace dominated by a few heavyweights, so they signed on in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  4. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Personally I'd keep any news related to a new streetcar being delivered, undergoing testing, and entering service in the same place, as the testing period is directly related to the delivery (and acceptance) of a car. For buses, traditionally the entry into service has been kept in the same thread as the delivery information: TTC Nova Bus Deliveries & Entered Service Tracking I don't see why the streetcars need to be any different.
  5. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    That is because someone posted it in the Streetcar News thread instead of this one...
  6. TTC Nova Bus Deliveries & Entered Service Tracking

    Transsee usually only tracks locations of a bus if it's position is actually on the route. If it only displays a route with no location, most often it's broken down while in service. It shouldn't post a location that is not on the route it's displaying.
  7. Median would have been removed so that traffic can be shifted to the opposite side of the road to facilitate construction and staging areas.
  8. No. Maybe the next series of rebuilds? Like the 17xx and 83xx series. Afterwards, the 84xx.
  9. Greyhound Run/Schedule Changes

    All-day 2-way train service will not be coming out as far as Kitchener-Guelph for a long time. And yes, I assume that GO is not serving that corridor because they would end up directly competing with Greyhound. Same reason there are no GO buses directly between Kitchener-Waterloo and downtown Toronto... because that was already a Greyhound route. Instead, GO ended their service at Square One (and now York U), so there is no direct competition.
  10. TTC Service Changes

    Downsview did not have overnight service until 2015 when the 329 was extended and the 384 started. It's not the TTC's responsibility to look after people who slept through their stop.
  11. TTC Service Changes

    No. Vaughan is in YRT's service area so it would be the responsibility of YRT to provide overnight service. I'm surprised they are extending service to meet the last train... BTW there are other stations within Toronto that do not have overnight service, so it is not an issue if the ones in York Region do not have service.
  12. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Looking back on my sightings, only the following units from Eglinton were in service according to online trackers during the past 2 weeks: 7405, 7414, 7415, 7418, 7421, 7427, 7433, 7435, 7446*, 7447, 7450, 7458, 7460, 7466, 7474, 7480, 7481, 7488, 7493, 7494 7502, 7503, 7504, 7512, 7514, 7517, 7521, 7522, 7535, 7537, 7538, 7540, 7541, 7545, 7555, 7557, 7558, 7562*, 7564*, 7569, 7575, 7577, 7581, 7587, 7591, 7595, 7596 7601, 7606, 7607*, 7617, 7619, 7620, 7621, 7629, 7630, 7637, 7638, 7641, 7647, 7650, 7669, 7671, 7673, 7675, 7681, 7683, 7684, 7689, 7691, 7695, 7699 7701, 7702, 7705, 7707 That's a total of 76 units. The ones marked with an * were not in service during the past week, bringing the total down to 72 units.
  13. 1661 has finished its rebuild and has returned to service, on route 10 tonight.
  14. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Where do you park a train at Sheppard-Yonge for 8 minutes? There are only two platforms for the Yonge line - a northbound and a southbound. Parking a train for 8 minutes on either would result in major delays to the line.
  15. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Your first part is correct. The second part is incorrect. So imagine you are a grown-up with a family and a full-time job. You ride the subway to work in the morning. When it's the week around Christmas, the kids are off school, and normally you don't get to spend much time with your kids when they're in school (plus, you need someone to babysit them), so what do you do? You take a vacation, maybe visit your parents in another city or go on a trip down south. Now replay this situation amongst the thousands of people who commute on a daily basis. Traffic is significantly lighter during the period around Christmas and also during the summer, as there are more people than normal taking days off work, and therefore not commuting. Fewer people taking transit = less need to run as much service. So they can take a train or two off the line and save a bit of money. Does it allow more operators to take time off? Sure. But service is not lower only because the TTC wants to grant more vacation time to their operators.