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  1. Pacific Western Transportation

    Very interesting! 3023 used to be operate for Northern Health Connections in northern BC as part of Diversified's fleet. Interesting to see it got transferred to the Ontario operations.
  2. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Please reread my post, specifically the first 6 words of it.
  3. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    If it didn't get a refurbishment, it likely got retired along with most of the other original Greyhound Canada 102-DL3/D4500 units. Check the Wiki; 1126 is not listed among the units that received a refurbishment. The influx of hundreds of refurbished ex-GLI 102-DL3 units plus the multiple service reductions over the past 5 years has wiped out the need for most of the old fleet.
  4. GO Transit

    There are going to be places in the outer reaches of the GO network where passenger demand will never be enough to justify an 81-passenger double deck bus (even at reduced frequencies), and a lower capacity vehicle that is cheaper to purchase, operate, and maintain is probably a wiser investment. The main reason that GO jumped in with two feet on the SuperLo buses is because they were the only model on the market at the time that fit their criteria of motorcoach quality (i.e. not a transit bus with no rear door) without requiring a lift for wheelchairs. I think MCI realized this gap in the market upon reading GO's RFI (RFQ?), because their new D45 CRT LE seems like it was designed exactly to what GO specified in the RFI/RFQ/etc.
  5. YRT Retirements

    So you heard something from a friend of a friend? I'm sorry, but how is this considered a reliable resource??? C'mon guys, can we get a little more proof that a bus has retired rather than "oh I haven't seen it on a tracker this week it must be retired". And stop prematurely editing the Wiki (with incorrect coding, at that ).
  6. Codiac Transit

    The 2016 Novas are 800-808, so the 2017 Novas should be 810-817 and 850 if one is owned by Dieppe. No 809. The 2018 buses could start at 820, or jump into the 900s - Moncton has weird numbering strategies.
  7. How are they even able to store 7 buses (plus the HandyDart vehicles)?! Their yard is a postage stamp that has difficulty making even making 5 30' Darts fit...
  8. Pacific Western Transportation

    With new buses delivered for the Safeway Tours contract, some of the former units have now received advertising wraps, similar to what happened with the Airport Express buses after cancellation of that route. Spotted 5191 (ironically on one of Safeway's Fallsview runs) in a sharp-looking wrap for OpenText.
  9. Codiac Transit

    Thanks for confirming their fleet numbers, and that they are now in service. Five buses had been delivered on September 15th (and were visible for attendees of the CTHF charter the following weekend), with the other 4 delivered the next week; they were delivered all white with no fleet numbers. Do we know if the 5th bus mentioned in @Silly Tilley's post will replace the ex-STM Nova (530), or the RTS (430)?
  10. GO Transit

    GO buses are limited to carrying 2 bikes to the rack. If this policy was followed, you would need 17 buses to carry all of the bikes; any fewer, you would strand bike riders. I doubt GO has 17 spare buses sitting around, or wouldn't be willing to pull that many from other routes to cover one train, so in this situation I think cramming bikes into the lower level is the most practical solution. Route 34 has been assigned SuperLo buses since the September board period; from my experience, the drivers don't want to open the luggage area for such a short trip, so people use the main section of the lower level to store luggage (even larger bags which don't fit in the over-wheel compartments).
  11. BC Transit website is rolling out more articles on future bus deliveries... Comox Valley will be receiving four 30' Vicinity buses this fall (already identified as 4049-4052). Cranbrook has received two 30' Vicinity buses this summer/fall, 4037-4038. I guess they will be continuing to have at least 3 Darts for the short/medium term, as no other upcoming deliveries are mentioned in the article. Kitimat will be receiving two 30' Vicinity buses this fall (already identified as 4053-4054), and three 35' Vicinity buses in 2018, which should replace their entire fleet of Darts. Kitimat will also be receiving two 35' Vicinity buses to operate on the Skeena routes (11-14). Port Alberni has received five 30' Vicinity buses, 4044-4048, to replace their entire fleet. Prince Rupert & Port Edward will receive three 30' Vicinity buses this fall (already identified as 4055-4057), and two 35' Vicinity buses in 2018. Not sure if they will have a 6th Vicinity at some point, as they currently require 6 buses (3 for Prince Rupert, 1 for Port Edward, 2 spares). Terrace will receive three 35' Vicinity buses in 2018, which will replace their entire fleet. West Kootenay (Trail/Castlegar) should be receiving two 30' Vicinity buses this year (already identified as 4039-4040), and five Vicinity buses in 2018 (length not stated in the article, but should be 35' based on the pattern in other articles). I'm not sure how many Darts are currently assigned to Trail (Wiki currently lists 13), so they may need to keep some Darts around as backup/contingency. So that gives the allocation for 15 of the 33 35' Vicinity buses to arrive in 2018, and none of the 30' Vicinity buses arriving in 2018. Some systems running Darts (Fort St. John, Williams Lake to name a few) don't have any info on future deliveries, so some will probably go there too.
  12. GO Transit

    It's actually stupid. The whole reason that GO was building a huge terminal at Highway 407 Station is to use as a terminus for all of the Highway 407 routes (40, 45, 46, 47, 48, 51, 52, 54). It kind of defeats the purpose of building a subway to York University when everything still goes into the campus... so much for integration. The subway has been in the planning and construction stages for over a decade. You can't tell me that they need more time to market the changes.
  13. Durham Region Transit

    Considering that the Ministry of Infrastructure is involved in the press conference, it's very likely that it will be some expansion of the bus-only lanes as part of the Durham-Scarborough BRT, as @110B West Pickering mentioned in his original post. The dedicated lanes end immediately east of the intersection the press conference is being held at. The Province would not trot out 2 ministers to announce the extension of a bus route two municipalities over, especially when there would be no capital investment (buses would run in mixed traffic to STC, and Pulse would use existing facilities there). As the Province does not fund operating costs or bus purchases (outside of the gas tax), it would not be related to an increase in frequency, or an order of articulated buses.
  14. CMBC additions

    Added 1003 to the CMBC page. Thanks for the information on it. @Community Shuttle, do you (or other members) happen to know if there were other buses that demonstrated with CMBC that fit in the number gap between 1003 and 1007 (the BYD)?
  15. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4445 popped up on TransSee on Thursday (October 5th) in service on route 514.