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  1. The current contract awarded by the consortium was for 2015-2017. Orangeville will be joining for the next round, which will cover purchases in 2018 and beyond. That contract has not yet been tendered, let alone awarded, so we don't know who will win it. Last contract there were no medium-duty buses, so neither ElDorado nor Grande West were involved. The Vicinity buses that were delivered in this time period to consortium agencies (namely Oakville and soon Burlington) were separate tenders unrelated to the consortium.
  2. Thanks for fixing it! I was surprised that it would be visible to all Wiki users, not just ones with administrative rights.
  3. Any page that I view on the Wiki now has a bunch of "Debug data" at the bottom of the page. Is there a way to get rid of this?
  4. Now for some TTC sightings you'll never see on the online trackers: 400: W211 402: W105 403: W106 404: W104 405: W103
  5. MV Osprey 2000 has been taken out of service after one of its engines catastrophically failed, spilling 400L of gear oil into the lake. It's expected to be out of service for at least a month. Tourist season is starting to approach, so hopefully it can be returned to service before too long. Having only MV Balfour doing the route on the Victoria Day weekend won't be pleasant.
  6. Interesting that they will force a connection in Agassiz to route 11. Think most people would prefer a direct connection to Chilliwack instead of having to transfer. Maybe if they used the Trans-Canada instead of mostly unpopulated Highway 7 they could save enough time to make a direct connection to Chilliwack.
  7. It's easier for everything to be integrated into one unified system. Less duplication involved. Most transit systems use one system that controls everything. TTC is an outlier, mostly because they added each individually as custom-built in-house systems as they were either legally required to do so, or given the project-specific budget.
  8. Did they keep the existing St Thomas buses, or are they using their own like the Kings/Brescia shuttles?
  9. Thanks Kevin and the TTS executive for another great charter. We had a beautiful sunny day for lots of great photo stops. Thanks also to Josh and Dan from Rapido Trains for bringing out their beautifully preserved TDH-5303 for a great surprise visit. For anyone who wasn't able to attend, my photos from yesterday's charter are now online.
  10. 1237 wrapped for Diamond & Diamond, closed side only.
  11. They were quite successful with the 1997 Novas from HSR and OC, and the mid-2000s D40LF is a better quality bus than the first-generation LFS was. One issue could be the resale market in the next few years - with the PTIF funding program in place, many agencies are getting lots of capital money to purchase brand-new buses. I would imagine this would make it difficult to find buyers for 12 year old buses for at least the next few years.
  12. The route history over on Transit Toronto lists 57 Midland as moving from Birchmount to Malvern upon opening in July 1983, and moving back in the mid-1980s. It then moved back to Malvern in 1996, then to Danforth in 2000, then New Eglinton in 2002, and back to Birchmount in 2010.
  13. Over in another topic (Whistler):
  14. Interesting if 9933 is gone now... that was still on the roster in January. 9947 was listed as a "contingency" unit so maybe 9933 is off for repairs.
  15. 9940 is recently retired, it was last allocated to Squamish. Probably storing it in Whistler as the Squamish yard is way too small to be storing unusable buses.