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  1. Based on how the Toronto-Ottawa departure times are set up, I'm fairly certain that they are basically having one bus start at each end and do a full round trip: The Toronto based driver does the first departure at 10:30am, arrives in Ottawa at 3:40pm, departs Ottawa at 4:30pm, and arrives in Toronto at 9:35pm. The Ottawa based driver does the first departure at 10:30am, arrives in Toronto at 3:35pm, departs Toronto at 5:00pm, and arrives in Ottawa at 10:05pm. This schedule fits the drivers into the 14-hour on-duty window and 13-hour driving time requirements, and allows th
  2. Metro North and CTrail has been on my radar... been working on updating the commuter rail pages over the past couple of months, and left the more complicated (and lengthier history) systems in the NY area for later. Those two are next on my list, likely to follow after I'm done the new ETS route pages. Thanks for the updates and pictures, and I'll try to get to them sometime soon.
  3. I'm assuming 2101-2103 are the usual Nova LFS buses? And how many are on order for this year - just the 3 or are more expected?
  4. I don't disagree with you at all - I very much think that there needs to be some level of intercity service to small communities, in order to keep them viable and their residents connected to society. With the pending deregulation of the Ontario intercity industry, I think that's the way things will end up going - the province will sit back and see which routes and corridors get picked up by private operators, then offer subsidized contracts for any remaining corridors that can't support a private bus on their own. They have already taken this approach with the communities in the southwes
  5. Except for GO Transit. I don't see any coach companies lining up to replace Greyhound service to Guelph, Cambridge or Kitchener/Waterloo... all of which are also served by GO... Also: these private coach companies are in the business to make money, not to provide an essential service. So they're gonna go after the express routes between the big cities first, rather than the slower milk runs serving small local communities, some of which may only generate two or three passengers per week. Coach buses are at a lower price point than VIA Rail, and generally comparable travel times if th
  6. Despite reports of some of the RapidTO buses being unwrapped recently, 8708 is still wearing its wrap (on the 25 today).
  7. The Mississauga Transit Sightings thread has been buried because it has been superceded by the Today's Sightings and Today's Special Sightings threads, both of which cover all GTA transit agencies. Those would be the preferred location for sightings.
  8. Neither of the photos meet the existing photography standards for the Wiki. 2144 is a completely front-on shot of a bus where the bus is not the primary focus of the photo, and the XE40 has issues with the colour, shadowing and legibility. They're fine for "artsy" photos and for you to share as part of your own personal collection, but the purpose of photos on the Wiki is to show a good example of the bus, which neither of those two do. @BroncoFan623, please ensure that photos you upload meet the Wiki's guidelines. I have deleted 2144's photo for this reason.
  9. In terms of drivers keeping their bus on their break, it's probably to avoid having to change off drivers (and therefore have them interact and get in close contact with each other). Other cities have adopted similar practices. As you mentioned, because ridership is low and service is reduced, Transit Windsor has more vehicles available, which allows for a couple extras on the road at any given time to accommodate driver breaks.
  10. According to the On-Demand Transit Guide which was posted earlier in this thread, there are five low-floor buses serving the seniors' residences; this would be the 100s (101-105 likely). The guide also mentions 52 of the high-floor cutaways, with two types (10 or 14 seats), which would be the 200s and 300s. It looks like up to 230 and 318 have been spotted, for a total of 48; so there's still another 4 units to be found between those two series, assuming continuous numbering of course.
  11. That last 16 trip in the old schedules was basically an "in-service deadhead" to bring a bus from Hamilton to Union Station for the late-night 18C trips out to Hamilton. The inbalance between inbound and outbound 16 trips is still maintained in the new schedules to allow for this.
  12. The list may be long, but the majority of changes are minor in nature - just adjusting schedules for running time, in most cases +/- 5 minutes. GO already cut their service a lot at the start of the pandemic... almost all routes were brought down to hourly frequency. There's not many more places to find cost-savings or "efficiencies" without sacrificing service levels even more.
  13. You do have the ability to create that page if you wanted to. And there is precedence for other seasonal resort shuttles, such as Sunshine Village Ski Resort. However, I'd ask you to take into account whether you have enough information for the page to be a) accurate, b) complete, and c) relevant. Please also follow the existing formatting of other pages as well as the Naming Conventions. (Just giving a pre-emptive reminder, like I have to a couple other new editors in the past few days)
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