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  1. The 21 Milton is returning to Union Station, on a reduced schedule from the previous changes. As a result, the 27 (North York-Milton) will get cut back to Meadowvale outside of rush hours once again. The 21A between Milton GO and Oakville GO will be retained as the 22, operating on a reduced schedule (every 2 hours on weekdays only).
  2. Page titles have been moved and links updated.
  3. The above page moves should all be complete, with page links updated to point to the new titles.
  4. Not fully true any longer - they directly own Greyhound, which owns its own equipment, but that's more of a technicality at this point. Some areas of the former Greyhound network have been (or are in the process of being) fully contracted out, and it's tilting in the direction where Greyhound will become something of an "in-house contractor" for Flixbus routes soon.
  5. No, Coach Canada has not received any new-to-them buses in a very long time. Being sold to a penny-pinching private equity firm will mean you gotta coast on your existing infrastructure. Last new buses would've been the 94000-series J4500 coaches and 313000-series H3-45 coaches, both of which were delivered in 2017. However, in the past year or two Coach Canada has been receiving a number of Van Hool TD925 double deckers transferred up from the US operations, which would help replace some of the older J4500 coaches that are getting put aside.
  6. To add on, it's beneficial to expose future operators to a variety of conditions during training, in order to get them better prepared for when they're on their own. So that will end up taking them all around the city. Some trainers may also have their own "pet" routes they like better than others. The 83 could be one of those - a relatively quiet and infrequent route, so you're less likely to cause confusion amongst waiting riders, or delay regular service by pulling into and out of stops.
  7. What's your source on this? I checked with a reliable person in the know, and they have not heard anything about this upcoming switch. 43 Kennedy may get artics on an occasional basis (similar to how there was one last weekend, due to a driver switch) but no permanent allocations.
  8. The Gormley On Demand service is intended to provide the connection between the newly-developing residential areas and the GO station. Once ridership patterns have become established, then they will add fixed-route service.
  9. Who said that McNicoll is getting XDE40s?
  10. The MiDi has been out of production for a number of years now, so that is definitely not an option. But the models you are describing are generally no shorter than 29 feet in length; given that the Community Bus routes go into individual properties for pick-up/drop-off, it's likely that traditional 30 foot buses would not fit into these locations. For reference, the Arboc Independence buses currently used on Community Bus routes are listed as 21' in production documents, and referred to as "7 metres" by the TTC, about 2m shorter than the buses you'd like them to buy. That's not an insignificant difference.
  11. Check for yourself before asking pointless questions: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Toronto_Transit_Commission_1000-1149
  12. Source? This post makes no sense. What is 645? That's not an (active) piece of equipment. And all VIA runs on the Toronto-Montreal and Toronto-Ottawa corridors are diverting via the Bala and York subdivisions to avoid Metrolinx's closure of the Kingston Sub east of Union. This is not a new occurrence, as it's been done over half a dozen times since November 2021 to accommodate track and bridge construction. And it's not "special" if it's a scheduled diversion, or if every trip is following the same diversionary routing.
  13. It's always been a stated goal of the Eglinton Crosstown project to construct a new, smaller bus terminal on the site of the original terminal to handle what little routes will still run there. Since that site is also the location where the tunnel boring machines were extracted from, it kind of wasn't available until after all the construction at Eglinton Station was largely completed.
  14. Flixbus hasn't been great lately about announcing which of their contractors are operating which runs; I think one of the other recently-added trips (likely Detroit-Toronto) also did not list the contractor. But photos that I have seen show a Gallexy Tours bus in Sudbury, so it's likely them running it. In general in Ontario, it seems to be Gallexy Tours getting the daytime round trips starting/ending in Toronto, with Eastern Charter providing extra capacity on Toronto-Ottawa. Skyway Coach Lines does all of the cross-border, overnight, and trips operating through Toronto (i.e. Detroit-Toronto-Ottawa). McCoy Bus Service based in Kingston does a single Kingston-Pearson Airport daily round trip.
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