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  1. Articulated

    Medicine Hat Transit

    Thanks for posting that email submission @A. Wong, I've made the edits to the pages. It looks like there were no replacements for those 6 retired buses, with a reduction in service thanks to those 2017 route changes?
  2. Yup - spotted 8321 in the new livery on route 51 this morning.
  3. Articulated

    Greyhound in the news

    The article says that an operator for the route has not been chosen, and the route will be going out to tender. Greyhound will probably try to bid on it, but they are not the only coach company who would do so. An intercity coach link to Sarnia is sorely needed. It's almost amazing that a city that size has had no scheduled bus service, and only one daily train.
  4. Articulated

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    http://www.ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/Route_diversions/Weekend_Diversions.jsp Extra service mentioned on 501 but not specifically 22B or 92.
  5. Articulated

    Modifying a page title

    Page title has been changed.
  6. Articulated

    TTC Service Changes

    I feel like the main purpose of swapping service on Dundas west of Runnymede from 30 to 40 is to reduce any delays associated with looping through High Park in the summer months. Otherwise that just seems like change for the sake of change, especially since not every bus on the frequent 40 will go west of Jane. The extension of the 127 west helps simplify all of the branches in that area (and makes service more frequent on 71B). However it depends on where the residents along St Clair want to go - if more people want to go south to the subway rather than east along St Clair, then those riders are worse off as they now require an extra transfer, or a much longer ride to the subway at Spadina Station.
  7. Articulated

    Current TTC Wraps

    Always love it when transit companies advertise for their competitors...
  8. Articulated

    Wiki Fixes - Report Any Problems

    I've made an edit to the WiFi template to move the image up, similar to how the template for the Accessible logo was done. Can you check if that height works?
  9. Articulated

    Streetcar News

    I've seen maybe one or two 506 buses using the more bus-like route exposures - most of the other ones on the route just use the number and destination. My guess is that both versions are programmed in, but it's either operator choice on which one to use, or the codes for the bus-like exposures are not well known. Same thing as the 175 Bluffers Park exposures - there's a set of two-lined exposures for both ends programmed into all signs, but some drivers just use the one-lined exposure. During the long Queens Quay reconstruction project many years ago now, the 509 had two-lined exposures programmed in (likely as a result of the TTC marketing the 509/510 bustitution as "look for the Harbourfront bus" which never actually displayed that). So they're not exactly new, just not commonly used.
  10. Articulated

    GO Transit

    In order to relieve enough pressure on the Yonge line (and specifically Bloor-Yonge Station), there would have to be a substantial increase in service on the Richmond Hill line - to the end of requiring two-way service. Currently that line is only a single track through the Don Valley, and I've heard GO previously quote that the lower Don section requires upwards of $1 billion in work to adequately floodproof the line before GO will consider implementing two-way all-day service. Add to that a grade separation required south of Langstaff, and no, it's not just a "simple" project. On top of that, because of the Richmond Hill line's routing through the Don Valley, connections inside Toronto anywhere other than Union are severely impracticable as you'd have to ascend/decend many levels between the two modes. So really an upgraded Richmond Hill line is really only useful for those travelling from Richmond Hill and Langstaff into the area downtown immediately surrounding Union. There would still be a substantial amount of people coming from the north using the Yonge line, and the line would also do nothing to solve the transfer issue at Bloor-Yonge. Remember that the busiest portion of the subway is southbound from Bloor-Yonge to about College - not all the way down to the Financial District.
  11. 8318 has been refurbished. ...and it already broke down, it was getting hooked up to a tow truck on Don Mills just south of Freshmeadow Dr.
  12. Articulated

    2018 TTS Fan Trips

    Thanks to the TTS and especially @Seashore_518203 for organizing yesterday's charter in Milton. The tour inside MTB was definitely a highlight for me, and a very rare opportunity to do so. My photos from yesterday's event are now up on my Flickr account.
  13. Articulated

    Saskatoon Updates

    During a visit to MTB today, spotted 0703 and 0704 in the middle of refurbishment. 708 was sitting outside, and should probably be heading back west shortly.
  14. Articulated

    YRT/Viva Repaints and Refurbishments

    Spotted the following units inside MTB today in various states of refurbishment: 801, 802, 808, 813, 814, 815, 819