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  1. Do we know whether there is a 2208 yet, or if Cornwall was expecting two (or more) Arbocs this year? I think the user who originally created the page for 2207-2208 based it off of two Nova LFS HEV being ordered, and assuming they would be numbered directly after the 2021 LFS.
  2. The full adult fare presumably would be to recoup some of the costs that get charged to the retailer whenever their cards are used. Visa and Mastercard usually charge a couple percent of the value of the transaction, depending on the level of the card and the volume of transactions each merchant has.
  3. MiWay doesn't have a dedicated fleet for training buses, so whatever vehicles are available after every service run has been assigned can be used for training. As well, all drivers will need to be familiar/qualified on all bus types; this means training needs to be held on all types (New Flyer, Nova, and Orions; standard and articulated; diesel and hybrids).
  4. The 80 buses would account for both the 2017 and 2018 orders, which will be 5 and 6 years old next year. The ProMaster buses were ordered and budgeted with the expectation of a 5-year lifespan, which would not requiring a midlife refurb like the Friendly Buses had to receive.
  5. The work zone is on the outdoor section of the southbound track, well north of the crossover; there are sections of ballast dug up in this area. The slow order actually ends at the crossover, being six car lengths from the end of the work zone; however, given the platform is almost there, there's no room to accelerate to full speed before needing to stop, so trains continue their slow speed into the platform.
  6. The 1800 XD40s were delivered the same way, with an old version of the sign programming. YRT probably did not supply New Flyer with an updated version (or NFI used an old version they had on file by mistake), and none of the maintenance staff bothered to check/update the signs before they went into service.
  7. Given the cars are over a year out from delivery, I'm not sure the fleet numbers are completely fixed. I think drum118 is just coming up with his own numbers, continuing directly on from the last Flexity delivered (4603). Also, institutional memory at the TTC is rather weak, so by the time the new cars are delivered they may not remember/realize that 4604/4605 are supposed to be reserved for the PCCs. While they're externally numbered with numbers duplicated by Flexity cars, I don't think anybody is going to be confusing them with the PCCs.
  8. It's been many months since I was in Downtown Toronto, and it surprised me how many streetcars are now carrying full ad wraps - I'd estimate probably in the range of one-third of the fleet. Some of the ones I was able to photograph: 4427 (Public Mobile) 4466 (Amazon Prime Video: The Rings of Power) 4467 (Nordstrom) 4516 (BetRivers.ca) 4530 (Pokerstars Casino) 4533 (BetRivers.ca) 4594 (Herschel)
  9. Without getting into the details too much, for a long time the contract between Miller Transit and its union contained a requirement to provide operators on longer shifts with a minimum 20 minute break during their shifts; this is why none of the other divisions had such breaks in their schedules. The contract was renegotiated earlier this year, with the union agreeing to give up the break requirement; this September board is the first one where the new "break-less" schedules were incorporated.
  10. Visual TTC sightings: 22: 8401, 8471, 8472, 8484, 8492, 8587, 8594, 8691, 8773 29E: 1401, 7927, 7969, 8076, 9006, 9007, 9013, 9108, 9110, 9130, 9135 509: 4417, 4467, 4539, 4547, 4573, 4579, 4586, 4600 511: 4401, 4435, 4483, 4486, 4493, 4501, 4510, 4515, 4533, 4540, 4542, 4543, 4566, 4594 511E: 3184, 3243, 3267, 3269, 3278, 9024, 9038, 9039, 9041, 9045, 9056
  11. Standard life expectancy for an articulated bus is 12 years; any longer than that, you generally need an expensive refurbishment. The 9xx are already at 13 years, and Hamilton runs their artics pretty hard with 7-day-a-week service, so yeah they're quickly approaching the end of their economic life. 0610 and 0615 were kept well beyond their life expectancies, but have been sitting out of service for multiple months due to failures (it is detailed in this thread, but the post has gotten buried far back due to a lot of inane posts in the past couple of months). They would need extensive work to be repaired and returned to service, but I think HSR has been holding off as their replacements were supposed to have arrived by now.
  12. Check over in the Welland Transit thread.
  13. TTC: Three unknown LFS HEV heading west along Sheppard in a pack; they just stopped at Don Mills for a number of minutes before departing together.
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