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  1. The majority of coaches only had silver dog logos. I've only personally seen one coach with the gold dog on the side: I think the gold dog was meant to represent the Gray Line charter service, as 1031 had extra items such as TVs and more comfortable seating that you wouldn't normally see in a Greyhound line-haul bus.
  2. Opened up the blinds this morning to see three Nova LFS HEV buses in a pack heading west along Sheppard. Transsee looks to report them as 3540, 3541, 3542, so I have a feeling they're on their way to Arrow.
  3. Most divisions have been moving their buses roughly in numerical order. Considering Malvern started at 3495, my best guess is that 3495-3569 will move to Arrow, and the first 95 units will stay at Malvern.
  4. Never seen any news that the Toronto Coach Terminal was closing... Does it need to? Yes. Are there any plans to? Nope.
  5. Another convoy of 3 LFS HEV units (3412, 3510, 3517) on their way from Malvern to Arrow just passed by. EDIT: The convoy arrived at Arrow Rd at 12:25; 3412 left Arrow Rd at 12:45, and arrived back at Malvern just after 1:30.
  6. Yeah, I found out yesterday as well that those two new (to them) engines were spotted. I had added them at the same time yesterday - the timing was very fortunate!
  7. Excellent information! Thanks for all of it, and I have updated the Ontario Northland pages on the Wiki with it.
  8. Wilson is an all-Orion division (except for the few artics), while many of Wilson's routes (namely those east of Yonge Street) are moving to Eglinton or McNicoll, which will be full Nova divisions. So with many Wilson drivers probably switching divisions to follow the routes that are leaving, they likely need familiarization training moreso than drivers from Nova divisions moving to another Nova division. Every other division has at least some Novas, so their drivers would already have training and familiarization with operating Novas at least occasionally in service; therefore, not much
  9. Of another note, this is 3753's first time in service (at least signed-in) since January 11th. It still appears to be out on the 905 according to Transsee, which is late for a BYD to be out.
  10. It was likely part of the convoy only to shuttle the drivers of the other three buses back to Arrow.
  11. Would be nice if you added maybe a little bit more context and all. Staff are recommending that Line 3 be shut down and decommissioned in 2023, and replaced with a frequent bus shuttle to Kennedy Station until the Line 2 extension comes online, currently estimated to be in 2030. The closure in 2023 would avoid the need for another costly refurbishment of the line's equipment; even then, parts are noted to be increasingly obsolete and difficult to source. Unlike previous proposals, it looks like staff are recommending extending multiple regular routes from Scarborough Centre to Kenned
  12. Thanks for the update, I've added the info to the Wiki.
  13. Do you know how many units in total are arriving?
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