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  1. As of the new board period beginning tomorrow, 7 Bathurst will be converted to 40 foot buses on all days of the week. This would free up 23 artic buses currently assigned to Wilson, which is the approximate amount of units that are in a rebuild program at any given time. Will be interesting to see what happens considering the repaint program is in its early stage, but enough artics will be off the road to fully stock the rebuild program.
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    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Click on the photo link; it says it is from the 7900 series. TTC had Flyer D800 buses from 7965-8004, which would put them in that "series". Sometimes one has to use their brain cells every once in a while, else they tend to get dusty...
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    TTC Orion VII Movement List

    It is used occasionally to shuttle the people who live on the Island. I think it is also used by City staff to move around materials and supplies. The City also maintains a school bus type vehicle on the Island, and I presume the TTC bus acts as a backup for it. The bus can get more use in the winter, when the harbour is frozen and ferry service is more limited. I specifically remember back in the extra cold winter of 2015 when the harbour was completely frozen, the regular ferry to Ward's Island could not run, so 7106 (which was on the Island at the time) operated constantly, shuttling people from the east end to the Airport, where they could connect to the mainland.
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    TTC Orion VII Movement List

    That's not correct. Buses on the Island are still noted under their home division's allocation roster. When 6221 and 6223 were the last Classics standing and dedicated solely to Toronto Island service, the allocation sheet still had both of them under Mount Dennis.
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    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    A number of stations had similar notices posted earlier today... from what I remember from this morning, Scarborough Centre (both TTC and GO) was another station that had all buses serve the stops "on street" (although the exactly location was not specified) until snow clearing inside the station had taken place. Islington would probably be particularly susceptible to issues like this with the amount of tight turns that need to be made.
  6. Thank you both for the updates. @Rd320 - some fellow enthusiasts posted photos on Facebook from less than 2 weeks ago showing the lineup of stored buses in Whistler. Their posts indicated the photos were taken that day. Possible that they were moved to a different spot in the yard, as they have a very large facility that isn't very visible from the road. @RZ350 - moved those three D40LFs back to the Active section. The official roster did not include them as part of the CFV Conventional section so that's why they were shuffled down to the Transferred/Retired section, because well, rule of thumb says if they're not active, they're gone. <rant> For these edits I was going off of the official BC Transit fleet roster. If you can't trust an official document from the agency itself, I'm not sure what information you can trust. The system is listed as "Contingency Fleet" for those buses so it's rather difficult to tell where stuff actually is, since BC Transit tends to move buses to another system for storage. (Especially for CFV, considering how cramped its garage property is). That's why I posted the list of Contingency buses, hoping that local contacts such as yourselves would be able to report where some of them have been hiding out, and if any are seeing service, and that would help round out and complete the fleet listing. There are 43+ systems under BC Transit, and for most of them it seems nobody cares to update when they see something (either on the forums or on the Wiki). I don't do any of my work on the Wiki for the thanks or the credit - just to ensure the best and most accurate information is available for people to use and reference. But it gets more than a little demotivating when I spend 3 days updating all of the dust-covered pages, trying to be very thorough, searching the bus numbers on this forum to track down any movement histories, cross-referencing between multiple pages, going back and re-editing when I find something new on another page, fixing the formatting so it's consistent and organized and visually appealing, only to have some other users bitch and complain that something is missing, or that bad information nobody else bothered to correct gets carried over. So I ask for help, and get bitched at. Can't win apparently.</rant>
  7. Thanks for the info @Matt Dunlop and @Les Broughton. The official roster only ever lists the system as "Contingency Fleet" and not their actual location. So it's a challenge figuring out where they are being stored, and how many of them actually get used in service.
  8. Does anyone know if 9507 is going to be repaired, or has it been written off? It is not showing on the January 2019 fleet roster I have. Also - are there any confirmed 1996 D40LF units operating in service? None listed on my roster but there are a bunch still in the contingency fleet, and a few posts above seemed to indicate a few were in service.
  9. I recently received a BC Transit fleet roster dated January 2019 from a friend. Here's some of the highlights/things worth mentioning... Full-size buses: 8 XN40 buses were delivered in late 2018: 4 to Whistler (1140-1143) and 4 to Kamloops (1144-1147). There are currently 4 D40LFs assigned to Kamloops, so I suspect these will go back into the contingency fleet once their 4 XN40s are active. 8084 is still somehow listed on the roster, along with 25 other D40LF units from 1996. Most are in the contingency fleet of course, but 8114 (Kamloops), 9715 (Kamloops), 9734 (Victoria), 9753 (Whistler), 9756 (Whistler) and 9757 (Future Bus) are actively assigned to systems. Darts: As expected with the large delivery of Vicinity buses over the past 2 years, most of the Darts have been withdrawn from service. 17 Darts remain active, mostly in the 2002 order; a further 25 are kept as part of the contingency fleet. 9905 is the only 30' Dart remaining (albeit as part of the Contingency fleet), currently sitting in storage in Whistler with a few feet of snow covering it. There are only 17 active Darts, operating in Central Fraser Valley (0233, 9072), Cranbrook (0231, 0234, 0235), and Victoria (0106, 0221, 0222, 0223, 0224, 0226, 0227, 0228, 0229, 0230, 0236, 9071). Cutaways: As the diesel chassis Arboc utilized was discontinued in 2016, all cutaways delivered in the past two years have been gas-powered. Because of this, it seems like BC has preferred to convert systems to fully gas-powered cutaway fleets at once, rather than doing a direct replacement of a bus needing to be retired. 100 Mile House, Bella Coola, Clearwater, Cranbrook, Fort St. John, Grand Forks, Hazelton, Merritt, Mount Waddington, Penticton, Port Alberni/Clayoquot, Princeton, Salt Spring Island, Smithers, Squamish, Summerland, Sunshine Coast, Terrace are the communities currently running full gas Arboc fleets. Any diesel Arbocs from these communities still in good condition were transferred elsewhere (primarily the larger systems). There were 5 (not 3) of the larger International/ElDorado Aero Elite cutaway buses purchased in 2018, numbered 3024-3028. Three went to Bulkley-Nechako for Hwy 16 service, and an additional 2 went to Nelson (Kootenay Lake West). In addition, the unit from Bella Coola was transferred to Elk Valley in the direct opposite corner of the province. Three Polars (!) are still in service at age 10. 2193-2194 were sent from Bulkley-Nechako to Kitimat to form their new paratransit fleet. 2195 is listed as part of the contingency fleet. Contingency fleet: 0008, 0104, 0105, 0107, 0112, 0114, 0115, 0237, 2305, 2313, 2334, 2337, 2360, 2395, 2403, 2404, 2409, 2411, 2413, 2415, 2423, 2425, 2426, 2463, 2518, 2519, 2526, 8084, 8098, 8099, 8100, 8101, 8105, 8107, 8110, 8112, 8117, 9052, 9059, 9060, 9062, 9063, 9064, 9065, 9074, 9075, 9076, 9077, 9081, 9083, 9084, 9085, 9088, 9702, 9705, 9717, 9722, 9746, 9748, 9749, 9750, 9754, 9755, 9818, 9820, 9825, 9827, 9840, 9841, 9842, 9844, 9865, 9869, 9872, 9873, 9874, 9878, 9905 are the 79 buses listed in the contingency fleet. Anyone have any info on where all these are being stored, and if any of them are seeing any service? FWIW, all of the BC Transit fleet and system pages on the Wiki are updated with the new information now.
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    Metrobus 9844-9846

    @STO_1601 Your edit request is completed.
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    GO Transit

    Remember that GO buses can stay in service for up to 12 hours. The capacity may not be needed at say 10pm, but the bus could have done a trip from Finch at 5pm picking up the crowd of office workers heading home, when the capacity is definitely required. Besides, it is typically seen as a better customer initiative to offer more space for customers rather than trying to cram them into a smaller vehicle.
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    Today's Sightings

    I need to start checking other threads before posting... but thanks for confirming.
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    Today's Sightings

    A bus left the roadway at Lawrence East Station and crashed through into the fence separating the bus roadway from the Line 3 tracks this evening. Minor injuries reported. Vehicle involved looks like it could be 8695.
  14. It sounds like today's mothballing was more of a preventative measure, rather than every single car experiencing a failure. It's easier to replace the older cars on the weekends when the service requirement is lower. I would expect(/hope) the CLRV and ALRV fleet to go back out Monday morning, as there are not enough extra Flexity cars or buses in the system during rush hour to cover the 501 and 506. Hopefully the carhouse staff are working on them today to ensure there will be no issues.
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    Missing in Action buses

    I think 7935 is currently the bus on the Toronto Island, which explains its prolonged absence. It disappeared about a week before 7930 (the previous bus confirmed on the Island) returned to service on the mainland.