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  1. Most systems in the GTA are being retrofitted at the same time, leading to shortages in both equipment and manpower to do installs. HSR probably got a handful of units done for training purposes as well as pilots (making sure the system works on all models/setups), with the balance of their readers to be installed later.
  2. Usually when contracts flip, the new operator brings their own buses in. Often the contract requires the contractor to invest in a new fleet of buses, in exchange for a longer duration in order to recouperate their expenses. The Le Richelain contract is a good example, as Transdev purchased 20 new LFS buses that year just for that contract. Transdev has enough other contracts that they can move some of the newer equipment to other systems to replace older, less reliable stuff.
  3. The "Zoo Shuttle" exists because the routes that serve the Zoo (85 and 86) are on special COVID schedules that were introduced back in the Spring. This has two effects: the 85 does not run up to the Zoo on weekdays, and the 86 stops service at 6pm while the Zoo remains open until 8pm. With longer hours during the summer months and the TTC unable to make a new schedule every couple of months with the continuing instability surrounding COVID measures, the easiest way to fix access to the Zoo is to run an extra scheduled bus just for that purpose. This extra bus can be cancelled or modified to suit the Zoo's operating hours without affecting the rest of the route. Although the shuttle's purpose is only to maintain access between the last 86A around 6pm and the Zoo's closure at 8 (last bus at 8:30 to catch stragglers and employees), the driver needs to be paid a minimum of 8 hours so they have the bus out longer providing duplicate service. I had thought the Zoo Shuttle was ending after Labour Day but I guess not. I'm more surprised though they are using a BYD on it; that means the bus will be out for around 8 hours, longer than normal rush hour shifts. Guess they are satisfied enough with the battery life on these already to trust it with longer shifts?
  4. The XD60s out of BRT Division are starting to enter service very quickly... 2014 and 2017 were out for afternoon rush hour today, both first day in revenue service.
  5. Based on photos from Facebook, 2016's first day in service was yesterday. 2014 and 2015 are also active, but are currently being used for training as these are the first New Flyer buses assigned to BRT division.
  6. Based on photos on Facebook, its first day in service was yesterday. It is the first XD60 in service out of BRT Division, which operates route 90.
  7. All of the tractor/motor units had "NPC #" plated except for unit 9, which had its NPC 9 plates donated as a retirement gift; they were replaced by a standard commercial vehicle plate, the last one on your list. The other plates are all standard trailer license plates. The Wiki has a full list of the NPC People Mover license plates.
  8. Thanks @Kevin L for putting together the two test pages. It really helps to look at a finished example to see how it would work. Overall, the layout is good IMO. I would make two suggestions: 1. The VIN(/serial) column and the notes can stay left-justified, but the other columns should be centre-justified, which is the standard for all other tables on the Wiki. 2. Add links to the model pages. Less important for the Orion page (they're all the same model anyway) but needed for the New Flyer page. There is nowhere on that page that actually links to the model pages or even the overall Xcelsior model page. Another question: how are the IDs formatted? Right now it looks like it only uses the first serial in the sequence, while the current standard for serials is to use the full sequence (see the GM New Look Serials). While personally I'd still like to see individual VINs like @Thomasw, I recognize that ship has sailed, and it is more beneficial for more users to collapse the VINs, both in terms of reading/page length and editing. The alternating colours were nice visually but not needed now that it'll be one line for each order, and they were an absolute pain to format.
  9. The entire population of the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula (which includes Tobermory and Lion's Head amongst others) is only 4,000 residents; this isn't enough to support a year-round daily bus service. During the summer season, Tobermory swells with tourists and tourist-oriented business, making it potentially viable for a seasonal service. However, most of the businesses in Tobermory shut down during the winter; I was up a couple years ago on the weekend after Labour Day and every restaurant in town closed at 6pm on Saturday evening, and would only reopen the following Friday. That indicates the local permanent population isn't enough to support them. There's already a seasonal Parks Bus from Toronto stopping in Bruce Peninsula National Park and Tobermory which seems to be successful. However, the former Bruce Peninsula Transit failed relatively quickly a couple of years ago, proving that there's not enough year-round demand to support a private system.
  10. Only two buses are required for the 21 and 22... the 21's first trip is not until the first AM 22 returns to Kimberley, and the last 21 trip arrives back in Kimberley before the first PM 22 departs. However, the 23 requires its own bus, and the On-Request/HandyDART service in town would also need a bus dedicated to it (although the hours could likely work around when the other three are not running scheduled service). With 3 buses in service, you need more than one spare unit. With 4 buses, you're likely always going to have one unit off the road for regular servicing and maintenance. So what happens when one of the three on the road breaks down or needs to be changed off? It also doesn't accommodate for any long-term repairs such as collision repair, which means you could be running with zero spares for a couple of weeks. While a 25% spare ratio sounds great in the context of a large fleet, you need to think about how that might actually work in practice for a smaller fleet.
  11. I see @Blue Bus Fan has already added them to the Wiki, but more Arboc buses have been announced for systems in southeastern BC: 5 units to Kimberley (should replace their entire fleet, plus one new bus) 1 unit to Cranbrook (likely replacing the Sprinter) 1 unit to Elk Valley (replacing the backup Arboc) This means we're up to 36 high-floor cutaways and 22 low-floor cutaways, for a total of 57. Still a couple more places to be announced if they're to get to that announced 70-bus level. Smaller systems still running diesel Arbocs that could be candidates for the remaining units this year include: Ashcroft-Cache Creek-Clinton (2), Clearwater (1 Sprinter), Creston Valley (4), Osoyoos (2), Powell River (5), Quesnel (5), Revelstoke (5), Trail (2 Sprinters), Williams Lake (3)
  12. BC Transit is consulting on a potential link between Cowichan Valley and Nanaimo. There's not much information yet, but there is a survey on the website. http://engage.bctransit.com/cvrd-rdn/
  13. This Facebook post from BC Transit indicates that Nanaimo will be getting 4 new Arboc buses for use in Parksville (88) and Qualicum Beach (97/98). They will replace the current well-worn Arbocs, some of which were transferred from 100 Mile House when its fleet was replaced by gasoline-powered Arbocs back in 2017. No idea if the newest unit (2589, a 2015 unit) will go onto its 3rd home or just be part of the contingency fleet.
  14. The 905 and 986 are probably to take advantage of the RapidTO bus-only lanes being installed on Eglinton East. I would imagine the 935 could also return sooner if Jane Street is also a priority for installation of bus-only lanes. On a side note, does Toronto have to brand every little project as "somethingTO" now? It was cute when they first started, now it's just overboard and has lost some of its meaning. Especially in this case, most people's first instinct of hearing "RapidTO" would not be a handful of bus-only lanes on existing roads.
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