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  1. Articulated

    Life After Greyhound

    Silver City Stage Lines makes a lot of sense. They already run the connecting service between Castlegar and Trail (albeit with a Sprinter), so makes sense that they would be in a position to take over service along the larger line. That Kelowna-Calgary via Cranbrook line is very much a local milk run line, and Greyhound only operates it once daily now anyway. So I wouldn't expect any big companies like Wilson's to be interested in taking it over. A local company based in the West Kootenays is best positioned IMO to operate such a service. And to my knowledge there aren't too many local coach companies in that area... so SCS is the best option.
  2. Articulated

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    What LeMirage coaches? There were a bunch of Prevost X3-45 coaches in the 6xx series. Highest I've seen personally is 654, although from what I'm gathering not every coach was transferred to Greyhound and some are still left for charter/other service.
  3. Articulated

    Streetcar News

    Well since it's the CNE time, they are now assigning Flexity cars to the 511. Transsee currently reporting all 12 cars on the 511 are Flexitiy cars, and there are extra cars out on 509 too. So that leaves fewer cars available for use on other lines...
  4. Articulated

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    St George Station and the area surrounding it are currently closed due to a "potential threat". Shuttle buses on Line 1 are listed as operating between St Clair West and Museum (?) stations, while Line 2 shuttles are running between Ossington and Broadview stations. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/major-subway-closure-due-to-potential-threat-at-st-george-station-1.4058105 Line 3 has also been closed since about 6pm due to flooding.
  5. Articulated

    Duarte Transit

    Thanks for bringing this up. I've created pages for both Duarte Transit and units 103-104.
  6. Articulated

    Photos on the CPTDB Wiki

    It is a bit annoying to have non-standard photo designs. My personal opinion on the matter is that we should restrict to the standard ratios of 4:3 and 16:9. I think requiring one ratio and not the other is a bit draconian, and I'm okay with editors using either (there isn't enough of a difference between 4:3 and 16:9 to make a huge impact on the table). In the example posted, the photo of 8007 was taken in portrait instead of landscape. That should also be a rule, as buses themselves are generally found in a landscape format and not vertical. The quality of the photo of 8007 also doesn't meet a few of the existing Photo Quality guidelines, so that's something else to consider...
  7. 8410 in service in Hamilton yesterday.
  8. Articulated

    GO Transit

    We have a thread dedicated to GO bus deliveries over in the Sightings subforum... these posts should probably go there instead. (And btw, 8410 is in service.)
  9. To expand (admittedly in rather generic terms) - it's because the data from the current Trump units isn't compatible with the data from the VISION units. So for line management purposes, you need to have every vehicle that is running on one route (or corridor) to be using the same system. This is why when testing started they used relatively short routes with few buses - 99 Arrow Road has one bus and passes the garage (easy to change off), and 119 Torbarrie uses a maximum of 3 buses during rush hour only. Easy to track and figure things out. Now that the VISION installs have picked up considerably, and the 31xx series needs to start getting put into service, they have started using larger routes with more buses now that a larger fleet of VISION-equipped units are available. As a result the VISION-equipped route(s) will jump around depending on the amount of serviceable buses available for that day, and soon we'll see multiple routes at a time with VISION buses.
  10. Articulated

    Modifying a page title

    I have deleted the original (1801-1855) page and fixed the links on the VIN pages so they all point to the 1801-1885 page. Just to note for next time, please ask an admin or moderator to move the page to the new title for you rather than creating a whole new page. Moving the page preserves the edit history of the original page which is useful, and it also automatically creates a redirect from the old page to the new page for any links that weren't changed. Since the old page only had two edits and some links had already been changed to redirect to the new page, in this circumstance it was easier to delete the old page.
  11. Articulated

    Today's Special Sightings

    I take it this is the same reason none of the 31xx have been out in service this week... when they had two dozen units out late last week.
  12. Articulated

    Sault Ste Marie Transit

    Going back through my photos for another time, 145 and 148 have been retired, as their plates were transferred over to 158 and 160 respectively.
  13. Articulated

    Oakville Transit

    Thought this would be relevant to this thread... Oakville Transit 8236, the old movie bus, is surprisingly still around. Randomly discovered it in a field off of a secondary highway north of Sault Ste Marie.
  14. Articulated

    Elliot Lake Transit

    Since nobody has posted photos of the new Elliot Lake Transit buses... here are 100 and 101 from a recent visit. The new transfer point is Pearson Plaza, which has the Foodland that was previously contained in the Algo Centre Mall. Handi-Lift bus 17 was also out in service. The two Novas and the D40LF are still parked in the back of the Public Works yard in the north end of town, all deplated. No photos as there were workers around and no clear shot from the road. The Glaval Easy-On is also still parked in the yard.
  15. Articulated

    Sault Ste Marie Transit

    The Orion VII buses from Thunder Bay have entered service. I spotted three units numbered 158-160, and the other unit should be 157 (assuming there isn't a random other bus purchased after the 2016 Nova). Former fleet numbers were not easily visible, so I cannot confirm which units are which. Sault Ste Marie Transit has also launched another redesign of their route network. There are now seven conventional routes instead of eight, and service now drops down to hourly during the midday instead of a constant 30 minute frequency across the network until 6pm. The old Riverside/McNabb routes were combined into new route 5, and the old Steelton/Second Line routes were combined into new route 7. Both these routes are "double length" and take 2 hours to return to the downtown terminal; route 6 North Street also makes its full return trip in only 30 minutes now. Previously, all routes made their round trip in 1 hour.