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  1. Today's Special Sightings

    Queensway bus on a Queensway route. We've had this discussion before. Same goes for Arrow Rd hybrids on the 191.
  2. Today's Special Sightings

    The driver was from Arrow Rd doing overtime (aka no not a transfer). IIRC the bus came from Finch West which was why it was an artic.
  3. More info is coming out on the allocations of the 35 foot Vicinity buses, now that many of them have arrived in BC. What we know so far... 5 units to Central Fraser Valley (4426) 2 units to Chilliwack (4401-4402) 2 units to Fort St John (4421) 5 units to Kitimat (3 for local service, 2 for Skeena Regional) 3 units to Prince George (4423) 2 units to Prince Rupert 3 units to Terrace 5 units to Trail/Castlegar 1 unit to Victoria (4400) So that will be 28 of the 33. Communities that will still be running Darts after these deliveries include Campbell River, Comox Valley, Cranbrook, Fort St John, Squamish, Trail/Castlegar, and Victoria.
  4. Central Fraser Valley

    CFV will be receiving 5 of the new 35 foot Vicinity buses (of which 4426 has already been identified by @Iron). They currently have 7 Darts in their fleet (9051-9053, 9062-9064, 9072). https://bctransit.com/central-fraser-valley/news/article?nid=1403649376839
  5. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    You've covered many good points, but I'd like to add on the cost and time it takes to transport streetcars across the ocean from Europe. It was done with the PCC cars to Egypt, but those were a sale (not expected to return), and PCCs are much smaller and are not in multiple sections like modern streetcars are. Plus since we have our cars on order, it would only be a short-term lease (1 year or so), even if we found perfectly compatible cars the transportation costs would probably be greater than any lease costs. The CLRVs were delivered between December 1977 and 1981, making the cars 37-40 years old. Over that many years, the specific delivery date really does not matter - it's more the activities since the cars have entered service (amount of miles in service, amount of rebuild work done, etc.)
  6. Miscellaneous Greyhound discussion

    Does Greyhound still have any coaches left on Vancouver Island? If not, who are they primarily contracting their runs out to - Tofino or Wilson's?
  7. Greyhound in the news

    If they aren't being retrofitted with trailer hitches, I would guess some/many will end up in Ontario eventually. Only one daily run (the Transcanada, schedules 5150/5603) uses trailers (and not even year-round), while there are significantly more runs in Western Canada that require trailers. Are these coaches going to be equipped with wheelchair lifts? If so, they could enable the X3-45 coaches to be sent out west, as they are equipped with trailer hitches but are mostly having to run on US-bound trips due to the lack of lift-equipped coaches. There is still some oddball equipment that should get replaced (two ex-Voyageur H3-45 coaches, and some unrefurbished ex-Classic D4500 coaches too), and they could always use replacement coaches based on how frequently I hear about Greyhound buses in rollover accidents off the side of a highway...
  8. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    I think you are putting way too much stock on someone having Wiki editing privileges. Just to clear things up, the Wiki has existed for 10 years, but the formal application process in place now was only started in August of last year. Before that, anyone who wanted to be an editor could ask in a thread and they would be automatically added by an administrator. There was no vetting of applicants, no checking post quality, nothing. So if someone applied during the first 9.5 years of the Wiki, they got the status and they kept it. And the admins have very rarely revoked someone's editing privileges. So really, it doesn't mean what you think it does.
  9. TTC Service Changes

    169 Huntingwood originally got all day everyday service as part of the RGS in 2008; this was the same time the 169A branch was created to merge off-peak service with route 10. The Huntingwood portion of the route lost its late evening service in 2011 as part of the Ford/Stintz era cuts. Around 10pm, two of the 169A buses ran into the garage, but one stayed out operating on route 10. The garage assignments also made this interesting, as 169 was operated by Eglinton at the time (so rush hour service on route 10 was provided by Wilson buses, and late evening service by Eglinton buses). If the TTC wanted to continue service on Van Horne, a similar arrangement could return. I've ridden the 169 late at night a few times. The stops on Commander can be quite busy at certain times of night, as some of the factories on that road have a shift change around midnight. Unfortunately it looks like the workers will have a long walk out to McCowan - or they may start driving instead.
  10. Greater Sudbury Transit

    Thanks for the update. It's interesting that Sudbury went back to Allison, shortly after they became a 100% Voith fleet. Have there been any retirements from the new Novas, or are these planned to increase the spare ratio/service improvements?
  11. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    That is not confirmation of retirement. The STOP paper simply means there is a defect with the bus (so drivers should not take it out into service), and being inside the garage means it's being worked on.
  12. TTC in the news

    No, that's not why a second exit is important. It is about providing a second route to escape should the primary route be blocked (through fire, building collapse, etc.).
  13. Streetcar News

    That would be 4466. Over in the Bombardier Flexity Deliveries thread, @dowlingm posted a photo of 4466 being delivered - with the pole flying high.
  14. Today's Sightings

    Flexities are running on 504 as well...
  15. Today's Sightings

    The Canadian International Autoshow as always has a shuttle operating between the South Building, North Building, and the underground parking area. TBCL is operating the Autoshow shuttle (similar to the Boat Show shuttle a few weeks ago), with Wheelchair Accessible Transit adding a pair of Sprinters for some wheelchair accessible service. TBCL: 2413, 2414, 2418, 2503, 2504, D40LF (ex-GRT 2204) WAT: 121, 135