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  1. Articulated

    GO Transit

    At Langstaff (and Richmond Hill for that matter) there are only platforms on the east side. So in order to use both tracks, you would need a full second platform constructed on the west side of the tracks. You would also probably require an underpass (with two elevators), since the bridge to the YRT bus terminal is located well north of the existing platform. While Metrolinx owns the line south of Langstaff, north of it is CN's main line heading north to Western Canada. It is heavy with freight traffic, and it is difficult to add off-peak service because of that. There is not a proper subway connection at Oriole - it requires a ~500m outdoor walk from the platform to the bus terminal on Old Leslie Street.
  2. Articulated

    Modifying a page title

    Thanks. I've renamed that page to 12500-12527, and edited the main fleet roster page to add 12530-12534 and 12535-12536.
  3. Articulated

    Kenora Transit

    First switched to a new numbering system starting in 2017. Fleet numbers are now the last 8 digits of the VIN.
  4. Articulated

    Life After Greyhound

    Off topic, but that looks like 760 or 761 in behind. Do they ever use them for anything other than training? My visit to Medicine Hat last year 760 was doing route training again.
  5. Articulated

    Miscellaneous Greyhound discussion

    In the last few weeks a number of D4505 (and X3-45) coaches transferred from out west finally re-entered service in Ontario. I'm working on updating the Wiki pages both with these re-activated D4505 units as well as the ex-US 102-DL3 units that were returned to Greyhound Lines, and will do so when I have more time to crunch my sightings data. Any units marked with ? had not re-entered service in Ontario since my last update in early March, and some people have said some of the D4505 units were sold, so I wanted to clearly differentiate which units were actively running, and which were stored pending refurbishment, sale, or scrap.
  6. Articulated

    Life After Greyhound

    Interesting that they are using the On-It branding for this service, which was previously only for commuter-type service around Calgary. Also amusing that the promotional photo in the CBC article shows a M1235 coach branded for the Highway 3 Connector, yet the service will supposedly run with washroom-equipped coaches. I would be surprised if that type of cutaway-style bus was able to fit a washroom... The first departure of the day and last stop in the evening is in Redcliff according to the schedule online, so the buses should be located either there or somewhere near Medicine Hat. Would make no sense to base them in Lethbridge and deadhead across the entire route.
  7. Articulated

    Today's Sightings

    YRT: 210 broke down on Leslie at Highway 7; appears the wheelchair ramp would not stow back into the bus.
  8. Articulated

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    There is still an exit onto Warden Avenue from the western end of the bus terminal. It is visible if you use Street View.
  9. Articulated

    STO 2019 Hybrids

    Read my post again, which you quoted.
  10. Articulated

    STO 2019 Hybrids

    @STO_1601 - I've created the page for 1901-1909 and put the units that have been noted in service on it. However, the photo you are requesting to upload does not meet the Photo Quality guidelines, so it has not been uploaded. These buses just entered service - the Wiki can wait for a photo in better lighting conditions.
  11. Articulated

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    The buses aren't all white; that's just a shitty photo. While they were originally painted in an all-over dark grey colour, they were repainted in the fall to have bands of light grey and white.
  12. Articulated

    Port Hope Transit

    Port Hope Transit has recently taken delivery of 3 new ProMaster CS-2 buses. They were obtained as part of the Metrolinx TPI, and are partially funded with federal PTIF money; the municipal contribution comes from their Provincial Gas Tax reserve fund. The buses are numbered 801-803, with fleet numbers displayed on the rear door only. Judging by how they reuse fleet numbers, the 2012 Arboc (also numbered 803) must have been retired by now. The staff report below mentions they have a maximum passenger capacity of 7. To my knowledge, Port Hope is the only system using these buses in conventional scheduled service. https://porthope.civicweb.net/FileStorage/260409238B614A97816D4CB3E04E682F-5.1.1 Mar 20 18 J Davidson re Transit Pilot Prj Up.pdf
  13. Articulated

    Greyhound in the news

    That Ottawa-Syracuse run is nearly useless as it is... one round trip two days a week, operating in the early morning hours. 2:30am is not the best time to operate if you are looking for passengers...
  14. Articulated

    Transit Museum Society Wiki updates

    Made the requested changes.
  15. Articulated

    General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Glaval Synergy.