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  1. That is not correct. AFAIK the northbound destination has always (and continues to) display "... NORTH OF STEELES" as part of the regular route programming. As the southbound routes do not have an exposure automatically programmed in for the extra fare, there is been a separate PR code that the operator may choose to input that displays "... AT STEELES". The "... AT STEELES" message may be a bit more recent but has been around for at least the 10+ years I've been in the hobby. The wording of the "... NORTH OF STEELES' code has never been changed since Luminator Horizon signs were introduced into the fleet circa 2002.
  2. Warranty only covers components that fail before they reach their designed lifespan, not damage caused by an external object.
  3. No worries. The Street Side Guide lists 0102, 9059, 9060, 9906, 9914, and 9915 as the Darts in Comox as of January. It would be interesting to know which Dart(s) have kicked the can, and how long 9724 will last in Comox. I don't know if Comox has operated D40LFs before, they were always a small bus system until getting their Novas.
  4. They had 6 Darts officially on their roster as of January. Which ones are left, and where did the other three go (retirement, shipped to other communities)?
  5. WEGO service is reduced when it's not peak tourist season (July/August, or even May-October), so they have a bunch of extra articulated WEGO buses sitting around being unused. This is the same reason the old Orion IV Peoplemovers had trailers, they just unhooked the trailers during the off-season and kept them parked. I think the plan was for one or two units wrapped for the local system would get unwrapped before peak summer service hits by the end of the month. Looking at the schedule, both 104 and 110 do take about 30 minutes to go from Main/Ferry to their terminus and back, so yeah unless they are interlining at the opposite terminals I would assume 2 buses on the route total. Are there still plans to get some permanent artics for the local routes this year?
  6. Thanks for the sneak peak of the schedule. I strongly believe(/hope) the elimination of those AM trains is an error in the schedule. The PM schedule shows 9 trains heading north to Lincolnville, but only 6 trains heading south in the AM. And yes those last few full-length trains in AM rush were full even with 12-car trainsets when I was commuting regularly on them about 4 years ago, I can only imagine they're much worse now. Looking at the schedule, it would make sense for trains to interline between the Lincolnville and Kitchener lines. Combined operation would require 5 trainsets (vs the current 3 for Kitchener midday only).
  7. The photos in that posting are of 05, but the VIN matches up with 07. With the end of the university/college sessions, I guess Peterborough decided they could finally pull the plug on the Orion VIs and not keep them as spares until this year's order of 5 buses comes in.
  8. Forgot to post this yesterday... At the Open House at the Viva garage in Richmond Hill yesterday, there were a number of new buses. 1770 through 1775 were inside the garage (LFS Artics for Viva) as well as a number of 17xx LFS for YRT, highest I saw was 1713. 1621 was also on display outside, same unit as was at OTE. It has a license plate but no farebox and no division stickers.
  9. Spotted another 2017 Coach Canada bus in the Safeway Tours livery: 313829. Sister unit 313828 has been spotted by another member. They have an identical livery to the 9300x series, with the Safeway logo beside the front door and swooshes to the back. It is a slightly different livery from the 9200x series, which has the logo further back with no swoosh.
  10. There were five buses operating on the Doors Open Event shuttle route, with three buses provided by Arrow (all LFS) and two provided by Wilson (both NG HEV).
  11. TTC: Doors Open Event shuttle bus: 1385, 1796, 8453, 8596, 8599 Shuttle buses operated in a circular route, from Sheppard West to York University, to Downsview Park, to Sheppard West.
  12. There was a decision made back around 2005 that the 1993 D60s would get replaced by 40 foot buses instead of artics. This is what part of the large 2005 D40LF order was for - 37 units to replace 21 artic units. If they had ordered articulated buses in 2005, then with all likelihood the 19 would still be running artics on weekdays today. I think part of the assumption to convert route 19 to 40 foot operation on weekdays was the intention that crowding would be reduced if they operated more frequent service with signal priority.
  13. BC Transit drives me nuts with their fleet numbering... why not start at 4000, or even at 3024, after the last Aero Elite (and in the same category as the first Vicinity order)... [/grumpyoldman] In all seriousness, thanks for the update. It's good to know the numbers and where stuff will be heading.
  14. CNG-fueled units should be interesting. With 5 units ordered, will these replace the 2010 Arbocs used on route 18 Waterdown?
  15. They do spread their fleet out - they store trains overnight at Hamilton GO Centre, Milton Yard, two yards in Kitchener, Georgetown Station, Allandale Yard, Bethesda Yard, Lincolnville Station, Henry St Yard, and Oshawa Station, in addition to Willowbrook. They are currently building a new maintenance facility out in Oshawa to provide a second repair location besides Willowbrook, and also to store more trains in advance of the Lakeshore East extension to Bowmanville.