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  1. When the vessel was originally designed years ago, they used the AEQ size that was in effect at the time. BC Ferries brought in a new (larger) measurement at the beginning of the year, which is why every vessel in the fleet had a decrease in capacity at the start of the year. You posted the reason why the vehicle capacity decreased only 3 posts ago, not sure why you're surprised the same thing happened to Salish Orca.
  2. Last seen in Prince Rupert, guess they decided it's no longer needed there. Thanks for the update regarding XN40 deliveries.
  3. The full version of the 2018 Annual Plan is now available online. Unlike in previous years which has a proper report, this one is in more of a presentation format (like they just posted the slides from a presentation to Regional Council). covered all the changes in his post so I won't replicate them, but thought it would be useful to share the full version of the plan now that it is online. In the plan there are some renderings of the Cornell Terminal (yuck), and confirming an opening date of December 2017 for the subway extension. There's a bit of overlap in the report, as there are three unofficial sections: the first deals with changes related to the opening of the subway (takeover of TTC routes in Vaughan, extensions to subway stations, and VNEP changes), the second has changes related to the opening of Cornell Terminal, and the third is all other changes. Some routes as a result are duplicated in the report (route 1 as an example is in two "sections", having frequency reduced as part of VNEP, but also modified routing to serve Cornell).
  4. Interesting that the spec is now for diesel buses. Züm has always ordered parallel hybrid buses. Wonder why they're deciding to switch now. The "optional pricing" spec could be to allow for a cost comparison between diesel and hybrid or just allow maximum flexibility until the contract is ordered.
  5. There are a few runs out of Hamilton that do a circular route during AM peak hours: eastbound 16 to Union, westbound 21H to Square One, westbound 47B to McMaster. That's probably the most likely circumstance for SuperLo buses to run scheduled on route 21 (bit of additional info below). Since there are about 45 or so SuperLo buses in service, there are more in service than there are runs that are assigned to use them. Currently only Hamilton and Niagara Falls have specific SuperLo assigned runs. For now, any excess SuperLo buses out of other garages (mostly Steeprock) get treated like a DDL bus, and can go on any DDL assigned run. Once the new board period kicks in on April 8, there will likely be more SuperLo assigned runs so they should be less random in assignment.
  6. I would imagine the retired hybrids will be 1295, 1300, and 1599 - these units have been out of service since March/April 2016 and had permanent issues that the TTC didn't want to bother fixing on this series (IIRC collision damage mostly). It's about time they were officially retired, but I don't know why they decided to remove them from the roster only now.
  7. The coaches belong to Attridge, they can use them wherever they want (so as long as all their Safeway commitments are fulfilled according to the contract with them). Same thing goes with Coach Canada's line haul operations. Line haul runs from the Niagara region for years have run with Safeway branded coaches, or with Megabus branded coaches, or with Coach Canada branded coaches, or ones branded for a university sports team. A bus is a bus. Something like a one-day rental is probably best to put excess Safeway branded coaches on, that way they are guaranteed back in the yard that night, and if there is a need for another Safeway branded coach the next day, then they have one available.
  8. You are correct! Being the newest, the 8740-8985 were all rebuilt except 8821, so they largely kept the same numbers. Not every bus in the older series would get rebuilt (and they didn't get rebuilt in numerical order anyway), so they were consolidated and renumbered after receiving their rebuild. I think there may have been some differences between the 2000-series and 2700-series rebuilds, but I'm not an expert so I won't get into it. The Wiki has a page dedicated to the rebuilt TTC New Looks, so if you'd like more information that's probably the best place to find it.
  9. The rebuilt New Looks consisted of: 2000-2110, 2150-2155, 2240-2485, 2700-2858, plus the rebuilt Montreal buses (2600-2619), for a total of 540 buses rebuilt if my math is correct. Of this series, there are only two missing numbers - 2321 (8821 was never rebuilt) and 2766 (this number was already in use for the preserved Peter Witt car).
  10. The article also lists two HandyDART replacements being delivered this year; I would imagine that would be for L102 and 2306.
  11. Looking at a fleet roster from January 2017, 8038 is listed as Contingency while 8041 is not listed at all. So unless 8038 was retired in the past 60 days, it's still active while 8041 is not.
  12. TTC: Buses currently out this morning on the Line 4 shuttle: 1223, 1342, 1721, 1767, 7406, 7417, 7571, 7652, 7657, 8332, 8383, 8487, 8549, 8573 85J: 1293, 1782
  13. Hello, can I please have two page titles modified to the following: This page to BC Transit 2558-2624 This page to BC Transit 2625-2640 Thank you!
  14. If you are exiting at Parkway Avenue and getting on a route 54 bus there, you aren't transferring to Viva, you are transferring to a GO bus. GO drivers will not accept YRT transfers, you need to pay the full GO fare (which is much more than a YRT fare). The easiest way to get to Markville Mall from a stop on Markham Road is to exit the TTC 102D bus at Highway 7, and transfer to a westbound Viva Purple or YRT route 1 Highway 7 bus to McCowan Road or Bullock Drive. Then you can use a transfer from the TTC driver and pay no additional fare.
  15. Spotted a Safeway Tours coach tonight with a fleet number of 1623. I'd assume this is a Great Canadian unit going by the current numbering scheme. Did we ever figure out how many coaches Great Canadian got in 2016, and what their fleet numbers were?