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  1. Move is completed, and links have been redirected to the new pages. Thanks!
  2. Okay, let's put some of this rumour-mill and misinformation going on in this thread to rest... The 2022 Street Side Guide (which was based on an official roster from SSM) lists 131, 157-158, 164, and the remainder of the ex-OC Orion VIs as retired, likely all replaced by the 10 Xcelsior buses received in 2021. Cutaways 154-155 were also replaced by 177-178. At this point, it'll only be speculation as to what gets retired from the buses due to arrive this year. I would suspect that 131 and the remaining TBay Orion VIIs (159-160) are first up. While the TTC units weren't repainted, I think they're likely in better shape than the others, and will last longer as a result.
  3. Please take a look again at the title of this thread, then make a decision on whether to continue asking for photos to be uploaded here.
  4. From the photo in that article, the replacement buses are being acquired from Auburn University Tiger Transit. The university acquired a brand-new fleet in 2021, and the existing cutaway buses (owned by First) have been distributed to some of their other contracts.
  5. TTC: 4: 3137, 3475, 34xx, 8554 85J: 3470, 3485
  6. Grand total of 4 shuttle buses were distributed on Line 4, in addition to the two existing 85J buses; given the regular round trip time is 20 minutes, that's barely covering the subway's frequency.
  7. DRT still has a large surplus of vehicles due to the amount of service they cut back during COVID, plus there's been new deliveries since then. If they need vehicles in service, they'll keep them around until their replacements enter service.
  8. Thanks @BusFanForever and @Bus_Medic for the explanations. If they're timed with repairs or MTO inspections, where the buses are already scheduled to be out of service, that makes more sense; just it wasn't fully clear that was the case from the initial postings. Having a dozen or more "unplated" buses sit around out of service that were otherwise usable would certainly be an issue/scandal. I've seen other agencies do mass replating programs before, where large portions of their fleets (dozens of buses) get new license plates to replace the faded old ones within maybe 2 weeks; clearly they couldn't park like 40% of their fleet at once, but maybe it's possible that the plate replacements were timed to when the stickers expired (or the agency cares less about refunding the "unused" portion).
  9. The last New Flyer D40LF was built in 2010, meaning all examples are now 12 years or older. Many transit agencies have adopted a standard lifespan of about 12 years; therefore, even the "newest" D40LFs are entering their retirement age.
  10. Quite the opposite - I'm legitimately shocked to hear that the TTC is removing license plates from buses and not replacing them for days. Why are they deplating buses? There is usually no need to do that unless the bus is being retired, or the plate has been confiscated by the relevant authorities. And if it's as simple as replacing a license plate that's worn out - they should be able to put the new plate on immediately after taking the old one off, not leave the bus sitting out of service for days if not weeks at a time.
  11. Stumbled across some interesting information on Prince Albert today (news articles/press releases included): All seven of the Vicinity buses purchased in 2017 were pulled off the road in April 2021 due to the discovery of cracked frames. To replace them, First/the City ended up needing to lease school buses to operate a reduced service schedule (no doubt provided by contractor First). A warranty claim was filed with Grande West/VMC to repair or replace the defective buses. As part of the warranty claim, VMC delivered three replacement buses to Prince Albert in February 2022. I'm assuming they're Vicinity models, probably used ones, but it's unknown what exactly they are. However, the replacements have also fared poorly (two of the three are noted as already having experienced significant failures), and the City has brought in their own used buses from elsewhere. With the failure of the original fleet, the lack of replacement buses, and the inability to present a repair plan for the original buses (despite them being pulled from service over one year ago), the City has now launched a lawsuit against Grande West/VMC to recuperate the costs of the original 2017 vehicles, plus the costs to lease/acquire/operate the temporary fleet. Six used conventional buses from the "Southern US" have recently been brought in from another of First's contracts, and will begin entering service in June 2022. Again, unsure what model they are or where they were acquired from, but it certainly spells more interesting times for Prince Albert.
  12. I doubt it was borrowed to test or for navigation/clearance; more probably for PR since they're the Region's newest buses. Too bad nobody informed them that they will never show up at this terminal outside of this photoshoot. But at least it makes for a pretty picture, I guess...
  13. Looking back on the history, I originally created the Wiki page for 3-629 with the information you initially provided (with VIN G3750184); this page was then changed by another user (who is usually pretty reputable when it comes to VINs), who replaced the VIN with the ex-MTA one. For more information, this morning I've been cross-referencing with a fan-compiled VIN production list; while it doesn't have 3-629 anywhere on it, it also lists G3750184 as "Roam 11", which is incorrect as unit (10)11 is a Vicinity (another "Roam 11" is listed as G3750337, one of the TM Novas). The production list does not have any disposal info on ex-MTA 8091 (E4500714). Given the information provided here, I'm willing to accept that G3750184 is Paquette 3-629. Moving onto the TM Novas... if 29271 is G3750331, that leaves 29272-29278 (7 buses) to fit into a VIN sequence that has room for 6 buses (G3750332-G3750337). Do we know which of these is the odd unit out, and what its VIN might be? There are not a lot of gaps in the VIN sequence to be able to fill it in with.
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