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  1. 3000 is done; has been gone for most of 2019. 3001 was in service on July 15th (rode it) but I heard a week or two later it was sitting in the back of Steeprock; unsure if it has also been removed from service.
  2. Was this according to the tracker? Or did you see it in person? It is quite possible that the TTC inserted the old GPS unit (which would have been harvested during decommissioning) into another bus without reprogramming the unit number. It's happened many times before.
  3. Did you see them with your own eyes, or are you just repeating the post above you?
  4. If I had to guess, probably part of the campaign for free ride for kids 12 years and under. 2607 seems to be the "publicity bus" lately; it was the one on display at the Auto Show, and even before that it was wrapped for TFC when they won the MLS Cup in 2017.
  5. Service changes taking effect September 1, 2019 have been posted. Amongst the usual minor trip/frequency changes, some of the highlights: New Vivastation to open on Highway 7 and Main St Unionville, and the stops at Highway 7 and Kennedy will be shifted. Viva Purple is getting a frequency increase to every 9 minutes (combined) during rush hour (up from 10-11), and to every 12 minutes during weekday midday (up from 14). Viva Pink is getting a frequency increase to every 12-13 minutes (up from 15-16). Routes 51 Keswick and 58 Mount Albert will be converted to On-Demand during off-peak periods. 96 Keele-Yonge will get a small frequency boost (claimed as part of the "Frequent Transit Network", although service will only run at best every 25 minutes) Most trips on route 411 will be converted to new School Special route 416, and new route 417 will be introduced serving soon-to-open Bill Hogarth SS in eastern Markham. School Special routes 441 and 451 will be discontinued due to low ridership. As well, the culvert replacement project that closed Major Mackenzie Drive east of McNaughton Rd wrapped up early, and route 4/4A buses returned to their regular routing as of yesterday (Monday August 12). The shuttle bus service will continue to operate until the end of the board period, as sidewalks have yet to be restored.
  6. I don't think the bus was repainted. They probably took a cover for the rear unit off of a retired hybrid that happened to be in the new colours. Either that, or the TTC isn't ordering white covers anymore.
  7. Thanks @D. DeLarge and @yrt1000 for reporting the in-service dates for the latest deliveries. My source indicates there will only be 8 buses as part of this order, so they are now all in service. They should all be expansion units to compensate for crowding on some routes, with the possible exception of one Southwest unit acting as a replacement for 326.
  8. That page is fine, and quite detailed. Fleet rosters on the main page is preferred and I have no issues with how it is laid out for now. Eventually it would be good to consolidate some of the fleets from the same order (e.g. the 2012 MCIs 29519-29524) into one line with more information on a separate page; this is a larger project to arrange with all of the CIT's contractor fleets. The ElDorados already have their own pages on the old CTJM page, so I will only need to rename them and link them from the MRC Joliette page.
  9. Thanks for those catches! Was editing a bit too quick last night. Had originally put the 1613-1624 page link under 74 instead of 72, caught that before publishing but forgot to change 72's link.
  10. Updated. Thanks to @Seashore_518203 for providing the VINs and fleet numbers for all 3 units in the Charlottetown Transit thread. Also moved all of the replica trolley coaches to the Retired category, as the remaining 4 units (on standby duty only) were retired by the 3 ElDorados.
  11. Quite possible they picked up a new 2019 LFS. Did 1163 get a replacement unit? Otherwise it may be an expansion unit, or additional maintenance spare. If it's numbered 1174, I wonder if that means the ex-St Catharines units are internally numbered 1172-1173? Or are there other 2019 LFS...
  12. NextRide went live in Victoria on Thursday July 25. https://www.bctransit.com/victoria/news?nid=1529705071180
  13. The New York-Buffalo-Toronto route is a pooled service - both Greyhound Canada and Greyhound Lines (US) contribute buses. So long as they are legal to operate in both countries (i.e. equipped with wheelchair lifts). Buses are operated by Canadian drivers between Toronto and Buffalo, and if using a US bus they will display Canadian legals on pieces of paper in the window. I am less familiar with the services from Montreal to the US, but I suspect they are operated completely with US drivers (similar to how BoltBus operates with US drivers the entire distance to/from Vancouver, BC). Buses on these routes are also technically pooled from both companies, although US coaches are much more likely. Greyhound Lines tends to avoid sending G coaches into Canada, as the operators and mechanics here are not familiar with them (the G coaches in the Canadian fleet were all based out of Western Canada, and almost never made it to Toronto or Montreal). Most of the time if one comes from New York, it will get changed off in Buffalo. But if a changeoff is not available in Buffalo, or if the dispatchers are not paying attention, they will occasionally sneak through. Once in Toronto, US-based coaches occasionally get used on quick trips while they are waiting for their next scheduled departure back to New York.
  14. York Region Council agreed to replace the Province's $4.5 million contribution towards purchasing the 6 battery-electric buses with money from the Vehicle Replacement reserve fund. I think they also received additional federal funding to cover the province's former share of the charging stations. Details in this staff report from January 10, 2019.
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