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  1. Hmm interesting I have actually seen this video before lol. One question tho, lets say the bus in front rolled a few more feet down, ultimately hitting the driver and the bus behind it...who would be at fault? Would the driver in front be at fault for not knowing how to get up a hill or would the driver behind him be at fault for being so close to his a** and not keeping a safe space? Just curious
  2. I have never driven an artic in the snow actually. Are they actually just as bad as hybrids? Aren't they better cause they're diesel
  3. Ah lol well to me 95 is amazing compared to Bathurst/Dufferin/Yonge...those had really crazy passengers, idk why I even chose those shifts in the first place. But there are still drunks who try to harass passengers which is a headache to deal with. Also how is the slope on York Mills between Don Mills and the DVP? I've already seen YouTube videos of buses getting stuck in the exact same spot lol and its got me worried. Also I find that Malvern buses are generally well kept. All of Wilson buses are dented, scratched, mirrors lose and there is always someone writing an occurrence report when I go to the division. 2 days back I picked up a Hybrid with only 25,000km which was pretty cool its the lowest I have ever seen, the bus was very clean, it was basically brand new Btw what routes do you pick? I heard 85 is kind of hard to get, I really wanted that xD
  4. Hey, congrats on getting malvern and a route you enjoy bro!

    1. fidoo66


      Thanks man! Im loving it <3

  5. Yeah I chose 95 for all the Holidays but halfway through my shift I go into Steeles night bus. Though Im worried when there are snowstorms and wonder how the heck Im gonna get a hybrid up those sharp slopes up on York Mills Also gas is conveniently cheap near Malvern
  6. Wow, first day at Malvern..and I loved it Did the 95 last night and holy crap is there a clear contrast between York Mills and Yonge. The roads are wide, no homeless people, no drunks, no night clubs, no crazy taxi drivers, no killer poles, everyone pays their fare..I mean I really enjoyed driving. After 12am I picked up maybe 4 passengers the entire trip. Then again I am comparing this route to 97, but seriously I don't even know why I was thinking taking up 97 for like 3 board periods straight, Fridays and Saturdays were absolutely BRUTAL. I get to do 95 until my vacation starts which is in February..my god last night was amazing Though Im forced to do Christmas Day & Eve, Boxing Day and New Years Day & Eve...Welp can't get everything in life when you only got 1 year senority -__- BTW not really related to this topic but I love this picture:
  7. I was doing the 320 Yonge on the 30th..I always get a lot of Job Shawdowers on Friday nights, I get more than 10 people all asking me the exact same questions, Its nice to talk to potential ops.
  8. Yes right after you are done your training there are days specifically allotted for route familiarization. I remember spending my day offs just to memorize and get familiar with the routes
  9. Wait.what? There's a TTC plan with rogers? I'm interested Does anyone here use the TTC discount for The Personal Insurance Company?
  10. Pretty big division, Many new ops go to Wilson so your seniority will move up relatively quickly. Lots of route also, majority of them are good like 196, 11, 42. Saturday nights for me was always the worst cause I end up doing Bathurst/Dufferin/Yonge.. Also I remember starting off when I went on spare board..its actually brutal since there's like 40+ routes and you could get anything. Lots of work is available, so if you need the OT money then its great. Good Luck!
  11. Great to hear! What division are you in?
  12. How brutal is driving the bus on Halloween night? Last Year Halloween landed on my day off, but I have heard a lot of people take emergency because I hear it gets crazy due to to all the parties. Ill be driving the Yonge night bus on Halloween, so does anyone have experience driving on Halloween night, especially near the downtown area? Thank You.
  13. For me the call for documentation took the longest if I recall about 3-4 months, but that was due to the 2015 Pan Am games, so it should be much quicker for you.
  14. Employee here, I have recently transferred from Wilson Bus to Malvern only for one reason and that's the travel time to report. I have been working for 1 year at Wilson. Im also aware Malvern is a senior division so I'm probably going to be rock bottom down the list. I only do nights in Wilson so I don't mind (actually I prefer) working at nights. Does anyone on this forum work at Malvern? If so any advice? Which are the best/worst routes? Will I even get a crew or will I be stuck with spareboard for some time and how long possibly? Wilson had good routes like Bayview, and York Uni..but then you had to drive an artic on Saturday doing Bathurst or Dufferin which I hated. Wilson also had more routes to memorize and Malvern has a lot less. Also what makes Malvern such a senior division..does it have to do with their routes? TTC doesn't pay me to sit in traffic for 45 minutes so it made sense to move closer I think I made the right decision.
  15. I've had maybe one situation where I feared the safety of my passengers and myself. I remember doing the 29 Dufferin..I dont remember the exact time, but it was somewhere between 10-11 in the morning. I wasn't driving an arctic or anything just a regular 40ft bus. Anyway, when Im at a red light I stop and in the corner of my eye I see a crazy man running as fast as he can to try and catch my bus. The man keeps chasing me chasing my bus and in his hand I see that he is carrying a bunch of empty beer bottles. The man got so frustrated that he then threw one of the beer bottles and it shattered in the middle of the road just barely missing my bus. NO JOKE. It was at that situation I pretty much knew that there is NO WAY this dude is coming on my bus. If I did let him on, he would probably kill me. So here I am just trying to go away from this drunk dude chasing me with a bunch of beer bottles and ready to smash them on the bus. What I feared most was that he was going to hit one of the windows of the bus and break it, causing a passenger to get hurt. In the end I had to run a red/yellow light...I know it seems bad, but the light just changed from yellow to red. Once I hit the pedal I don't think I saw the man again. Once I was far away from him, I called CIS (didn't know if I should have called emergency..dont think so?) and told them exactly what happened. Pretty sure they sent out someone to look at the situation and the man before he does any harm to a pedestrian. CIS asked me if the bus was damaged or any passengers were hurt and I said no. That is probably the most craziest thing that happened to me while driving. Another situation I remember is when a man is just plain staring at a woman and the woman feels threatened, however that happened on 320 Yonge. And when it comes to fares, I just dont care if they come on for free...I mean I just waste my time telling the passengers to pay 40-50% of the time they will argue and say they're under 12 , my trump unit just starts going down and thats why I dont waste time for cash fares. However when it comes to transfers then Im a little picky on.. So yeah, theres my situation where I have had to deal with...not fun I tell you
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