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  1. Is there a visible sign on the bus (a sticker?) to indicate it went through a SOGR?
  2. But why have this done on a bus that is going to be scrapped soon?
  3. 1311 is unwrapped. + 1579 for Porter Airlines to NY.
  4. 1617 might be retired. I saw it broken down on Sunday and to the best of my knowledge it wasn't dispatched for the rest of the week.
  5. Do you think TTC will change the 985's frequency to every 15 min. at most? I agree, 20 min. is ridiculous for an express.
  6. There was a small door on the interior front panel of a hybrid (below the fan) that was open. Inside I think there was a little display screen at the top but it seemed mostly empty. What is this space used for?
  7. That wrap on 1800 was first posted here in Feb. 2017. + 1810 for Porter Airlines to NY.
  8. Does anyone know which were the last Orions on routes 9 and 16 and the dates?
  9. As you can see, 0=0 was the first to report 8888's unwrapping. An unwrapped post could save someone a trip if he was planning on taking a photo.
  10. All I know is 1501 didn't have a wrap today. IIRC 1318 has the same wrap.
  11. 1825 is unwrapped. 1700 is unwrapped. + 1766 for Porter Airlines to NY.
  12. Are the first 5 buses you listed stripped?
  13. 1807 is now partially wrapped for Hayu. + 1239 and 1540 for Porter Airlines to NY. + 1299 for FBI on Global.
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