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  1. I wonder if implementing a fare zone system would be beneficial to the transit? Basically Sudbury proper is a separate fare than the other parts. This might cause transit users to move into the areas they work/commute to.
  2. It is called Expropriation.. It is done to widen highways, so why not widen a rail line?
  3. If they want to make it higher speed, like Acela down south, this is not a bad thing. They have the exclusive ROW.
  4. So, for an express route, someone taking the Viva, they would simply get off at VCC and take the subway down?
  5. Once the subway extension is finished, will Viva still go to York U?
  6. They should talk to Translink (transit in Vancouver). They have multiple fare zones and their card works seamless.
  7. Shouldn't you be able to go between transit agencies with a Presto pass?
  8. What I mean is, doesn't Translink have something in the contract that if the WCE is late, they get a financial break?
  9. Is there no recourse from Translink?
  10. I did not realize that. Having said that, it is still a small portion compared to CN.
  11. If they were to run it at the current speed limits it would at least be an option. As it gets busier, upgrading the line would happen.
  12. Via doesn't run on CP tracks. The places that they could could expand on are all CP tracks.
  13. How long is the shortest platform? How many of the various types of cars can they fit? What is the most frequent they can run trains? Do they have enough cars to run max length trains at the shortest frequency?
  14. With the Confederation Line stopping here, Via is doing the prudent thing and upgrading the station for the potential demand.
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