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  1. okay point being, a comment such as WHAT?! can probably be left inside your own head, or, scream your lungs desire while intercepting the bus in service, or at the very least, maybe provide some form of contibution or relevant information to go with it, otherwise , a reaction to the original post will be fine, no need for that,
  2. After a whopping 6 months and a handful, T-Comm network communications are once again up and running
  3. 9701 has been pulled from revenue service on route 002, in order to assist residents of 1111 Beach Avenue to emergency social services due to a third-alarm fire that broke out inside a unit within the apartment building, shortly after 6pm this evening. 023's detouring via Pacific as a result.
  4. Transferred last month to HTC coinciding with the 340 service transfer from STC among various other units.
  5. Well... if I were to showcase my skills of what I call "spewing from my rearend" .. I'd probably say I'd go about it in this manner, and that the contributions i would gift those with would be near to if not beyond redundant and irrelevant on all levels. AND likely under the influence at that. A request.. I know a few young guys here are keen to keep relevant info whenever the page moves forward.. to those who reference that for us... please remind us the rules of posting on the forum, as I recently had to nail my "bang head here" sign and 2x4 peice of wood back on my wall after recently abusing the privilege.
  6. Indeed, It is users/posts from users, like this, that keep myself from logging onto the site, keeping me from being anything more than a stranger (there has been brighter days)
  7. My question is... what is that 80's truck parked 2nd to the far right? And what's its purpose? I've never seen that before.
  8. although posted elsewhere incorrectly , 8104 deadheads at PCTC this evening following its 95 run to join other LFR artics, to end its rather brief stint at BTC after returning from WVMT
  9. Agreed. To keep things on topic. I once read that romours would be the later model V's would go with the original batch... Whats the condition like on these units. Given we have seen the later 73/74xxs out the door, could this be true?
  10. I think that posts should remain on topic, and foolish garbage should be kept elsewhere, preferribly off the forum as many wpuld like to go back and review archives for enjoymwnt, or for whatever other purposes may be, therefore , i think a whole page of nonsense should not be unlocked and merged but rather deleted altogether, as it looks childish, and has kept me from using the forums altogether.
  11. S7482 struck S15002 at Surrey Central turning into the loop.
  12. I think first one out is at vtc at roughly 3:55 on a 10, last one is probably returning is like 6:33am at BTC off an N19. Dont hold me to this though.
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