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  1. I like the idea of the N15 going to YVR rather than the N10, that makes sense to me as it is way more direct for those trying to get the Brighouse or in between
  2. I belive you are right, and regardless if otherwise, it shouldnt really matter, buses will just run off of EPU for the short time it is within the grid affected.
  3. more than likely driven to RTC for something. Hasnt seen service recently.
  4. Absolutely . Thanks.
  5. I think a pretty straightforward rule should be implemented from.this point forward. If you think its been refurbished, therefore meeting all requirements... One more step should be taken as to simply search within the thread using the fleet number as your search keyword, and you'll be able to see if somebody has previously spotted it.
  6. The spot of recovery is not insane. Its just the destination sign, it should simply say Chinatown via Waterfront Stn. Done.
  7. I find it interesting that they are still rolling out new shuttles with the Community Shuttle labeling on the side., given the fact that they want to roll back the "C" , it seems sort of pointless to have them deferentiated like that when the route numbers will soon, no longer be different themselves.
  8. Seen the demo Enviro 500 while at HTC today. it looked abit like a taller XN40 due to the fact it had no windows on the second deck . (Roof fairings )
  9. I was just thinking that! Aha.
  10. Lets see how hard it "could" be for it to finish the actual trial first...
  11. Yes. Its the same red and black one that showed up previously .
  12. Exactly. My post was originally in the "new articulated for vancouver" thread. With that being said. You can now excuse my comment.
  13. Might be a maintenance run. Havent seen it around lately?
  14. Ive been asking about this bus. It went missing after the transfer to PCTC during the shortage. From there, a long haitus, It looks maybe like it may have been in overhaul, maybe front right side damage?? Could explain the lack of.fleet number change elsewhere, and new font aswell as.the mismatched headlight, (maybe off of 7420?) , Just an idea..
  15. Gonna take a wild guess here and say that this unit was heading back to PCTC, Not in service, from Carvolth Exchange. Edit: Check of T-Comm shows the unit indeed was booked out on a 555, last trip t o Carvolth. Must have been a minor accident. 9211 back in service today.