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  1. Canada Line. Cars are paired together as 1×× & 2×× numbers.
  2. Pleaae pardon my generation. We don't really know how to associate with people properly. Anyways.... I like the technology, of in motion charging, would be interesting to see that used on the 9, to see an extention to Brentwood Station without the expensive extention of trolley wires, and drivers would simply be detaching and reattaching poles at Boundary Loop.
  3. Ive seen 19s depart from Joyce a few times. Overload trippers, short turns, ect. It happens.
  4. Assuming the trial goes as planned, you would see deckers on any and all routes that can accommodate them, assuming there are no height restrictions, this seems to be the only model (Enviro 500) that TransLink is looking at to the replace Orions. With that being said, my assumption is that within a few years most of our Orions will be replaced by deckers. Leaving the 2008s and probably, to be allocated to one depot, and shuffling of the late refurbs around. Assuming that not ALL 2001 Orion V will be replaced in one complete order that is. Im not gonna start a speculation of where the deckers or remaining Orions would even end up.
  5. People cant even read the destination half the time. If they arent reading the stickers on the window, they wont read it regardless.
  6. I agree, I look at it like this, you throw artics on, and the frequency remains the same. You boost the frequency, now you have more trips with more seating amongst the runs, which also adds more space for wheelchairs, strollers, and last but not least, bikes.
  7. Sorry for the derailonment, (sort of) im just curious if the ad wrap mentions "lemon" as much as the fricken can does.... ("Does this contain any lemons?")
  8. Not to be a poor sport, but word around is that TRAMS has no current intentions on preserving 7115. My speculation is that chances are probably higher for an 2000 or 2001 unit, if and when the time ever comes to preserve a D40LF. Maybe somebody has enough flow saved up somewhere to personally buy it... Thats the only chance i see of this bus having a future after CMBC has fulfilled the need for her.
  9. A solution for those with disability's unable to tap thier cards has been found, testing underway.
  10. For anbody interested in the read...
  11. You guys are all scaring the crap hout of me. I keep thinking our beloved D40LFs are continuing in retirement.
  12. Personally i think most of the new xcelsiors suck driving wise, id rather have a nova sadly, never over an OG low floor however, way to jerky and flingy in my opinion. Then again, all buses have thier stupid flaws...
  13. Well, end of the day Hepner made her promise! Nothing we can say or do now right?
  14. Single tracking down 104? Wow, this idea just seems to be getting worse and worse as far as im concerned. A desicion that will be heavily regretted years down the road.
  15. What are the reasons for these renumbers? Doesnt it make sense for them to retain thier number given the fact that there are other units that follow 4005 & 4006 with higher numbers? Or is it simply that these units were intended for a different order?