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  1. Eglinton Crosstown line

    Bombardier Transportation Statement on New MetroLinx Agreement December 21, 2017 Berlin Transportation, Press Release The amended contract, settles the arbitration, resets the relationship with Metrolinx and brings certainty to the completion of this project The 18-month extension on the GO Transit Operations and Maintenance contract solidifies Bombardier’s prominent role as a service provider in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) Bombardier has agreed to amend the contract terms with Metrolinx to produce world-class light rail vehicles for the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) system on-time. This clearly resets the relationship with Metrolinx under its new leadership, and provides a clear path forward to ensure certainty on the technical and financial obligations of both partners. Furthermore, it settles the arbitration with Metrolinx, benefiting all parties. The agreement is for Bombardier Transportation to now manufacture 76 light rail vehicles (LRVs) for the Eglinton Crosstown project, 106 vehicles less than the original contract for 182 vehicles. In addition, the GO Transit Operations and Maintenance contract was extended by 18-month. This extension solidifies Bombardier’s prominent role as a provider of Operations and Maintenance in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) and is a recognition of Bombardier’s unsurpassed performance on the GO Transit contract. Overall, the revised contracts do not change materially the size of our relationship with Metrolinx. “We have always been resolved to find a clear negotiated path forward, one that delivers value to all parties, and foremost to the people of Ontario. Bombardier is fully committed to the Metrolinx project and to the people of the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA),” said Benoit Brossoit, President, Americas Region at Bombardier Transport. “I look forward to working with Metrolinx’s CEO, Phil Verster’s, to advance this project and ensure that riders have the most efficient, comfortable and reliable transit system in the world.” This new agreement is positive news for commuters who can continue to have full confidence that we are providing maximum value in safety and comfort for them when it comes to mobility solutions. Bombardier is committed to ensure that the vehicle quality is sustained throughout the lifespan of the vehicles. From a manufacturing standpoint, this is good news for the province, as we are doing everything necessary to deliver value to the people of Ontario. Thousands of Bombardier Transportation employees in Ontario remain fully committed to the Metrolinx project. Over the past few months, Bombardier reached new milestones confirming that it is on track to deliver the LRT projects, including high speed testing on our track in Kingston. In addition, the first pilot vehicle successfully completed its climate testing at the National Research Council of Canada facility. We are preparing our manufacturing activities to deliver the first vehicles as required. Bombardier looks forward to launching this outstanding new service for the benefit of the people of Toronto. About Bombardier Transportation Bombardier Transportation is a global leader in rail technology and offers the broadest portfolio in the industry. It covers the full spectrum of rail solutions, ranging from trains to sub-systems and signalling. The company also provides complete transport systems, e-mobility technology and maintenance services. As an innovation driver, Bombardier Transportation continuously breaks new ground in sustainable mobility. It provides integrated solutions that create substantial benefits for operators, passengers and the environment. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Bombardier Transportation employs around 37,150 people and its products and services operate in over 60 countries. About Bombardier Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. Looking far ahead while delivering today, Bombardier is evolving mobility worldwide by answering the call for more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable transportation everywhere. Our vehicles, services and, most of all, our employees are what make us a global leader in transportation. Bombardier is headquartered in Montréal, Canada and our shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD). In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2016, we posted revenues of $16.3 billion. News and information are available at bombardier.com or follow us on Twitter @Bombardier.
  2. Grande West Transportation

    I'm wondering if they mean the first for the Association du transport urbain du Quebec. Perhaps they see Transdev as a private operator.
  3. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    I just want to be clear, however: it is entirely possible that ADL retrofitted an ISX engine into one or both of their buses. But in keeping the wiki accurate and credible, it's always good to be sure. Though, I can understand it's not always easy to get confirmation on little details like drivetrain.
  4. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    1. Yes builder's plate photos exist that say ISL9. 2. The Enviro500 thus far has been only available with the ISL9. 3. Altoona reports indicate an ISL9. So we're going to have to do a little better than "I heard someone saw" here, guys.
  5. GO Transit

    GO has taken a look at the new MCI D45 CRT LE a couple of times already.
  6. St. Albert Sightings

    That one is not a production vehicle for the AVTA.
  7. Modifying a page title

    Yes, that would work.
  8. Modifying a page title

    Given that they plan to add more Pulse routes, this should stay the same.
  9. @Matthew TTC 4120 and @FabianColeyLOVESBUSES: I get that you are new here, but please make an effort to post accurate information in well thought out posts. Avoid assumptions and rumours. Above all: don't just post for the sake of posting.
  10. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Spotted this classic Van Hool in Rexdale. Anyone familiar with its heritage? Legals say "1505749 Ontario Inc" which operates as Coach and Travel Service.
  11. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    To know for sure, someone will have snap photos of the build plate on the two buses.
  12. Interesting, thanks. So the order just predates the joint venture between Dennis and Thomas.
  13. For those who recall or have knowledge of the process: when were the Dennis Darts ordered? I'm curious as to BC Transit didn't end up getting the Thomas Dennis SLF since they are essentially the same bus.
  14. York Region Transit \ Viva

    I hope everyone has had a chance to calm down. Please keep in mind moving forward: do not antagonize other members and do not contribute to a thread's decline. Simply report bad behaviour, and the administration will deal with it.
  15. MiWay

    Seriously. @MiWay0310, stop complaining about everything in this thread. That's not what it's for. I'm sure MiWay Customer Service would be happy to deal with you.