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  1. York Region Transit \ Viva

    Word is, all of the Vs have been retired.
  2. Spotted 3023 in Toronto on Saturday.
  3. GO Transit

    The MCI is a neat idea. I've actually thought about it myself. Though I was also thinking a traditional low floor set up would work. Made a quick sketch of an amalgam of the Volvo 8900, Nova LFS, and that Van Hool prototype.
  4. Nova Bus LFS (all models)

    Of note: an updated door design and removal of pillar before the driver's window.
  5. GO Transit

    How is that safe? Maybe I worry too much (I do), but blocking your main point of egress seems like a bad idea.
  6. Streetcar News

    Speaking as some one who works in the field: there is almost always a chance of running into an issue with fabrication if you are working on a new and complex product. You try to anticipate everything you can, and CAD certainly helps with that, but there are things that become more apparent when you actually try them yourself. And there are things that are really hard to anticipate, like human behaviour.
  7. CIT Sightings

    That's the one. Thanks.
  8. CIT Sightings

    Does anyone have a photo of the builder's plate of the BYD coach that was on trial? There was a photo posted here, but I cannot find it.
  9. Green Power Bus

    GreenPower was in the GTA this week showing off their new battery-electric Type-D school bus.
  10. Durham Region Transit

    Did DRT get to refurbishing the 2004+ Nova LFS buses? Or did they decide to just leave them until they are replaced next year?
  11. Wheel-Trans

    W400 was renumbered.
  12. Feature Photo Submissions

    Thank you for your submission! It is the Feature Photo for this week.
  13. Hong Kong's are taller than the one's in North America. This demo is 4.1 metres tall and the SuperLo is 3.9 metres tall.
  14. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    I'm wondering if these were actually converted by someone else. They look different than the ones from ABC.