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  1. ADB

    Timmins Transit

    Has anyone been up to Timmins lately? They were scheduled to receive two buses in 2017 (PTIF). These would replace 59 and 63.
  2. ADB

    Transit Windsor

    With the 2018 Nova buses in service, have all the Orion VIs been retired as indicated on p. 12 here?
  3. ADB

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Caught Greyhound Lines 7043 in South Core Toronto on Sunday.
  4. ADB

    London Transit Commission

    Have all the 2003 D60LFs and 2004 D40LFs been retired by now?
  5. ADB

    Alexander Dennis

    Volvo chassis paired with an ADL body is very common. They also body Scania chassis.
  6. ADB

    Old TV shows/Movies with Scenes of the Metro

    Are you sure those props were for this production? Sonatine was filmed from 1982-1983, and according to the FHTCQ, they didn't acquire 14-008 until 1997. The bus in the film also looks older than 1973. If I had to guess, it looks like a 1960s TDH-5303.
  7. ADB

    Cancelled TTC bus orders

    It was the RTS order that was reduced. The TTC took half of what they originally intended to purchase and made up the rest with the D40LF.
  8. ADB

    Old TV shows/Movies with Scenes of the Metro

    Here are some screenshots of the bus from the film Sonatine (it was on last night on TFO in Ontario). It was numbered 15-406, but as previously discussed, it was a prop number. Would anyone know the history of this bus, by chance?
  9. ADB


    And let us deal with it, ok? We don't need you to keep popping in and telling us what we already know. This isn't the first time. This is also not helpful. So just don't.
  10. ADB

    TTC Electric Buses

  11. It should also be noted that the buses have their original numbers near the build plate.
  12. ADB

    GO Transit

  13. ADB

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Was the SG-220 102" wide or narrower like their European counterparts? If I'm not mistaken, the SG-310 was 102" wide, correct?
  14. ADB

    Alexander Dennis

    What changed on the Van Hools? Are you referring to the later TD925 or the TDX? I've only really checked out a 2009 model up close.
  15. It should be noted: this livery could very well be in the development phase and the two different greens could be a test to see what works and what doesn't.