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  1. Streetcar News

    So before this goes any further, can any one actually back up that claim (other than someone posting about something they heard from someone)?
  2. Sound Transit

    The CEM Bilevels in Toronto are absolutely beautiful. You guys will love these cars. My two cents on the D4500s: Back in 2005 when MCI updated their D-Series, there was the "05" model, Contemporary model (CT), and Classic model (CL). The CT model took some of the features of the 05 model: flush-mounted windows and newer headlights. The CL model remained largely the same. As a kind of unwritten convention D coaches with flush-mounted windows and newer headlights were designated with CT on the wiki. For operators who continued with the old headlights and traditional windows, their buses were designated with CL. As far as I can tell, MCI only used the CT and CL designations on their website and other promotional material. The badge next to the door on the coaches still just read D4000 and D4500 as did their builder's plate/sticker. So in short, the wiki just identifies a CT or CL coach based on the headlights and window just for differentiation\categorization sake.
  3. Canadian Forces Buses

    Navy promotional/recruitment bus at Sherbourne Common in Toronto.
  4. Autobus Lion

    Big news at Lion Bus, now the Lion Electric Company. They will be launching a type-A electric school bus, a type-D school bus, and low floor paratransit bus along with an electric truck line.
  5. GO Transit

    That is not true. If you tap on the GO reader at Weston or Bloor and tap of at Union, then tap on again at Union and take another GO line within two hours and then tap off at your destination, you are charged the GO fare with a transfer credit.
  6. Eglinton Crosstown line

    Probably Hornell, NY like the Ottawa cars with final assembly somewhere in the GTA according to the news release.
  7. Eglinton Crosstown line

  8. BYD "E-Bus"

    Why don't you check?
  9. @MVTArider, could we use a few of your photos for the wiki?
  10. I imagine you would only need to mask them once.
  11. Eglinton Crosstown line

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the render.
  12. The paint job has not been finished in that photo. The grey will be/has been painted along the bottom.
  13. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Word is they will jump to the 9200-series.
  14. Alexander Dennis

    Ariel Cruz Pizarro Looks like the 2014 demo that went to Altoona and Berlin has been sent to Santiago, Chile.
  15. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Word is, rear seating arrangement will be changing on the next batch.