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  1. Ah yes, the advertising... Same here, but like Calgary, they're silent.
  2. Looks just like what we've got in Toronto. If there's one complaint, though, it's that the arrival time is not nearly big enough.
  3. It's interesting that a Voith transmission is now an option.
  4. Some early Nova Bus photos
  5. The onus is on the user to make the case for why their photo should be featured, so yes, a description would be helpful. We'd also like people to keep in mind the photograph quality standards we have. This not meant to discourage anyone, but a couple of the photos that have been submitted do not meet these guidelines. And we should note, these are just guidelines. We do not mean to say every photo has to be a 3/4 view so-called "roster shot".
  6. Photos have surfaced on Facebook of a low floor motorcoach prototype making the rounds in the United States. Note, the wrap is meant to disguise its aesthetic.
  7. Someone uploaded a great compilation of the last day of the E800s in Dayton. Back then the Skodas were brand new.
  8. Interesting. You happen to track Twin America as well? We've got a fair amount of their buses on our wiki too.
  9. Thanks for compiling this list. Was curious: has GO NY Tours rebranded as Top View NY Tours or are the brands operating simultaneously?
  10. We had an issue with a member. We're working on bringing it back.
  11. Looks like Thunder Bay would like to purchase 24 buses through the Metrolinx TPI. - 12 Nova Bus LFS between 2017 and 2018 - 12 specialized cutaways from Overland between 2017 and 2018 They also appear interested in participating in the Pan-Ontario electric bus demo. Committee meeting agenda.
  12. Uh no. You and others claimed or speculated they were getting Vicinity buses. I don't see anything that backed that up at the time.
  13. Maybe just wait and see instead of posting unconfirmed and wrong information.
  14. Some footage of the Crosstown pilot courtesy of Soulfood Productions.
  15. Oh my god. Smarten up if you want to keep posting here.