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  1. ADB

    General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    City Sightseeing Toronto appears to have acquired another TD925. The number 81141 appears in the windscreen.
  2. ADB

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Is that an extra bus or a bus taken from the 271 diesel batch?
  3. ADB

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    If it's a projection, then it should be removed. Fleet numbers have been confirmed.
  4. ADB

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Someone added the 2021 procurement to the wiki and I'm wondering: has this actually been approved or is this a projection?
  5. ADB

    MCIZ Corporation

    Spotted TopView 336 last week. It appears to be ex-Megabus DD080 according to the outline on the window over the door.
  6. ADB

    Gillig product discussion

    How many did they have in total and do you have the model numbers?
  7. ADB


    Because of construction at Penn Station, Amtrak is running some trains to Grand Central. They are using MARC cab cars between Albany and New York due to difficulty evactuating the locomotive with the clearance in the Park Avenue tunnel.
  8. ADB

    Van Hool

    Some interesting news. Looks like they will be selling transit buses in the US again. Van Hool builds bus factory in Morristown, Tennessee, US Van Hool invests more than $47 million dollars in a second foreign production site after Skopje, Macedonia. The "Buy America Act" obliges Van Hool to build a factory in America for the local bus market with growth potential. The factory in Morristown will be operational during the first quarter of 2020 with 600 employees. Koningshooikt (Belgium) / Morristown (U.S.) - Van Hool NV, an independent manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, will build a bus factory in Morristown, Tennessee, U.S. Once the facility is operational in the first quarter of 2020, Van Hool will employ 600 and manufacture around 400 buses and commuter coaches annually for the North American public transport market. The ground breaking ceremony for the new site will take place at the end of this summer. The announcement was made in Morristown, Tennessee, in the presence of Bill Haslam, the Governor of Tennessee, and Bob Rolfe, Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD). Filip Van Hool, CEO at Van Hool, said of the decision: "We have over 30 years of experience in the North American market where we have been successful with buses and coaches for private companies. We’ve delivered over 11,000 vehicles in North America since 1987. Based on this experience and through market research, we have learned that the public transportation market, with a total annual potential of 6,000 to 8,000 vehicles, offers opportunities for Van Hool. Because of the "Buy America Act,” our family business decided to explore a new manufacturing facility in the U.S.” The 1982 “Buy America Act” requires vehicles supplied to public authorities to be assembled in the U.S., contain 70 percent of their parts from American suppliers and 100 percent American steel. Filip Van Hool explained the choice for Morristown, Tennessee: "We are excited to announce the next step of the Van Hool group's global growth plans here in Morristown, Hamblen County, Tennessee. The investment of more than $47 million confirms the more than 30-year presence of Van Hool on the American market. Today we are looking forward to building a state-of-the-art bus factory in Morristown to provide the entire North American market with high-quality buses and commuter coaches for transportation agencies from 2020 onwards. The presence of highly-respected technical schools and well-trained employees, together with the support and cooperation of all the local stakeholders in Morristown, Hamblen County and Tennessee, convinced Van Hool's Executive Board to make the largest investment outside of Belgium in Van Hool’s 71-year history." Regarding the significance of this investment for Van Hool in Koningshooikt, where the head office of the group is located, Filip Van Hool was clear: "This significant investment in a new market for Van Hool offers opportunities for employees in Koningshooikt. We really want to offer a particularly competitive product on the public bus transportation market in America. This new type of bus will be fully designed and developed by the engineers at the design office in Koningshooikt. Moreover, in the run-up to starting production in Morristown, in the first quarter of 2020, a comprehensive training program is being developed for the new American employees who will come to Europe over the course of 2019. Our experienced employees will familiarize their new American colleagues with the high-quality norms and standards of Van Hool vehicles." “Van Hool’s decision to establish its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Morristown and create more than 600 jobs underscores the robust pro-growth environment of job creation we’ve fostered in Tennessee,” Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said. “Tennessee is a leading destination for foreign direct investment and because of globally renowned businesses like Van Hool, Tennessee will lead the nation in high quality jobs opportunities.” “Van Hool is an exceptional company and I’m pleased this third-generation, family-owned business has decided to bring 600 well-paying, family-wage jobs to East Tennessee,” TNECD Commissioner Bob Rolfe said. “Tennessee’s skilled workforce, central location and higher education programs such as the Tennessee Promise continue to attract world-class international companies like Van Hool to our state.” Van Hool is an independent Belgian bus, coach and industrial vehicle manufacturer. The company, which was founded in 1947, is based in Koningshooikt, Belgium. The majority of its production is destined for Europe and America. Van Hool has around 4,450 staff worldwide, the majority of whom of course work in the production facilities in Koningshooikt (Belgium) and in Skopje (Macedonia).
  9. Autobus Lion was established in Saint-Jérôme, QC in 2008 by former Corbeil heads. School Bus Fleet has details on their product here with the photo below. More photos. http://www.lionbuses.com/
  10. ADB

    Utah Transit Authority

    Source: Metro Magazine
  11. To free up the GO Transit general thread I have created this thread for those who want to track deliveries of new buses for GO Transit. If someone wants to take over control of this thread to create a list that gets updated please let me know as I may not have time to keep an updated list.
  12. NABI has a new Web site: http://www.nabusind.com/ It now has up to date info as well as Blue Bird commercial buses and Optima buses. It looks like they will remain their own brands. Also Blue Bird's site doesn't list commercial buses anymore.
  13. Alexander Dennis has announced that they will be introducing a 12.8m around 42 ft.) version of the Enviro500, and it will be ready for sale in North America in late 2008. Alexander Dennis has also announced that they are developing hybrid versions of their buses and are working with BAE Systems. Their Enviro300 model has recieve a new look, matching that of the Enviro200Dart, as well as other changes, such as a 12.5m version and more chassis options.