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  1. ADB

    Nova LFS HEV

    Ok, just stop. You've already proven you are not a reliable source.
  2. ADB

    Quebec Section additions

    Ok, I need to say it. This is why we don't rely on third-hand information, speculation, and hearsay. Especially from a member who only just joined barely a week ago. It leads to wrong information.
  3. Thanks, your photo is up!
  4. Speaking of the police, who remembers their older Orion?
  5. Would I be able to use someone's photo on the wiki? I would like to make it the Feature Photo.
  6. Looks good! Thank you for your time. Usual convention is to have the fleet number in the first column, but that's not a big deal. In regards to the retired buses listed, I think we should not have them on the exo page and leave them on the Blus page since they never operated under the exo name. An example of this situation is the STCUM page in comparison to the STM page.
  7. The wiki doesn't appear to allow lower case letters for the first letter of titles. I don't know if that's something we can fix? @1604
  8. I want to post this here since I'd like to hear a more local perspective: Should the wiki page title be exo or it's legal/formal name Réseau de transport métropolitain? I want to create new CIT pages since they are technically new entities now. What should the page title be for each former CIT?
  9. ADB

    No Dogs on Go Transit

    This discussion is no longer going anywhere. Please do not make another thread. Contact GO customer service instead if you have concerns over dogs. Thanks.
  10. As early as last year, I've seen a few Greyhound Canada D4505 coaches branded for Gray Line Sightseeing. Best as I can tell these are used on Gray Line Sightseeing packages to Niagara Falls. The Gray Line website also lists a hop-on/hop-off tour of Toronto. Is this the City Sightseeing Toronto tour? Is there some sort of co-operation between the two companies? City Sightseeing Toronto appears to offer the same tours on their website.
  11. You're really making me regret letting you start posting again without approval.
  12. ADB

    St. Albert Sightings

    This is encouraging news to hear from St. Albert. Is anyone privy to how reliable the buses have been?
  13. ADB

    Foothill Transit & Glendale Beeline

    It sounds like ADL will provide the complete bus minus the drivetrain.
  14. ADB

    GO Transit

    I believe you can find the post in the delivery thread: 2840 was the last coach built to the design preceding the CEM design. The coaches numbered after it were apparently built before it.