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  1. Yeah well maybe if this last page wasn't just so full of nothing. There are two buses. There's a way to track them. Figure it out instead of making a thread of idle chit chat.
  2. It is real. Saw it a couple of days ago sans decals. I wonder if it's an ex-demo.
  3. Saw the Vaughan Mills Shuttle from above, could see the former number 2227. This one was mostly white with black and red graphics, so unsure if its the one we've seen before just re-wrapped or if they got another one.
  4. The latest update to the wiki pages lists the cars that have been confirmed as retired.
  5. Interesting they have the typical Vicinity interior spec rather than Calgary Transit's. Cost/time savings measure?
  6. It literally took me 12 seconds to look it up on Youtube. Do better, please.
  7. None. Only the secondhand C3s had a lavatory and they were never used.
  8. Maybe you two could simply calm down, especially the first person, and wait and see what the municipality decides. Get back to us when you've found documents supporting their decision instead of speculation.
  9. For those in Miami: has MDT received the prototype Karsan CNG bus? Or any bus of the up to 300 buses they were to receive?
  10. Why would it?
  11. I'm pretty sure that's more of a casualty of being an early adopter.
  12. And how exactly did they act? Both Siemens and Bombardier failed to qualify the first round. They both subsequently issued compliant bids.
  13. According to STM social media, the first LFSe has arrived at LaSalle division.
  14. Curious: were the 7700- 7900- and 8000-series GMs delivered new to their respective divisions as they appear in the 1977 allocation sheet?
  15. Sorry but this isn't exactly substantative and meaningful discussion.