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  1. I realise that. However the first time they changed the signs, it read Pickering Parkway. Now it just says Pickering which I think is worse from a wayfinding perspective.
  2. Noticed the 917 desto just says “PICKERING” now instead of “PICKERING PARKWAY”, which seems too vague. Come to think of it, the destinations for the 900 are also pretty vague.
  3. That's a bit of a shame it's not 100% green. Might as well have just saved them the new technology teething issues and continued with CNG. Then again, this is the system that dismantled a proven green transit solution years ago, so I dunno.
  4. TTC’s design team seems to indicate that’s the plan. But who know, the Province might make their own decision.
  5. Won’t be any point. We won’t have a Line 3 for a few years, either. Presumably that will be assigned to the Ontario Line when it opens.
  6. Where is the hydrogen being sourced? Is it "blue" or "green"?
  7. Besides, like with Nigeria and the TTC, why get well used North American rolling stock when China can give you something new for the same or lower price.
  8. Oh god this again. I overheard someone on the GO train tell his friend about a new train between Edmonton and Calgary. Thought something was actually planned instead of this snake oil.
  9. Speaking of… https://www.saltwire.com/cape-breton/news/local/transit-cape-breton-garage-closed-after-potentially-dangerous-non-native-spider-species-discovered-in-bus-delivered-from-california-100768291/ Transit Cape Breton garage closed after western black widow spiders discovered in bus delivered from California
  10. 2044

    Van Hool

    Literature I have from the 2006 Trans-Expo were from McNab Transit Sales. However literature I have from 2008 or so lists ABC Companies.
  11. Saw Niagara Falls first generation Orion VII in Toronto’s Port Lands this afternoon. Too far to see a number.
  12. TOK was running a white Temsa TS 30 on the Island Airport shuttle this weekend.
  13. Not quite manufactured in Canada. This looks like the demo that was assembled in the US before the facility opened in Ontario.
  14. Thank you! Very cool. Much appreciated.
  15. Do you have a photo of the interior of 1233 or a description? Always was curious about that one.
  16. Pandering to idiot passengers.
  17. Is DRT indeed planning to put the electric buses on the 900 and 901? That would be quite the test. I had figured they'd be on a quieter route.
  18. Nothing seems to ever get built on time or on budget. Reminds me of the Eglinton line in Toronto.
  19. No they haven’t. They are still doing simulated service testing on the system. Sorry, I don’t know where they are being tested day to day.
  20. Looks more like the Enviro500EV demo:
  21. TTC’s management of the streetcar network is flat out embarrassing. When I take people around the City on transit, these always come up: “Why are we going so slow?”, “Why can’t we move faster?”, can’t keep up with traffic, a streetcar in the distance taking forever to get to the stop. Then I have to explain to them all these recent rules the TTC has that kneecap service. Something not mentioned yet here, the TTC made the doors close slower on the streetcar. Probably to avoid “accidents”, but now they primarily cause you to miss a light. Especially since passengers can reopen them, which I think is another rule the TTC came up with. Maybe someone should sue for time wasted, since lawsuits seem to be the only thing that pushes the TTC to get things done now. Like another poster said above, I’m sure service moves a lot slower now than it did maybe five or six years ago. And if it doesn’t, it sure feels like it. And that’s all that really matters to passengers. If it feels slow, the service is going to look unattractive.
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