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  1. Do you have an image of the VIN sticker of one of the ETS buses?
  2. To add to this. Proterra announced their latest generation of electric bus. https://www.proterra.com/press-release/proterra-launches-zx5-electric-bus/ Edmonton’s appear to be one of the first.
  3. Did it go on the 116 too or was it just the media run? TTC social media was advertising it on the 116, but it didn’t look like it was.
  4. The headlines for this have been so shitty and are clearly meant to promote outrage. Her full statement is here and there is a lot of reasonable advice. Sex with a stranger is risky. The advice sounds like what any doctor would say when addressing the issue. Those are the steps people can take, and it’s up to them as to what they want to follow.
  5. To be fair, they never mentioned what type of vehicle they were going to use. Could have been full-sized buses in some areas, like they used on the late night shuttles. They also have five ProMaster vans. Not sure if that’s enough to adequately cover everything.
  6. I think they should have released all of this with their original message. People on social media wouldn’t have been freaking out as bad. I think, absent information, everyone was coming up with their own worst case scenarios.
  7. The single motor is supplied by UQM and drives through an Eaton gearbox. Not sure who supplies the motors for the Duopower version. The axle was designed by Axletech, which sold their electric power segment to Allison last year.
  8. It’s ex-Barrie Transit 67304. They also have ex-Barrie Transit 69207.
  9. Always a good plan. Don’t worry, mistakes happen. We can just do our best to make sure things are accurate. Thanks for your contributions to the wiki.
  10. While that website is comprehensive, anyone who was paying attention 5-6 years ago would have seen those cars were delivered in the new livery. Please do better when vetting information for the wiki.
  11. Considering the amount of people who still went ahead and traveled and went on cruises while the pandemic was underway, I would be worried too about people being irresponsible. The US still doesn’t have COVID under control in a way most people would find satisfactory. There’s people, wether through ignorance or selfishness, who would still travel to the US despite that. And I’m not sure I trust that everyone would isolate and monitor for symptoms when they got back, if the reports of the returning snowbirds were any indication. Essential travel across the border was always maintained. And recently, they’ve broadened that to allow family members to reunite. It’s also not like Canada is being unique in implementing border restrictions. Other countries that have a better handle over COVID like New Zealand, Australia, and Macau (off the top of my head) still have border restrictions in place.
  12. Doctor’s have to balance giving out information promptly with being correct. Sometimes you can’t be 100%. It’s why they commonly use the phrase “there is evidence/is no evidence). They are not able to say things for certain and things change.
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