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  1. Post hidden. I’m sure people in crisis don’t need to accidentally stumble upon a detailed account of the worst moment in their life.
  2. I really dislike having to use a cab. Maybe a bit irrational, but I feel much safer on a bus with a few people than cooped up in a cab with the driver.
  3. What colour were the seats originally on the RT? Thinking back when I was a kid, I remembered them as red, but vinyl. Though now I’ve seen some photos that show them in orange and brown vinyl a bit like the H5s.
  4. Apologies if this is common knowledge: are the REM trains built/being built completely in France?
  5. 2044

    Sarnia Transit

    Did all of Sarnia’s ex-Bakersfield Orion Is get new seats or did any of them keep the original grey interior with cushioned seats?
  6. Found this photo on a consulting firm’s website. It looks like the interior of the NY State 3-axle Orion VI HEV prototype.
  7. If I read it correctly, the City has secured funding for the 13 streetcars, but not the remaining 47.
  8. Fleet Procurement Strategy and Plan Highlights include: - 13 new streetcars from Bombardier - more hybrid buses - new fleet for Bloor-Danforth line - new technologies for bus fleet
  9. Do you have an image of the VIN sticker of one of the ETS buses?
  10. To add to this. Proterra announced their latest generation of electric bus. https://www.proterra.com/press-release/proterra-launches-zx5-electric-bus/ Edmonton’s appear to be one of the first.
  11. Did it go on the 116 too or was it just the media run? TTC social media was advertising it on the 116, but it didn’t look like it was.
  12. The headlines for this have been so shitty and are clearly meant to promote outrage. Her full statement is here and there is a lot of reasonable advice. Sex with a stranger is risky. The advice sounds like what any doctor would say when addressing the issue. Those are the steps people can take, and it’s up to them as to what they want to follow.
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