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  1. I imagine it’s for crowd control, given how the ALRV runs went. There will probably a bunch of special invited guests (former employees, historians, etc) that will be attending the final run. I think they want it to be a comfortable experience. Two CLRVs will be running on Dec 29, so the public can still ride one on their final day.
  2. That’s not fabric on the ceiling and ducting? Looks like it to me.
  3. I’m pretty sure Finch West has been magenta since the Transit City days. Grey seems to have been used in the last 5 years or so. Also, here’s the latest update on the project: https://blog.metrolinx.com/2019/11/15/future-construction-details-announced-for-torontos-finch-west-light-rail-transit-project-find-features-of-the-lrt-elements-here/
  4. It’s more interesting discussion than arbitrarily guessing what CLRV will be in service on the last day. But that’s just my opinion.
  5. The TTC is going to keep two CLRVs. 4001 is one of them. 4034 will be sent to a museum in the US.
  6. You tried to be a know-it-all and got your facts wrong. Centralsmt could do without the yelling, but you get no sympathy. We’re getting sick of all the reports you make over small or non-issues. Seriously. We had a backlog of reports I was clearing and so many were from you just reporting minor things. We’re getting into “cry wolf” territory.
  7. Parts stockpile appears to be shipping separately. Not sure of the final plans with all three cars.
  8. 4039 is going to HCRR, so it’ll be intact.
  9. Do you know which demo it is or can you at least describe it?
  10. Interestingly it also has the older front end.
  11. These are really cool videos. The parts of the bus that are rarely seen, other than by those who work on them.
  12. I think a dream scenario, other than keeping 4178 running, would be preserving it as a static display outside Wychwood Barns or another public/community space. I imagine it would still be a huge undertaking, maintaining it though. Yes. Was told most of the interior components have been taken out. Likely set aside for 4001 and 4003.
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