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  1. TTC’s management of the streetcar network is flat out embarrassing. When I take people around the City on transit, these always come up: “Why are we going so slow?”, “Why can’t we move faster?”, can’t keep up with traffic, a streetcar in the distance taking forever to get to the stop. Then I have to explain to them all these recent rules the TTC has that kneecap service. Something not mentioned yet here, the TTC made the doors close slower on the streetcar. Probably to avoid “accidents”, but now they primarily cause you to miss a light. Especially since passengers can reopen them, which I think is another rule the TTC came up with. Maybe someone should sue for time wasted, since lawsuits seem to be the only thing that pushes the TTC to get things done now. Like another poster said above, I’m sure service moves a lot slower now than it did maybe five or six years ago. And if it doesn’t, it sure feels like it. And that’s all that really matters to passengers. If it feels slow, the service is going to look unattractive.
  2. I believe the STM still orders this type of modesty panel with longitudinal seating. Durham has blocked off these seats presumably because the door could injure a rider’s arm. Has this been an issue in Montreal?
  3. 2044


    Prevost announces a major electrification program with the support of the Government of Quebec Sainte-Claire, Quebec – Prevost, part of the Volvo Group, announces a new electrification program. Through this five-year program, Prevost will develop a new 100% electric coach as well as a retrofit kit to convert diesel engines into electric propulsion systems. In support of this project, the Government of Quebec, through Investissement Québec, will provide a forgivable loan of $15.15 million. In addition, the Ministry of Environment of Quebec will provide a $7.5 million non-repayable contribution to Prevost. The new electric coach will offer an autonomy of 400 km. A total of 115 jobs will be created during the program, while 650 will be maintained.
  4. Maybe Rick Leary should spend more time talking to passengers and employees instead. There has been a very noticeable decline in service quality and morale since Andy Byford left.
  5. Were the hybrids purchased through the Metrolinx TPI?
  6. I noticed on the new Pulse LFS buses with perimeter seats at the rear, the two seats next to the rear door over the wheels are chained off. Anyone know why? I've only seen it from the outside. Have yet to catch a ride on one.
  7. Anyone know why Montreal’s XE40 have taken so long to commission? Toronto’s entered service a few months after they were delivered.
  8. It's kinda too bad they don't run the Proterras on Bay anymore.
  9. When they were ordered, ENC didn’t have a BEB option. However, they came out with their BEB Axess this year so I imagine an electric EZR isn’t that far away. But most importantly, it seems the SFMTA is taking a conservative approach to battery electric buses. And that’s not a bad thing. They already run well-proven trolleybuses. There’s always the risk of getting burned by new, emerging technology.
  10. The CBC reported a couple years ago that Bombardier, Alstom, KinkiSharyo, and CAF were the ones shortlisted to bid on the contract.
  11. The West Hill shuttle was supposed to start in October, but I’ve heard nothing lately of a start date.
  12. As I understand these buses run on express routes and on the highway. Anyone know if future orders will have to be equipped with seatbelts? I’m curious because GO Transit’s new SuperLos have seatbelts due to the new requirements that came into effect September 2020.
  13. The historic cars are at Roncesvalles in preparation for the 100th anniversary. There will be a media event with a number of TTC vehicles. However, it will not be a public event and they plan to limit attendance which is hugely disappointing. Myself and others had hoped with such a high vaccination rate and many restrictions eased that there could be something more for the 100th anniversary. However, the TTC does say they hope to hold a larger celebration for employees and customers in 2022.
  14. Decided to do some foaming of the first day of the 917 to the Zoo. I think it’s a great addition and I’m looking forward to trying it one day. Right now it’s every 1 to 2 hours on weekends and holidays only, but I hope this becomes a regular route in the near future.
  15. Yes I agree. That stretch is pretty good even in rush hour. Port Union would be good since it would still connect with the 85 and in the TTC is looking at routing the 95 past there.
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