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  1. You sure that wasn't one of the ex-Barrie or ex-Hamilton buses used for film productions?
  2. Spotted this Scania Irizar Century from Mexico at the CN Tower a couple of days ago. Transportes del Norte 9610 Transportes del Norte 9610
  3. Are these Novas painted blue or is it also vinyl? I know the vast majority of Nova's buses are vinyl, but I'm curious.
  4. If you seriously cannot take any criticism at all, then do us all a favour and stop posting in here. If you are unwilling to even consider the help others have offered, I'm just going to assume you are simply trolling us. We don't tolerate that here.
  5. Might have something to do with the building behind it. I dunno. 🙄
  6. It's called the ISX12N. Less that two seconds on Google...
  7. Look up "mother and child" bus and train seats.
  8. That's not what they're for. They are for a mother and small child to share a seat.
  9. Yes, it does matter. That's not the point of this thread. You and others just posting for the sake of posting: don't waste our time. Start a website or put them on Facebook or whatever.
  10. To add: landscape orientation is preferred for consistency. EDIT: landscape, not portrait
  11. I mean it's not the greatest photo. The main takeaway from the Photo Quality Guidelines should be the quality. I can 100% guarantee you there is a better quality photo of 8776 I can upload.
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