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  1. Gillig offers a 29’ electric Low Floor. I recall reading in one of their presentations that Grande West has an electric Vicinity in the works. GreenPower Bus also offers a 30-foot electric low floor and a smaller electric van shuttle.
  2. ADL partnered with Proterra for the Enviro500EV. It will use their battery technology and a new electrically driven axle from Allison. The pilot bus for Foothill Transit was spotted doing testing in the UK last year. Falkirk is in Scotland. Not Ireland. Also, that is a GreenPower bus.
  3. In Toronto: Dupont. Love the aesthetic. In Montreal: Namur. Love the public art.
  4. Nice. Did you guys mask off and paint the V drive logo? That’s a nice touch.
  5. With the start of 2020, and the delivery of car 204, the very last shipment for Toronto Transit Commission, I can’t help but reflect on Bombardier Transportation’s 2019 turnaround in the Americas. We faced late delivery and performance issues on some contracts, and it can now be said that we overcame challenges that many thought were unsurmountable. The proof of Bombardier Transportation’s turnaround rests with our results. Our customers deserve our best and the actions we have taken on TTC on delivery and performance in the field demonstrated this. I would like to thank all of our people who worked with absolute dedication, perseverance, passion and customer focus on our major turnaround – all while facing significant public scrutiny. And today, as our team in #ThunderBay waves goodbye to car 204, I’d like to recognize all the employees who made this production achievement happen - whether on the assembly line, in test, quality, procurement, methods, management and many others, including our fantastic Product Introduction team in Leslie Barnes - our face to the customer! This was a complete effort across Bombardier globally, with invaluable support coming from Thunder Bay, Kingston, Toronto, Saint-Bruno, Mexico, La Pocatière and even Bautzen and Vienna. Congratulations! David Van der Wee, COO #TogetherWeMove #TorontoTransit
  6. The problem in the high floor section is the size of the wheel housing due to the design of the axle. Putting all perimeter seats there makes for a narrow aisle. A seating arrangement like New York or Philadelphia appears to give a bit more space with less legs in the aisle.
  7. I think fuel cells were always a bridge toward fully battery-electric buses. Though I think, right now, it remains to be seen if battery electric buses can fully replace their diesel counterparts.
  8. This really does seem like more of a private issue. We don’t need to drag it out here.
  9. The fast-charge electric bus trial is still happening in Brampton. Thanks in part to a contribution from the federal government.
  10. Why are you always arguing with industry experts? They work in their respective fields. I’m pretty sure they know what they’re talking about. You make an armchair comment. Get the real deal on what’s going on. And then you get all offended and make snarky remarks. It’s tiring.
  11. Perhaps they were thinking of the Fashion Santa charter with 4110.
  12. On the one hand it’s probably healthy for a Western government to have a fair bit of scepticism toward Chinese technology. And given the US’s history in Asian countries, the Chinese government is probably plenty suspicious about them anyway. On the other hand, BYD and CRRC have both made a pretty big commitment to the US. BYD’s Lancaster facility, as you mentioned. CRRC has opened an assembly plant in Springfield as well as one in Chicago. If I’m not mistaken, they will also open one in Los Angeles for sub assemblies going towards the city’s new subway car order.
  13. They’ve been running CLRVs as extras on Queen since the end of last month. They will run every weekend until Dec 29.
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