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  1. Streetcar News

    Saw on Twitter that 4456 is in Canadian Pacific's yard in Thunder Bay.
  2. GO Transit

    With all the white space below the text is that where the video was posted? If so it doesn't appear to be showing.
  3. GO Transit

    ^ Thanks Dan. Insightful as always.
  4. GO Transit

    Any idea of how long it'll be test there? Are they waiting for this unit to be tested before they ship more to Toronto?
  5. Streetcar News

    4453: https://twitter.com/chrisjamesdrew/status/933078005022412806
  6. Streetcar News

    Looks like one of the new streetcars came off the tracks (to a certain degree) at the St. Clair loop?Video here in a tweet.
  7. VIA Rail Canada

    Article includes pictures of the VIA Rail rolling stock that'll be loaded onto a ship.http://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/it-s-fru...pane-arrive-and-train-leave-by-ship-1.3633413
  8. Streetcar News

    As some here predicted: "In other news, TTC CEO's latest report says Bombardier target of delivering 70 streetcars by the end of the year is in "serious doubt." CEO Andy Byford has "insisted" Bombardier publicly clarify the status before next week's TTC board meeting." - Ben Spurr (@BenSpurr)
  9. Countdown: 79 Days until #Line1 Opening! 

    I note Sean Marshall wrote this blog post on the Line 1 extension.
  10. VIA Rail Canada

    Latest on the Churchill situation and the engineering report that projects what it would cost to repair the line. The CBC article has a link to the report and I've downloaded the PDF. See here for a copy of the PDF.
  11. Streetcar News

    Tweeted out by @g_meslin just now. Certainly close to the start of September.
  12. VIA Rail Canada

    Latest on the Churchill line situation.
  13. Streetcar News

  14. VIA Rail Canada

    Latest on the Fed's view of the Churchill situation here.
  15. VIA Rail Canada

    This was posted by Transport Action today: