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  1. VIA Rail Canada

    Here's the news release. Copied below in full.
  2. VIA Rail Canada

    Announcement today. Article here in the Hill Times.
  3. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4369: https://twitter.com/Deprio12/status/970809984123527168?s=19
  4. VIA Rail Canada

    Budget is up and here. Column labels: 2017-2018 to 2022-2023, and then the total. So, $0, 3, 3, 2, 0, 0 = 8 total. In millions for "Modernizing". However, note this language for "Renewing": "Funding amounts are not being released due to an upcoming procurement". Screenshot attached of budget reference to VIA Rail.
  5. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4467 has arrived. https://twitter.com/lkoch99/status/968126860050579456
  6. GO Transit

    668 is on its way to Toronto. Spotted here on Feb 24rd at Cheyenne Deport Museum in Cheyenne, WY. (Note: it's not a EMD F59 as noted in the description)
  7. Streetcar News

    Thanks. I couldn't remember where to find that other thread.
  8. Streetcar News

    Streetcar pole damaged Video is from YouTuber JayJr2007. Here's the description: "Published on 18 Feb 2018Canadian Pacific 8891, CP 8619, CP 8531 (Train 420 - Thunder Bay to Toronto) (374 axles, 5500ft) crossing the bridge over Highway 400 with the pantograph of a TTC fully extended. Apparently at some point the rope holding down the pantograph came loose and it was damaged smacking into bridges along the way. They sort out the problem in the Mactier yard and depart after receiving their clearance." Note: it's not the pantograph. It's the pole. Video markers: 2:37 - you can see the streetcar passing by on the flatcar. It's really hard to see but you mugmi be able to look closely and see the pole extended; 7:15 - the engineer explains the issue of the pole being extended; 11:30 - damage to pole noted; A few seconds after 19:44 the streetcar passes by. I tried to stop the video and varcc the number but it's hard tt see clearly. I think it's 4466.
  9. GO Transit

    Sorry what's a "change card"? Is that for a crew change? I assume that because the workers are unionized, there's a process to change schedules?
  10. Streetcar News

    4464 is in the downtown Thunder Bay yard on a CP flatcar ready to head to Toronto.
  11. Streetcar News

    ^ What do you mean by "publish the procurement"?
  12. Streetcar News

    Maybe this is 4461? This picture was apparently taken on Tuesday, January 9th in Agincourt. If you look in the background you can see a Flexity. Too far to tell the number.
  13. Streetcar News

  14. New Peterborough Rail Passenger Service

    Thanks for the clarification. On the topic of CN letting CP share the CN York Sub, this quote from a York Region report is relevant: Full report here.
  15. New Peterborough Rail Passenger Service

    How does the Pickering flyover and CAN relate to CP's line to Peterborough? Are you suggesting new track should be built between the CAN Kingston Subdivision and Peterborough? The CP Havelock Sub generates almost all of its traffic from two mines north of Havelock so it most just passes through Peterborough Also: Editorial from today that provides an overview on what's happened to date.