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  1. I've seen plenty too, but I wasn't expecting it considering the time of day that it happened and I wasn't in a rush when walking to the stop because I saw a local artic. I could only note on 3-4 occasions where I've seen a local artic on the 110. The rest being 40 footers. But alas, I've seen 60 footers running the 45 during off peek as well.
  2. Can confirm. Was just on it this afternoon. I was genuinely surprised because I almost missed it, not realizing that it was the 110.
  3. After Nikon announced the D5 and the D500 at CES this year, I am tempted to go out and pick up a D500. Successor to the fantastic D300, enthusiast grade, all the dials I need and beats the Canon 7D Mark II on paper. What more could I ask for? At $2000, it doesn't seem a lot compared to it's full frame variants, although the D750 is tempting as well at only $2700. It's going to be a huge upgrade from my D5200, which I have long outgrown.
  4. Another possible temporary fix could be using the "Request desktop site" option in your actions shortcut in Safari. See this http://www.tekrevue.com/tip/request-desktop-site-ios-9/ for more detailed instructions. If that doesn't work, you can always use the Tapatalk app as a last resort.
  5. I'm not having any problems with my Android although I would suggest try clearing your cookies as that may be the cause of the blank screen.
  6. +1 for Blacks' website. Use them all the time, although I never used the auto enhancement feature. When shooting film, I just bring the film to Downtown Camera in Toronto and let them do the processing and printing. They both do an excellent job.
  7. Hmm, I have not looked at the lens yet and it seems like a really compelling lens. The only thing I'm skeptical about is the auto focus because that's the main thing that plagues 3rd party lens. If the autofocus can focus correctly and quickly, then it is definitely on my list as well.
  8. No problem, glad you found my recommendation helpful. I tried my friend's f/2.8 and it is probably the best lens I've ever used. The only downside is it's weight, size and price. It's super fast in low light and a joy to use in the gym while shooting sports. I could have opted for the Tamron f/2.8 which is half the price but I've tried that and the auto focus was horrendous. I only got a 70% chance of having it focus on point so I stuck with the cheapo. Low light performance on my 70-300mm tele isn't horrible but not anything spectacular. I now mainly use my prime 50mm f/1.4 for indoor sports
  9. I have a Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR and it is a pretty good lens for the price. I got mine for around $500 on sale and it focuses quickly and image quality from 70-200mm is pretty good. Anything further than 200mm and the image gets a bit soft if you pixel zoom. If you have some more money to drop, get the 70-200mm f/4. If you want to go really pro, get the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II for a super fast pro lens.
  10. I have a Nikon F5 and a D5200 and the difference in quality and weight is huge. The F5 is a heavy metal beast that can stand any kind of abuse you can throw at it whilst the D5200 feels like a dinky little plastic SLR. Even compared to the professional grade DSLRs, the F5 is still better built. As for dropping my cameras, the answer is never although I know the F5 would handle drops like a champ but I'm skeptical weather or not the lens would survive. I personally find that it's real difficult to drop SLRs because of the shape of the body and the fact that I always use a shoulder strap along
  11. If you're using the awesysnet.ca/cptdb (the link in the top header titled "Upload an Image") just copy the link below and replace the bracket section with the file name including the suffix (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif., .png etc.) that you have already uploaded. You should then be able to find your previously uploaded image. That very same link can then be used in the "image" link window when you go update your signature. Link: http://www.awesysnet.ca/cptdb/uploads/[File name with suffix]
  12. First off, by CPU, I think you mean HDD Your CPU is your processor and your HDD is your hard drive, where your documents are stored. To answer your question: You need to first upload your image online to an image host, in order to get a link for that image. Something like this or this or this. Then copy the link into the box where you have to paste the link for your image. You picture should now appear. Keep in mind that you may need to re-size it accordingly in order to get the desired size of your image and you can do that with Photoshop (what I use) or even Paint (click the "Resize" butt
  13. Nope. Gone sooner or later.
  14. That would be Fruit2O. They make sparkling water beverages according to their website. There are still quite a few of them running about with the old layout. 0867, 0541, 0343, 1210 to name a few. Seen them a few times. Went for a closer look and the wraps seem like they are very nicely done. There are some air bubbles along the side skirts but that is to be expected due to the curvature of the panel. Overall a very nice wrap.
  15. True, but he was referring to 1308 and that isn't a 03/05 D40LF...
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