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  1. 2281, I agree with you on the Fairview Park terminal. With the number of routes that are proposed to be going there, the terminal should be designed to something similar to the UW Transit Plaza (similar in design) not this 8 bay stuff anymore. Fairview should have at least 13-15 bays. With routes 1, 7, 8, 10, 12, 23, 27, ION BRT, 201 and 203 iXpress routes stopping at Fairview, 8 bays will not be enough.
  2. Those are the priority seating from TTC. GRT is currently testing them.
  3. 2281, your 100% right about the system maps. GRT should take a lesson from TTC and have a 3rd party look at creating a better map for the transit users to see and understand where they are going. As for the downtown portion of the map, it should indicate where Charles St. is and where the future hubs are going to be.
  4. I like the plans for the hub. It is also a good idea to phase out Charles St. by that time, just because it will become so pointless with all the empty bays there.
  5. Isn't this what the University students did back when their U Pass got proposed?
  6. I like the maps 2281. What would the 33 and 16 look like?
  7. The 16 might start and finish at Block Line, as for the 11-22, the downtown potion will be dropped.
  8. I can see half of the Forest Glen routes going to Block Line (I.E. 201, 12, hayward route, 16) and the other half going to Fairview (I.E. 201, 11, 22, 3). I will have to ask my contact about that.
  9. I agree that Fairview is in desperate need of a new terminal. With the amount of new service going to Fairview, it will need at least an extra bay, if GRT has the 10/110. Forest Glen will need at least 3 new bays (16/116, FCS BusPlus and the 33) to reduce the number of double parking, same with Fairview Park. We will have to wait and see what happens in the spring/summer/fall time when the new service is introduced.
  10. GRT is testing them to see how well the XD40s work down there. The XD40s can easily be put on the 200, 203, 51, 52, 53, 60, 61, 67 and 75. Other than those runs, GRT would have to massively reroute the Cambridge routes out of the side streets and operate them down main roads.
  11. 21314 is on the 51A heading back to Ainslie.
  12. Can I have my name changes to transit 21 please.
  13. 536 and 537 are still in service.
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