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  1. Thanks for the info guys!
  2. Hey I'll be back in Calgary for about two weeks. How often are the S200s on the 201/Red Line these days?
  4. Perhaps. Hopefully wherever they end up choosing in Regina and Saskatoon they'll be a decent spot, close to city transit, etc.
  5. Yeah. I wish there was more information. I travelled several times between Saskatoon and Regina last summer, and plan on doing the same thing. I just hope the service is comparable, and not too pricey. I imagine they'll try to purchase a good chunk of STC's fleet. I also wonder if they plan on eventually operating out of STC's terminals.
  6. I wonder if those are 22 purpose built vehicles (ie: their 22 passenger buses) or if that's including their party buses/limos.
  7. Looking at their current fleet, I wonder what units they could commit to running routes starting May 23. Assuming this is the company.
  8. So far, three companies have come forward about doing routes. AV Transit is going to do a route running between Saskatoon, Martensville, and Warman. This one looks like it was probably being planned long before the shutdown of STC was announced. In addition, a transport company is looking at doing a run between Yorkton and Regina Finally, a limo company. There have been a number of protests, rallies, and letter writing campaigns to try to save STC, but I fear it is in vain. If STC is doomed, I'm hoping for Greyhound or Red Arrow to setup a run between Saskatoon and Regina relatively quickly.
  9. FISHBOWL! Dang... I haven't been on a Fishbowl in about six years.
  10. How many 95's and 97's are left now? How many have been retired? I would also laugh if the Classics outlast the 95's and 97's haha.
  11. Yes, and so rather than even change its mandate, they shut it down.
  12. What happened to 614? It's barely 10 years old? Was it in an accident?
  13. Very true. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks.
  14. Not greyhound.
  15. Keep an eye on CTV. A bus company supposedly has expressed interest in taking over some stc routes. EDIT: This is coming from a CTV reporters twitter not ctv directly.