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  1. I always thought it was 3 buses. Interesting. I always thought a round trip took about 90 minutes for the 13. Anyways there's at least 2 Classics on the 13 generally. Although the 7:02Am run is the same one as the 7:20Am run I was referring to, just going back towards Broadway/UofS.
  2. For anyone riding the 13 looking for Classics, the bus leaving Lawson Heights at 7:50Am is usually low floor, but the other two buses on the route are generally Classics. While I can't guarantee it of course, it's been the tendency for the past few months. There was one week last semester where all of the buses on the 13 were low floor (I think it was a week after the union dispute ended or the week before it ended perhaps...), but most of the time there are at least two high floor buses on the 13 (The runs starting at 7:20am and 8:20am. I live in the Lawson Heights area, and go to the UofS, so it's just a trend I've noticed over the past semester.
  3. Oh nice. it's a far better picture than I got anyway.
  4. It looks like 115 got an LED sign. I have a picture but it won't let me upload it. I wonder if they pulled it off a retired D40LF. As for the picture I'll try posting it later. It's a crappy picture, but it's clear enough that the sign isn't a Vultron sign.
  5. I suppose it's also worth noting that there are plenty of Classics on the Route 13 all day, and plenty of classics running as extras and helpers during the rush hour. I've also seen a few ex-Calgary Classics on the 13 during the day time. If anyone is visiting Saskatoon looking for Classics, there's usually at least one, often two classics (Edit: not necessarily ex-Calgary) running on the 13.
  6. I imagine it will be Novabus again? I wonder how long they'll be around. They can't replace all of them at once, but they have been largely delegated to rush hour only service. I mean the 9500s and 9700s are starting to get retired too, so I have a feeling it will be at least another year after next before the Classics are gone unless they have enough extra buses. 200s being rebuilt? I hope the seats are being replaced. The seat fabric on those units are so worn out.
  7. Looks like Saskatoon is getting 15 new buses next year. Was it 26 Classics left at last count?
  8. Actually... it looks the like 40/45 turn into the 60/65 when they get downtown. A few times now when i caught the 40/45 at the university when the bus gets downtown its been stopping at the 60/65 stop. Today I looked back and sure enough, the 40 I got off had switched to being a 65.
  9. What routes currently get articulated buses? Is it the 40/45, the 60/65, and the 50/55? Mostly wondering since I've been taking the 40/45 from downtown to the university since the changes July 3.
  10. 1608 on the 12 today.
  11. Thanks.
  12. What are all the changes incoming? How many new routes?
  13. Even down in South Calgary I wonder if certain routes could deleted and combined. The 11/12, and 15 all run once per hour, but I wonder if, along with the 52 (which runs every 45 minutes) they could be rerouted so that you had more frequent service, but maybe had to transfer at the ctrain station. Because right now, they all serve three ctrain stations, and (I admit I am young), it is generally easier and faster to just walk from Millrise down Shawnessy Blvd to get to the ctrain than to wait for a bus, despite there being two bus routes right by my home back in Calgary. I worked over at the Shawnessy Walmart last summer (and for the past few summers before), and it was almost always easier to walk to the ctrain and walk home than wait for a bus home unless it was coming by right when I was finishing my shift. and this thinking also leads me to a curious and somewhat unrelated question... and I wonder if anyone knows it. Actually, i also have a question, and it isn't necessarily relevant to this particular forum page, but how long was the trip back in the day for the 152/52 Millrise/Shawnessy (aka before Fish Creek Lacombe station). I was too young to remember how long a single trip took, but it basically covers (depending on the section) what the 15, 11/12 cover mostly.
  14. Oh man... 428 was the first Classic I rode on here, and the second bus I rode (first one was a 2012 Novabus.)
  15. The orange tail light should be on top, and the red tail light should be on the bottom? I may have had to look at some other pictures to realize it I admit.