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  1. From pictures of interiors of YRT, Burlington and DRT, it looked pretty much the same except the colour of the seats and the walls.
  2. Wouldn't that make a certain member 'who got famous after last night' on the board, happy! Any news on the RTS? < EDIT: wil9402 answered it!
  3. The wonderland GO Bus frequently gets to this number or so I'm told.
  4. How specific do you need it? If in general, then each of the company websites have the heights in inches if I recall correctly.
  5. So I take it Oakville and Mississauga were not interested since they are getting the restyles. So techicanlly these two can jointly purchase buses together. I wonder how much TTC and MTA Bus will save if they did a joint venture! That'll be in the magnitudes of over 500 buses per order then!
  6. I was visiting Gakei's KMB site and noticed the K95UD is in service as of late Aug 2007. Anyone know if ASU2-3 are there as well? And why do they always test the special buses on route 104? By the way, I heard KCR is getting some Enviro 200s. They are the first to be delivered outside of Europe I heard. Will be interesting to see them!
  7. So since all these 6 systems jointly ordered it, which system is it built most towards? I know they're all under the same specs, but it must be closer to one system than the others right.
  8. I think he (I assume you're a guy) gets the idea! No need for every member here to voice their hatred towards that person just because he said someone that was clearly wrong and uncalled for. The admins have already removed his offensive language. Geez. Heck, if Orion V Exp continues to mouth off hatred towards other people without proof, I'd like to see how he'll go through life. He'll probably wound up beat in an alley one night. It's not up to us to educate him in the ways of life. So this joint venture thing, can any system take up the offer in the GTA? TTC and Mississauga can also get it too right?
  9. Do the ones that are with Translink, still see regular service? What's their status now? Currently, where are the ones that left the system? Finally, what's the outcome of this test? Results? What have they concluded
  10. As of now, they still run Orion V CNGs. Don't know about the future though.
  11. They can't be getting demos since the NGs are new models that were made only a few months ago. If they are indeed selling those NGs as demos, it must be a high price considering the milage on those things now!
  12. I hope those seats are installed back instead of using the standard YRT seats.
  13. If it's continuous, I wonder if TTC will renumber them to continue after 1423 instead of starting at 1500.
  14. Only problem is, there's a large rural area between the eastern most Markham route and the north eastern most DRT route. If such a connection exists in the future, that bus would probably go express for many blocks. I take it that's not fleasible enough to run it. In my opinion, the Rough Hill Go Stn connection should be implemented before the former.
  15. It's a 2001 Orion V (2008-2017).
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