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  1. The 3G Orion VIIs have the AC unit at the middle too just like the Novas. The rear bench seats on the VIIs are situated higher than the Novas. Further vertically from the engine...
  2. Victoria Park Stn before renovations. Does anyone remember the covered parking directly beneath the old bus terminal and what its use was? I saw some old pics of this area with cars parked inside from Transit Toronto but there is already a surface parking lot directly south of it. How did cars entered this old covered parking lot? Google streetview 2007 (still shows the old terminal) doesn't show an actual entrance to this covered parking lot.
  3. Don't forget the famous "Nova Neck" issue.
  4. Those Eglington units with RapidTO wraps are now wasted since they won't be operating on 86/116 anymore. lol
  5. I read it a few weeks ago on Steve Munro's site. TTC already have the Bay and Avenue route numbers made up. I forgot which article and forgot the numbers.
  6. I mean the units currently listed at McNicoll on page 1 of this thread. Are they just sitting at McNicoll until March 28 when that garage gets activated for service?
  7. Are all the buses currently moved to McNicoll parked until March 28th? That means the first batch of movements destined to McNicoll have been parked for a month.
  8. https://blog.metrolinx.com/2021/02/12/the-most-common-question-from-leslieville-and-riverside-why-cant-metrolinx-run-the-ontario-line-underground/ They finally addressed this question officially.
  9. When I first rode them in the late 80s it was as you described it. Same as CLRV/ALRV original seats. The floor was a light tan with small circles.
  10. Is there a website that tracks the progress of the Barrie and Stouffville line double track upgrade? Like which sections have been double tracked at any given month.
  11. Since the current trend of this line seems to be to use a light metro type vehicle, I was under the impression Canada only has the Bombardier Mark III as the sole choice of a proven product. However, from the Montreal section, I learn they are about to deliver their Alstom Metropolis light metro model. This model is wider than the Mark III and each car length is approximately the same. How feasible is it for the Ontario Line to use this model? Opinions???
  12. https://www.blogto.com/city/2020/11/heres-what-trains-eglinton-crosstown-lrt-will-look-like/
  13. https://www.blogto.com/city/2020/10/metrolinx-ontario-line-plans-toronto/ Final portion of the line revealed. The garage shows Flexity style trains to be use on the line. lol
  14. Anyone know if the Cornell Terminal will be open by the end of 2020? Or will it be super delayed like the Vaughan Smart Centre Terminal. Vivanext has it listed as 75% completion as of today.
  15. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/10/01/new-report-says-the-eglinton-crosstown-lrt-could-open-five-months-late-and-without-its-eglinton-stop.html This unexpectedly is good as it forces Line 5 users to go dt on the Spadina side of Line 1 which frees up space on the Yonge side of Line 1 during rush hours! LOL Or have a huge long walk outside between the two stations (especially during winter) which might make people think if they want to do that walk or just transfer at Cedervale Stn. Have the whole Line 5 open except Yonge Eglinton Stn.
  16. Is there a reason 3712 hasn't entered service for so long or it was missed in the wiki update as being in service?
  17. Anyone know if the TTC day passes (old paper versions that were discontinued Nov 2019) are still valid for the 2 adults on weekends? I still have a few that I couldn't use up due to covid and wonder if they can still be used?
  18. Why are they still tendering the option for 25 6-car trains if we already know the DRL will become the Ontario Line and won't use the same types of trains?
  19. https://www.blogto.com/city/2020/08/ttc-designing-all-new-subway-trains/ Don't know how accurate this article is. 60 new streetcars is correct if they intend to max out the current capacity of the 3 streetcar garages (not including Hillcrest). 62 new subway trains to replace the T1s (that's 1 to 1 replacement) but that won't be enough for the Line 2 extension once it opens in 2030 because with the current number of trains, it is only enough to run full service to Kennedy and alternate trains to Sheppard McCowan as Steve Munro stated many times.
  20. Line 6's should theoretically be less of a headache as they are not first production models and they won't be running them in a trainset of 2 like Ottawa is doing (at least not initially in 2023).
  21. Thanks for the replies everyone. Steve's latest article has 2 people talking about this issue with interesting responses. https://stevemunro.ca/2020/06/08/ttc-service-changes-effective-sunday-june-21-2020/#comments
  22. On the regular wiki for the TTC Streetcars page, it says trolley pole reduces performance for Flexity cars due to 50% less performance / having no A/C during summer. I haven't been on Flexities on a non panto route during summer to test if the A/C works. Is it true that all streetcars routes during summer besides 509/510/512 are running with no A/C?
  23. To add, there's really no need to retire the 79xx/80xx until 18 years. The 74/78xx were done early due to emission problems. They were originally suppose to go until 18 years anyway. If the 79xx/10/11xx last until 2024 which is their original intended 18 years, then Line 5 and 6 should be up and running and won't need a direct 1 to 1 replacement of new buses for them. Provided ridership hasn't jumped back to exponential levels by 2024.
  24. Why isn't the 505 being done? Platform length restriction or the route just don't run frequent enough to warrant the 2nd platform?
  25. You can board buses on regular bus routes since enforcers don't inspect fares on buses. The driver inspects them. And you don't need to tap on buses when you board them at the station inside the fare paid zone.
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