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  1. How come ION don't have door problems? They are the launch customer for the Flexity Freedom and GRT has never had experience with LRT before. Their only problem so far (as I read from their thread on this board) is slower than normal operating speeds. I don't see ION being on the news every day like OC Transpo's LRT is currently experiencing.
  2. To add, exiting from the front doors is safer on the Flexities since the car has to blow past almost the whole length of that stopped Flexity to hit you which is much longer than a CLRV.
  3. Did he forget about the Line 2 extension or is this already being federally funded? https://toronto.citynews.ca/2019/10/08/conservatives-would-fund-expansion-of-two-toronto-subway-lines-says-scheer/
  4. Actually come to think of it, maybe in the silence of the night, it went there but no one saw it and no one from this board works at Eglinton...
  5. It's well into October now and not a single K9 has shown up. lol
  6. Mount Dennis looks like it'll have a huge bus terminal. Science Centre not so much and other stations on Line 5 looks like it'll just be a bus connection on the surface with a bus terminal?
  7. Why doesn't this problem a Translink problem also? Is it the warmer climate?
  8. Does anyone know if the LRT Stage 2 South, East, West are done simultaneously or they are doing it one after the other?
  9. Anymore Line 5 cars delivered after that 7th unit in June 2019? This is like their last order for Ontario and they only have the ETS order right now in Canada outside of Ontario.
  10. I concur. Especially since these electric buses are delivered with all the new amenities the 31xx+ batch has unless the Gemini seats costs an arm and a leg or TTC found a flaw in it.
  11. Though not really NEWS but doesn't this happen every year? https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/08/toronto-cne-dufferin-bus/
  12. The Proterras remind me of the 45C Metro that NABI had. Though not as long but it got me wondering if the extra length is just for the electric parts and they can't accommodate more seats?
  13. The Proterras are 42.5ft long. Longest standard bus the TTC has. As for wheelbase, maybe it's similar to the RTS?
  14. So these things are super loud too? According to the posts below. https://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=203028&page=581
  15. 511 is all Flexities today according to Transsee. Must be the CNE and they have enough Flexities to make 511 all Flexities for these 2 weeks before dumping them over to 501L and 508 and reverting 511 back to CLRV.
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