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  1. Anyone know when the expected date for the 1st Alstom vehicle to be delivered as per the contract agreement?
  2. Speaking of these, I remember a few weeks ago I had a train on Line 1 that was displaying and externally announcing them. Was this a test unit? When will the other Line 1 and Line 2 trains be fully ready to announce and display them?
  3. How are the BE40s coming along? It's July and still no word on the first production BE40. Anyone know how well they do with the other agencies across NA?
  4. They better be able to handle -30C in heavy snow if they are to be exposed.
  5. The only other medium capacity system I can think of for the Ontario Line is Ottawa's confederation line with their super long Alstom trains. If you were to build the Ontario Line in its own right of way without ever intersecting traffic at grade, that system can be comparable to ICTS lines running Mark IIIs. However, both are still LRT width so they are no wider than the Flexities. Do you guys think the confederation line technology will be better or worse than a brand new ICTS technology for the Ontario Line?
  6. That means there's approximately 10 units left to be assembled at Thunder Bay. Are they going to finish the remaining units from Millhaven at Thunder Bay as that plant is clearly not up to par on its schedule?
  7. And to think the Provincial government wants to build the Ontario Line using this technology again. lol
  8. I forgot to look at this last weekend when I was there but does anyone know if GRT finished building that parking lot at Fairway @ Wilson for transit users? I saw articles about this being built last year but as of Oct 2018, Google Streetview still shows that area as under construction. This came under importance as I read on the news that transit users parked at Conestoga Mall parking were handed out warnings for parking there just to ride ION.
  9. There's definitely kinks to be worked out. Yesterday they already had delays during midday. Cars were not evenly spaced. It seems Conestoga had way more people lined up for ION than Fairway. It was weird. They had to do the 100 person limit per car lineup at Conestoga whereas everyone was free to board the first ION that came at Fairway.
  10. https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/06/ttc-relief-line-halted-doug-ford-transit/
  11. I thought they are going to make 501 Neville Humber 100% Flexity before having 511 use them?
  12. The 7th Freedom has been delivered as reported here. https://transit.toronto.on.ca/photos/streetcar-models/torontos-lrts/flexity-freedom-lrv-6200-6275/ttc-lrv-6206-20190613.html
  13. And now they keep on hitting them. https://globalnews.ca/news/5387799/ion-lrt-kitchener-collision/
  14. TTC shouldn't be accommodating people who got fatter. The back row of 5 seats can easily be spaced. Look at the VIIs where they have extra space between each seat in the 2006-2012 versions.
  15. From the wiki it states the first 10 units are 2018 models. Can anyone confirm this especially since the first unit came in April of 2019?
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