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  1. From the planning reports, there's only 1 batch of hybrids (60ft and 40ft) coming. From a rough calculation, there are definitely not enough to replace the NG diesels since the OG diesel, OG hybrid and NG hybrid all will go before the NG diesels. As of now their actual replacement will be the electric bus batch that comes after the hybrid batch. So the NG diesels won't be replaced by the new hybrids.
  2. GO Transit expansion pilot to London brings new connections to Southwestern Ontario | Metrolinx News
  3. It is a bylaw that TTC should implement. No eating or drinking in TTC vehicles. Look how clean it is in the Hong Kong MTR system (even before China's communist takeover). Same goes for most of the Asia metro systems. If GTA society cannot pickup after themselves, then new laws have to be implemented to control that.
  4. So all Horizons can imitate a Titan (minus the higher resolution) by having a white LED sign panel without spending the (presumbly higher cost of the Titan sign). lol What are MST and SMT Horizons? I got these terms from the cptdb on HSR, Brampton, Burlington, Oakville and DRT. From pictures, they all look white to me. The one I know that is totally different is the Luminator Spectrum which is full colour LED that GO has on their newest E500 batches.
  5. I notice more and more systems in the GTA after 2015 started ordering buses with Horizon MST, SMT, Titan (seems to be a discrepancy on the cptdb wiki on the correct wording). Only Miway, YRT still have 2020 buses using original Horizon signs. Will TTC going to use this with the next order of buses in 2022? What are the advantages of this VS the original Horizon model besides showing the LEDs in white colour? I always thought amber was the easiest colour to see than white.
  6. CLRVs use more power than the other equipment HCRR has in their inventory that could run? Wonder if they'll ever use that ALRV for rides or too troublesome.
  7. You mean 6254? Photo: ttc 6254f | TTC album | Esbdave | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy.
  8. Why would TTC have lots of spare cars for 501 if they plan to divert streetcars using Richmond Adelaide during those 5 years? If anything, it'll add more cars on 501 to compensate for the longer travel time resulting in longer frequency of service.
  9. Looks like they'll be rebuilding some of the tracks on Adelaide Street via York Street and adding a connection at Queen St/York St. Tracks already exist in Adelaide in most of the sections between York and Church but I guess they will put new tracks in as those tracks haven't been used for many years? Metrolinx releases detour plans to keep people moving during Ontario Line Queen Street construction | Metrolinx News This also brings the question of why they didn't do this for Osgoode Stn? Are there enough room there that they don't have to close off Queen St W?
  10. More pics posted here. See the first light rail vehicle arrive at Finch West Maintenance and Storage Facility | Metrolinx News
  11. So the T1/TRs don't have high rate built in or they just cannot use them anymore in the 21st century?
  12. But YRT has probably one of the most variety bus fleet in the gta. Especially Vaughan division.
  13. TTC's dispatch centre is public information though obviously the public cannot go inside it. Why does STM think theirs are more of a high risk security than TTC's?
  14. Onward to Cambridge!: Region gets provincial go-ahead to bring planned LRT route to city by 2032 - Kitchener News (kitchenertoday.com) 2028 to start construction! Such a long time away...
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