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  1. BlogTO makes hilarious titles out of this. Half-naked Toronto man sets random woman on fire at TTC bus station (blogto.com) And apparently another disturbing (though less so than today's incident) situation which caused Line 1 to be delayed. Local politician arrested for sexual assault at Toronto subway station (blogto.com)
  2. This weekend they closed Hwy 7 at the Stouffville line level grade crossing to upgrade the tracks. This got me wondering if they ever plan to grade separate this crossing since Hwy 7 is just as busy as Steeles and the whole corridor is suppose to get 15min all day all week service in a few years? If so how will they detour the traffic because everything directly east of the tracks are built very close to Hwy 7?
  3. Thanks. How about using the legacy day pass for the weekend 2 adults portions of it? Will they and the fare inspectors accept it because TTC got rid of it for the Presto day passes?
  4. I still have some TTC Day Passes (Q4 2019 last version) un-used. Can they still be used or are they all relics?
  5. If they keep this low frequency, they don't need to order anymore LRVs after the west extension opens. lol
  6. Nitpick... They are the "Go Anywhere" variants! I think you mean they are not the "SuperLO" variants?
  7. His discussion of moving to 18 yrs life cycle are for the electric buses since they offset the higher purchase cost VS diesel and hybrids. It does not mean current fleet will retire at 18 yrs.
  8. Don't forget the LFSAs will be close to their 12 yrs mark after the SRT is closed. Somehow I doubt the first batch of electric buses will be artics hence we'll be down a significant amount of artics by that time unless they plan on keeping all artics until at least 15 yrs?
  9. And less chance of drivers having the "Nova Neck" issue.
  10. 504 free from 5:30 to 11:30 on April 8. You can ride an entire streetcar line in Toronto for free this week (blogto.com)
  11. The proper term is Light Metro. Similar to the Skytrain, Confederation Line (except that one uses LF stock) and the REM.
  12. Speaking of Cornell Terminal... anyone has any updates on when this will open? The Vivanext site says Spring 2022 anytime from now to the end of June.
  13. What about 1921-22? Are they also short range?
  14. Metrolinx releases new station maps for Scarborough Subway Extension – Metrolinx News Station maps preliminary for the 3 SSE stations.
  15. Watch the first ever Finch West LRT vehicle test run in new video – Metrolinx News Surprised they plan to couple them together for testing. Line 6 will initially operate with 1 car train anyways. Coupling them together makes as long as the O Train Line 1.
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