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  1. Cityflyer

    TTC Electric Buses

    That's very interesting. That means the last forward facing seat in the front section no driver's side is only a single seat. Most systems order that as a double seat.
  2. Cityflyer

    TTC Electric Buses

    The rear probably has that single sideway seat on top of the wheel as I saw 3 rows of forward facing seats before the last row in the picture. The front section should have one more seat of forward facing seats since it doesn't have the seats in front of the front wheel and behind the driver's seat.
  3. Cityflyer

    TTC in the news

    But Doggie can't seem to be consistent. Last week he said he wants Line 2 extension to have 3 stops ending at STC. Now it ends at Sheppard.
  4. Cityflyer

    TTC in the news

    Lawrence East I was thinking in terms of North York Centre the way it was built after the tunnel was opened for operations. In other news, looks like Line 6 has taken a tiny step forward. https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/04/proposed-station-names-finch-new-lrt-line/
  5. Cityflyer

    TTC in the news

    Technically isn't the Line 1 to RHC the same as what the city planned? They can go ahead and start this project. Line 2 extension hasn't deviated that much. At least both governments agree on using the existing technology and alignment and can start this project asap especially with the impeding 2026 deadline. RL is back to the drawing board and so is the Line 5 west extension.
  6. Cityflyer

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    I might have missed a post or two but why are there a few artics at Wilson when Wilson don't have anymore artic routes now? Are those units all at Hillcrest undergoing rebuild?
  7. Cityflyer

    TTC in the news

    Judging from today's announcement, it seems the new RL will be using similar technology to Lines 5 & 6? If so, do you guys think at max frequency, the LRTs will have enough capacity for the predicted load it will carry assuming they will run each trainset as two cars of 59m (longest possibly Citadis Spirit per car length offered).
  8. Cityflyer

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Anyone know if they installed the LCD screens by now on all the 3100 series buses that didn't come with them?
  9. Cityflyer

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Does that mean Line 1's Phase 2 will need more than 34 since the original order was for 38 but 4 got taken and into the Phase 1 contract as an addition?
  10. Cityflyer

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    1) If I tapped with Presto on a TTC bus and then transferred on a 504 (outside of a fare paid zone) and forgot to tap on 504 but within the 2h, will I get in trouble if the fare inspector checks my card and find I didn't tap on the 504 even though I am still within that 2h limit? 2) If I tap on any streetcar route at 1h 58min after I initially tap on any TTC route / station, and the inspector on that streetcar route comes on and check my card say 30min into the ride, it would show I initially tapped on 2h 28min ago which is well outside the 2h limit. Will I be charged?
  11. Cityflyer

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Now that they're in the stage of pouring concrete for the stations itself and more than 6 Freedoms have been delivered, it is safe to say Line 5 will use Freedoms instead of the Spirits? Hypothetically speaking, if the Spirits were to be used, would they have to redesign the station lengths since each unit is 48m VS 60m (30 + 30)? Or would it be better if they order the 59m variant of the Spirits to match the original station design length of Line 5?
  12. Cityflyer

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    So basically the T1 specs are the real ones.
  13. Cityflyer

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    Even our own cptdb wiki says the same thing. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Bombardier_Toronto_Rocket https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Bombardier_T1
  14. Cityflyer

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    Looking at the wiki (both the regular and cptdb wiki), it seems the width and height of the T1s are a bit bigger than the TRs. Is this correct? The TRs are ~0.5m narrower and lower than the T1s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toronto_Rocket https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T_series_(Toronto_subway)
  15. Cityflyer


    I was looking at the cptdb wiki and noticed the total number of buses for Miway are ~20 more than Brampton. Is that accurate? Miway has always been quite a bit bigger but now they're comparable in size?