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  1. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    They should've kept a bunch of these instead of just mass retiring this series since they need extra vehicles for the streetcar route bustitution with the delayed arrival of Flexities and out of service streetcar due to cold weather. That way it doesn't affect regular bus routes and their spare ratio.
  2. Spadina Subway Extension

    http://toronto.citynews.ca/2018/01/11/new-line-old-problems-commuters-frustrated-delays-ttc-subway-extension/ Did anyone track or see if TTC put shuttle buses all the way up to VMC for the part north of Steeles? Or did YRT helped that section out? Jan 10 Wed, the YRT section was provided by shuttle buses according to the screenshot in the news article above.
  3. Streetcar News

    Are there any system in the world operating single module Flexity?
  4. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    What do they do at their division during this time?
  5. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    What happens to the streetcar operators who were supposed to drive 505 and 506? Do they drive the buses or they get actual bus operators from the bus garage? If it's the latter, then what happens to the streetcar operators?
  6. MiWay

    On MiWay's site, it says they are Ontario's 3rd largest municipal transit service provider. Largest by what exactly? YRT has more buses (if you include VIVA but then again MiWay includes both MiLocal and MiExpress buses) and YRT has more routes and service a much larger area.
  7. Toronto King Street Pilot Project

    Why don't they put all the ALRVs currently on 501 to 504 if capacity is such an issue?
  8. TTC in the news

  9. GO Transit

    Are 12 coach trainsets the max GO has in mind? Will they ever think about expanding it to 13-14 coach trainsets? Can the MP54ACs handle 13-14 coach trainsets? Are these one of the largest commuter rail trainsets in the world?
  10. Future TTC Bus Orders

    TTC had 1573 Orion VIIs at one point. They will still need another large order of LFSes to reach the VIIs' (at one point's) max numbers.
  11. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Are they purposely keeping the ALRVs out of service during weekdays this summer since 501 is bustituted and only 511 is using them 7 days a week and that route only takes very little amount of them. Why not put them on 504 on weekdays since they are used on weekends anyways?
  12. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Thanks for the answers above. I was looking at Transee and noticed the 2017s seem to come out only during rush hours and untrackable outside of rush. Are they still not ready for full day / weekend service?
  13. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    I was looking through the CPTDB Wiki for TTC Orion rebuilds and noticed they are rebuilding both the 1200s and 8100s and have some questions. 1) How come the rebuild is not done in order of the age of the bus? Why are the 1500s / 1700s not touched? Both are older than the 8100s. 2) How come only ONE 1200s series got the new livery while the recent rebuilds retain original livery whereas the 8100s all come out of rebuilds sporting the new livery. Thanks.
  14. TTC in the news

    How come this problem didn't affect the 2013 Viva artics?
  15. TTC Service Changes

    Cliffside was out of Danforth until the early 1990s because I remember seeing 1981 D901s on it while I was waiting for the 113 Danforth bus which was ran out of Birchmount. 113 & 20 were from different garages back then.