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  1. That's the colour scheme the MTA uses for some of their Select bus services
  2. Just look at how long they're going to take to get second entrance/exits at every station along with making it wheelchair accessible, then think about how you're going to completely re-do an already established building without infringing on operations, traffic, and the surrounding area. Oh yeah then there's something called money which the TTC doesn't have a lot of to use.
  3. Any idea what the TPS would be using this for?
  4. They don't hate Transit, they hate STREETCARS. They cancelled every transit plan because it was ALL STREETCAR, they wanted to build Subways
  5. That would alleviate the cost issue, but there'd still be a decent amount of them clamouring for service to still go into York U just for the commute time savings.
  6. and York Students weren't too fond of the idea of GO Buses not serving York, due to the added commute time and extra transfers.
  7. TTC and York Region Buses, York U knew a decent amount of their students commute via GO Transit so they didn't say anything about wanting GO Buses out, just GO Transit played with the idea because of the subway opening plus they want to see if getting rid of York U Service was viable.
  8. You definitely are missing something, you forget the additional time you have to spent walking down to the 407 Stn platform, wait for a train, take the train two stops, walk back up to the York U Stn entrance then walk to the building where your classes are, plus the infrastructure is still there for a bus loop. A terrible comparison between York and Ryerson considering there is a bus loop at York where as there isn't one for Ryerson plus the walk between Union and Ryerson is actually a quicker walk than say a walk from Pioneer Village to the bus loop at York U. There's also the problem of trying to get to class on time which means a student have to leave earlier if GO Buses won't serve York U and there's the fact of an extra $1.50 per trip ($3 a day round trip) that the students would have to pay if they don't want to or don't have the time to walk from 407 station (around a 40 minute walk according to Google).
  9. Go and tell that to the York Students who don't live within a short walk/ride of a subway station
  10. I'm still confused on this whole SmartTrack thing, is Toronto providing the funding but GO is operating the service while taking TTC Fares if the trip is strictly within Toronto city limits?
  11. I say the contrary, as a current (soon to be ex) Ryerson student there are a lot of students who do make use of the TTC to get to and from Ryerson, I'd be shocked if the U-Pass gets voted down.
  12. So are they planning to rebuild the entire 15-16 series and leave the 17-18 series as spare parts buses or is the plan to rebuild the 17-18s eventually once then 15-16s and 81-82s are done?
  13. MTR for starters has a long down time than the TTC, that might give them a bit more time to work with
  14. Didn't they already get those buses when they opened that mini garage at the Markham Road entrance, probably should have enough buses to cover the 95 Peak hour runs, probably why they got 102 Markham Rd as well.
  15. Other people have already mentioned why this is a priority and for you to think this is not for passenger safety is quite naïve. Just take a look at the amount of crowding that happens, what happens if a fire alarm goes off then, you're going to need at minimum a second exit to help disperse the crowd.
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