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  1. You're whack, if you both think it's fair that someone is waiting in que longer than you. He is done medical and doesnt have a documentation date 3 months later. I'm done talking about it as well, it shows the lack of maturity and empathy you both have regarding your future peers. I hope you both treat them with much more respect you've shown me in simply questioning fairness. ✌
  2. I care because I'm inquiring for a friend and because most of us waited well over a year. I know they're hiring based on needs but again it's not streamlined across the board for everyone. You aren't suppose to call them at all but again it seems like people do regardless of what they're told.
  3. Yep I'm sure, fair is fair and this isn't, why do I have thin skin because I ask a reasonable question that affects everyone? Yes that's what I thought, I can tell! I can post a concern here doesnt harm anyone does it? Oh maybe those with thin skin...
  4. I'm not whining nor did I ask your opinion! How long did the process take you, 5 minutes? It's the principal of the matter and there's zero logic to people being place in a pool while others pass them on the process. Is that clear enough for you?
  5. I don't understand how you've fast tracked so quickly yet others are waiting right ahead or behind you? Seems like an unfair situation. Congrats nonetheless and good luck
  6. When 1 doesn't have time 1 may only respond with 1 word. Sorry you were offended.
  7. Is 3 months a normal wait time for a documentation date?
  8. Has anyone been pushed back for their interview date due to scheduling overload? I'm literally asking for a friend.
  9. Does anybody know the best t place to go for shoes and other things via our benefits? Thanks to all
  10. Any new subway ops being hired soon? Hope you all are well.
  11. Add:bedtime shouldn't be later than 930pm the latest to function well. Lol
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