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  1. I hope the people who got hit will be ok.
  2. D. Jacenkovic

    General WTF Moments

    They just really love ripping students off. The most annoying thing is how they publish new editions of the same book every year, with no useful changes except something like changing the page numbers or questions, rendering any older editions useless (good luck finding the assigned homework), forcing you to waste money on a book that you'll only need for 1 semester, and likely never open it again afterwards.
  3. D. Jacenkovic

    Transit Related Dreams

    I was waiting for a southbound train at North York Center (NYC) station, and when I heard a train approaching I walked towards the front (south end) of the platform, then realized the train sounded like an H4, and when I peaked into the tunnel I could see that indeed it was an H4 (at first I thought it must be a workcar, but since workcars basically never go full speed I knew something else was going on). I ran back to the north end of the platform and pulled out my phone to start filming, and a 6-car H4 set pulled into the station. Considering how special the sighting was (H4 in service on line 1, in 2019), I was excited to have captured it on video, then realized (while still dreaming, half awake) that it's a dream and that the sighting will disappear as soon as I wake up and open my eyes, and no video evidence will be left either
  4. D. Jacenkovic

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Can a Ford pickup pick up Ford?
  5. D. Jacenkovic

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I felt the exact same way in middle school, my time in middle school was not fun at all, and by the end of it I was really looking forward to leaving and having a fresh start in HS. Most people from my middle school went to the HS closest to where I live, whereas I went to a different one further north for the International Baccalaureate program, and luckily was able to stay in the same school in Gr 11-12 when I dropped out of IB into the regular Academic program (technically since no longer in IB I was supposed to attend the school closest to where I live, but luckily I was able to stay in the same school because I had zero interest in going back to school with people who bullied me in middle school). There was some bullying in HS too, but it wasn't too bad, I actually started making more friends, and in Gr 12 bullying was basically a non-issue (and after leaving HS, bullying is basically no longer relevant to you). So I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. Yeah, that's what I don't miss about school either. Even in university you get homework and the occasional essay or presentation (which I hate doing the most). I definitely miss other aspects of school, like some of the more interesting courses I took and never really indulged myself in actually grasping the concepts being taught (just wanted to get a good mark on the course), despite having an interest in the topics myself, and luckily I can still come and just chill at university (as well as taking advantage of the alumni gym membership). I too miss my teen years and my friends from HS (some of which I'm still in contact with). Nostalgia Kids these days... when I was a kid I never had my own phone, got my first one in like Gr 12 (Nokia C3) and my first smartphone (Samsung) in university. I never had such expensive "toys" to play with throughout my childhood. Fuck I'm old
  6. D. Jacenkovic

    TTC in the news

    If the T1 rebuild actually happens (and proves successful), they'd outlive the H4s by a very big margin of nearly 10 years (46 years vs 37). They're planning on getting new trains for service expansion on both lines in the mid 2020's, which could also be used to replace the T1s if the order is expanded, yet they are doing this. Hmmm...
  7. D. Jacenkovic

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    Agreed. According to Steve's article, new trains are supposed to come in the mid/late 2020's for service expansion on both lines, but there would be no room to store them if they don't build Kipling by then (the article mentions the new yard being available in 2031). And if the yard is built by 2031, there should be absolutely no excuse to further delay the T1 replacement until 2036-2041. This whole situation is beyond ridiculous. If they don't have enough funding for all planned spendings, perhaps they should've deferred some other project(s) instead of deferring the T1 replacement.
  8. D. Jacenkovic

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    According to the post (specifically Table 2B), they're listed as lasting until 2041.
  9. D. Jacenkovic

    Transit Related Dreams

    Last night (Sunday morning): Me and some friends (I think @PCC Guy was there too) go into the subway at Main, I hear the westbound train arrive and sprint downstairs (nearly sliding down the railing), and get on the last pair of cars which are wrapped in a full body wrap like some of the TRs, basically an assortment of colors, predominantly dark purple, with the interior ads & floor/seats matching the theme. Along the way, I noticed one of my friends waving at me from the next car, and was going to change cars at the next stop. As the train entered Greenwood, I saw (through 5-6 cars) a figure of a person infront of the train, that looked like a dummy that was deliberately placed there. It was flattened by the train. As the doors opened, I noticed there was another track between the train and the platform, forcing passengers to walk across the tracks and step over the 3rd rail and then climb the platform. I was wondering what will happen next, then it was announced that the train is out of service. I wanted to film the wrapped pair of cars, only to find that somehow I ended up above ground at night with a full Moon watching a pair of cars that looked like they're made of copper, coupled to a freight train. One of the most interesting & bizarre dreams I've had, and as is often the case, the logic & plot of the dream makes zero sense in reality.
  10. D. Jacenkovic

    TTC Electric Buses

    With all the 7000-7300's long gone, and now the 7400's gone as well, there's no reason why they can't start reusing the 7000+ series? It'd take a while to reach the 7900s, and by the time it does, the original 7900's would most likely be long gone as well.
  11. D. Jacenkovic

    You know you're a transitfan when...

    When you go skiing to Lake Placid and notice a trail named after a bus.
  12. D. Jacenkovic

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    RIP Opportunity
  13. D. Jacenkovic

    General LOL moments

    Yesterday I took the subway home, and on the PA someone announced "yo my bad Jason's behind us!"🤣
  14. D. Jacenkovic

    Peeves in everyday life...

    Agreed, it happens to me a lot, especially when I'm trying to catch a train and can't get downstairs because too many people are in front of me, and barely moving. The annoying thing is when there's no way around them, so you're forced to slow down to a crawl (I generally walk relatively fast). Hell, sometimes you can't even get around one person in front of you on the sidewalk.
  15. D. Jacenkovic

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I have come to the complete opposite conclusion (although frankly, neither extreme is nice). I wish Toronto's seasonal variations were less extreme, kinda like Vanc (although I heard it gets a lot of rain) You forgetting NYC?