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  1. Hopefully they'll get ALP46s if & when some of the GO lines are electrified.
  2. 81-717


    Are there any plans to resume the Maple Leaf train service between Toronto & NYC once the land border finally reopens?
  3. Anyone know the type of train seen here (with a very H4-like interior) & the transit system it belongs to? My guess would be something like the Comet series cars owned by Metro-North & NJ Transit, but having ridden both systems none of the trains I caught had this interior.
  4. Add "hotel" (up until a couple months or so ago) and "essential".
  5. For some reason, the search function on here doesn't work properly. Even if I type a single word that is guaranteed to appear all over the forum (i.e. "bus") just to test the search function, it still gives no results depending on the word(s) used (i.e. "bus" doesn't give results, but "buses" does). Also would be nice to get rid of the "Please wait X seconds before attempting another search", if possible.
  6. Last week I was finally able to do my first post-pandemic railfanning trip outside of Canada. I went back to NYC with the intent of visiting previously unexplored subway stations/lines, as well as also focusing on mainline railroads this time, something I started focusing on since March 2021 (my interest in railroads has been dormant for years, but eventually came back into the picture ever since I got into model railroading since April 2020). Over the course of this trip, I planned to explore the Long Island Railroad, Metro-North Railroad, NJ Transit & Staten Island Railway, as well as check out the NYC railcar float operation. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to visit Staten Island (especially with it not being accessible by transit – the only way to get to it is the ferry) or the site of the railcar float operation, or get a significant amount of footage from NJ & Long Island (so far, I only put together 1 video of each of those). However, I did end up with 5 Metro-North videos, including a ballast train on the Hudson line (the only freight I was lucky enough to catch in NYC) – that video is the highlight of my trip, and one of my personal favorites, since it combines the subway, commuter rail & a freight in one video. I also uploaded 7 new NYC subway videos, which can be found at the top of this playlist. In NJ, my main focus were the ALP46 electric locomotives, since electrics are exceedingly rare in North America despite being very common in Europe & Russia, and because the ALP46 design is based on the German Class 101 electric, thus bringing a bit of the German feel into America. Now that I've returned from the trip, I will be taking a break for the next few months in order to focus on my educational/vocational goals. I decided to pursue a 12-week coding bootcamp starting in late October, that will have a 72 hr/week schedule (12 hrs/day, 6 days/week), meaning that I won't have much time for anything else, including railfanning. Though in this case it's all well and good, because quite frankly I hate having to post even more domestic videos – whether from the GTA, from Ontario, or even anywhere in Canada (not that I have, or expect to have in the near future, any domestic videos from outside the GTA) – after having posted new videos from my latest trip abroad. I'd rather my international videos stay at the top of the pile as long as possible, and hate having them buried under more & more domestic videos. Therefore, pursuing the coding bootcamp would be the perfect opportunity for me to keep myself busy leaving no time to go railfanning anywhere in Ontario. I won't feel like I'm missing out on much, because the NYC trip always makes me feel like I've seen pretty much everything and am ready to take a break & shift the focus towards one of the more serious aspects of my life. Stay tuned until I'm done the bootcamp and am ready to plan my next trip abroad (the trip that will be the true highlight is my planned & long-awaited trip to Russia which I'm aiming for 2023, or *maybe* 2022).
  7. Wanted to setup the outdoor table in the backyard today, for which I had to take all the parts out of the shed, before attempting to take out the glass table top (usually done by 2 people). Unfortunately the shed has just about the worst configuration possible: very narrow (especially with over half the width being used as storage space), with stairs to climb leaving only a small space at the top & bottom of the stairs, and a sharp turn right at the top of the stairs to the exit. The table top wouldn't fit when I tried to lift it & turn it, and when I started slowly lowering it back down it exploded into a million pieces all over the shed. Luckily none of the fragments went in my eyes, though I got a couple minor cuts on my arms and legs. Cleaning up the mess was definitely more time-consuming and less fun than assembling the table.
  8. Lying in bed at 2 am watching youtube videos on your phone at minimum volume, rewinding part of a video & putting the phone right up to your ear to hear the audio once more, and being hit with a deafening DING!! gmail notification from "ebay: help us protect your account" which gets sent out from time to time, and "just happened" to pop up at this exact moment. Lol seriously? Fuck right off. And another one that happened about 30 mins earlier: quietly sneaking out of your room, and of course bumping into the robot vacuum cleaner on the floor.
  9. Hopefully at least enough time to be able to fit in a brief getaway trip to NYC and back. Having gotten my double Pfizer, I'm very tempted to take advantage of the opportunity to fly to the US and back without having to quarantine while said opportunity lasts.
  10. Neighbor just called, informing me that the other day she found dismembered body parts of what looked like a ginger cat outside of her house, and that there have been reported sightings of coyotes in the neighborhood (particularly at night). She wanted to make sure my cat is ok. He is, but he's definitely not going outside anytime soon now. I hope the black cat down the street is ok too.
  11. How about seatbelts?
  12. Maybe not on the PCCs, but on the H1s the blue-green and cream is a very nice combination (it would also look good if you add the faux woodgrain, without woodgrain it does look more bland, but not in a bad way). To me, the H1/5/6 color scheme is the most distinctive, that I even tend to notice similar color patterns in certain everday objects (for example, the cover of a book I have reminds me of the H1 scheme): I'm the opposite, I'm not a fan of those types of interiors (especially with wooden bodies or any interior components, such as window frames) because that just has 1920s (or earlier) vibes, and wooden bodies/interiors are like the stone age of transit evolution that make the G-cars look state-of-the-art top-of-the-line modern. Which is why it's very disappointing to think that the Soviet E-cars built in the 1960s & early 1970s weren't all that far off from that 1920s look. As much as the current modern designs like the T1/TR might seem bland, I much prefer them (some of the E-cars have been rebuilt to a similarly modern design). Agreed. Interesting that the brand new GO transit cars still have cream interior walls. True, the bright colors on the H5/6s always made them feel brighter & more inviting than the T1s. Indeed, the H2/4s seemed significantly darker because the walls were of a darker tan color. It's interesting that the H1s had the exact same cream walls as the H5/6s, makes you wonder why they switched to the darker color on the H2/4 only to switch back to the lighter cream on the H5/6.
  13. Yeah, I suppose it depends on what one grew up with. I assumed it's an unpopular opinion because I assume that only people like myself who grew up with the H-cars would prefer the H-cars over the G/M-cars because we weren't around to see the G/M-cars, whereas the socially acceptable opinion is that the G/M-cars are far more historically important and thus would be most people's favorite. It's impossible to say for sure whether I would feel differently if I grew up riding the G-cars, but based on what I know about them (mostly pictures and some videos, I've never had a chance to visit HCRR yet) I still prefer the H-cars. Another arguably unpopular opinion of mine is that I prefer the more modern 1960/1970s interior over the vintage 1940/1950s interior with incandescent lighting; my favorite interior designs would have to be the 1970s (like the H5/6, R44/46 and several other cars of that era) and 1960s (specifically like the H1 and R32/42). It's weird to think that the younger generations would grow up with just the T1s and TRs and hardly even know of anything that came before that, to them the H-cars would be just as unfamiliar as the G-cars are to most people in my demographic.
  14. Agreed, I especially love the screaming of the H5 motors on that stretch of the line, but it was certainly interesting to see how the H6 motors sound in comparison. Unfortunately that video seems to have been taken down (or privated), it was nowhere to be found last time I checked. Hopefully the author will eventually repost it (there have been cases of youtubers taking down videos & even their accounts, only to later create a new account & reupload their videos). Unpopular opinion, I know: I like the 5s and 6s way more, for the reason @York Transit and I mentioned above.
  15. As of now I have my 2nd booked on the 15th, exactly 4 weeks after the 1st. I really hope they'll have Pfizer available to give out, since not all countries agree on mixing & matching different vaccines. America for one doesn't agree "except in exceptional cases" (how would one prove that?). Such inconsistency could make the logistics of international travel a dumpster fire waiting to happen. I also tried to get on a waitlist at a pharmacy so that Pfizer would be guaranteed, but haven't heard back yet.
  16. I was thinking the same thing. I remember seeing that video too, it was #5815.
  17. Yeah I read about that case too. Disgusting indeed. Glad the doctors were able to intervene right away. Obviously I know better than to touch that shit let alone eat it, but reading shit like that really makes me paranoid about accidental contamination in outdoor/public spaces (and subsequently unknowingly bringing it home), since you never know who or what was there before you. Thank goodness those parasites can't cause a widespread outbreak and turn into a pandemic (...they... can't..., right???...), they most certainly put the most severe COVID symptoms to shame. The most maddening thing about those parasites is, how the fuck could they possibly become airborne (bacteria or viruses I get, but not this) especially after the shit dries up (you'd think the parasites would also dry up and die), and most importantly, how the actual FUCK could they possibly be resistant to nearly all disinfectants, including hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and bleach!? The one thing that is guaranteed to instantly destroy them is high heat, but unfortunately burning down the whole area wherever they are found is not an option, although it would be satisfying to watch. My cat likes doing the same thing sometimes lol, he always tries to sneak through when he knows he's not allowed (whether it's my parents' bedroom, or outside without his tag). I've been wanting to schedule an appointment to take him to the vet to get checked (partly because of the above reason), but last time I checked on their website they still don't do in-person appointments, only curbside. Which is stupid because we're not dropping off & picking up a lawnmower from the repair shop, we're checking in on the well-being of a living being here. What's next, curbside pickup at schools & daycares? lol
  18. I fucking hate raccoons to death ever since I found out about the extremely disgusting biohazard their waste poses to humans and other living beings. I won't spill the details on here, but anyone curious can google it (or rather, don't). Now I'm literally paranoid to ever let my cat go outside ever again, should he ever come in contact with one of those "things", and can't help but be paranoid that the ground I walk on (and any surfaces I touch, like door handles, etc) are contaminated. I don't want those things anywhere near my house or my pet (and the neighboring houses & pets).
  19. Saw a privately-owned Classic with a rear window near Finch station today.
  20. I tried rebooking mine today (3 weeks from my 1st would be July 8), but the earliest it had to offer me was July 15 (4 weeks after my 1st), and when I would select the location where I got my 1st (or any other location within Toronto) it would tell me there are 0 spots available for that day (didn't even let me select a different day). Does it mean all spots are already full, or will they become available later on (most of the locations in Toronto were listed as "June 28 - July 4").
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