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  1. I don't particularly like raccoons anymore than squirrels, for similar reasons, but many animals are actually smarter than you think. Pretty ironic that squirrels don't know better than to jump right in the path of a giant behemoth rapidly approaching, yet also figured out how to make a comfortable nest under the hood of said behemoth. A dog or a cat is generally smart enough not to jaywalk right in front of a moving vehicle (and yes, I am biased in the sense that a cat or dog being hit would make me more upset than a squirrel/raccoon). And don't forget, an animal or even a human playing chicken with a moving vehicle affects the driver of the vehicle as well (whether the vehicle is a bike, car, train, or anything in between), whose reflexes get triggered forcing them to swerve (if possible) or slam on the brakes. As urban infrastructure evolved, so did certain forms of life. Life always finds a way to adapt to its environment. Squirrels, raccoons, pigeons, etc are all urban wildlife.
  2. Interestingly, I found this article from 1.5 years ago which mentions the squirrel problem becoming significantly more pervasive throughout the GTA as a side effect of the lockdowns (I do remember it becoming an issue in our house right around the beginning of 2020, even though that was before lockdowns even started). It also specifically mentions: Not saying that running them over is the solution, but damn, something needs to be done about this problem...
  3. Just a little something that would have the internet inflamed: pineapple pizza washed down with a mix of Coke & Pepsi
  4. Same thing routinely happens when a common word/phrase/term gets used as the name of a company/product. The word/expression eventually loses its original meaning. To the point...
  5. I've actually come to quite like the proposed new design, especially with the red paint, to the point where I'd be disappointed if it ends up being anything other than. @smallspy I'm also curious as to how a sloped, but flat (non-curved) front end (like on the proposed OL rolling stock design) would compare aerodynamically to the TR-style front end (which is both sloped and curved) as well as the boxy design like the T1? Does the fact that the T1 end caps have sideways-sloping sides (non-perpendicular to the long side of the car) also make any noticeable difference than if the end caps were completely flat?
  6. It's also possible that some of those bots advertising drugs, counterfeit products, or "other illegal material" could be undercover sting operations to see if anyone falls for it. In the meantime, here's another bot (already reported): https://cptdb.ca/profile/40162-ashelyco19/
  7. If North American subways are overbuilt compared to European ones, they should be able to withstand mainline rail operation better than their European counterparts, no? Too bad that instead of 1 "toy operation" (the SRT), we're going to have 3 more (line 5/6 and apparently the OL as well). Incompatible couplers are a solvable issue (just use an adapter), and having the same track gauge would be a prerequisite. Well, considering that the REM cars are just over 60' long and almost 3m wide, that makes them about the same size & capacity as New York's B-division cars (and quite a bit bigger than the A-division cars), both of which are unambiguously heavy rail. Maybe the reason it's considered a light metro is because the anticipated ridership requires trains only 2–4 cars long. If I remember correctly, that was the theoretical minimum headway with ATC. Of course, that's only on paper, in reality is a different story.
  8. Well, out of those 3, the SRT is the most obvious example of a light metro (more obvious than the other 2). How much higher can the frequencies get though? With ATC, the frequency of heavy rail subways is expected to be increased to once every 90 seconds. 4-car trains on the OL would need to run with headways of less than 60 seconds to match the capacity of 6-car trains on lines 1/2 running with headways of 90 seconds. Yes I know, but I expected the standards to which any given type of vehicle is built to be fairly consistent worldwide. Did the State-of-the-Art Car delivery by rail prove that the practice was not a good idea, or were those particular cars just built differently to allow it?
  9. So the line will be built to light metro standards, instead of heavy rail? If the trains are going to be similar to the REM, that should qualify as heavy rail (not sure why the REM is classified as a light metro let alone light rail, because the rolling stock design looks very much like heavy rail). Weren't all subway cars up to the T1s delivered on flatcars as well? I can see why a tram/LRV can't be towed in a mainline consist, but I thought that a subway car (much like a commuter railcar) should be able to handle it without issue (since they do it in Europe all the time). Is the mainline track connection going to be built regardless of whether the cars get shipped by rail or by truck?
  10. No I am not. That's what I was wondering – a connection to the mainline can allow the cars to be transported directly by rail (as in, coupling them to a freight consist), although this is far more common practice in Europe than in North America. Will they be in standard married pairs like Montreal's REM, full-length sets like the TR, or unconventional married pairs like the future T1 replacements?
  11. To be fair, squirrels are among the most erratic when it comes to approaching vehicles, always running back & forth towards/away from the road, only to then jump right under the wheels of the vehicle at the very last second. I call it "play stupid games, win stupid prizes". Squirrels are honestly the worst all around, from infesting your attic keeping you up at night, to messing up your lawn, to messing with traffic like that.
  12. Will the Ontario line have any track connections to the mainline rail network (i.e. at Exhibition or along the Lakeshore East portion)?
  13. Why is water boiling in a kettle so damn loud. I swear the whole damn neighborhood can hear you trying to sneak an extra cup of coffee for yourself
  14. Speaking of which, the other day I saw a group of pigeons who obviously had a death wish.
  15. Squirrels are assholes. I prefer birds.
  16. Ah, I see, I assumed they did, just like the R44/46s. The R44/46s would actually be a better example here, since iirc they were originally delivered as unconventional "married pairs" (cab car & non-cab car), before being linked into 4-car sets (some, like 6152–6153–6207–6206, were linked even more recently). So basically when they were still almost brand new. When Kipling yard is built, the trains could be serviced at Kipling, while GW could be used only for storage (and for servicing other equipment like work cars). After all, the TRs have been stored there overnight on a few occasions when they ran on line 2, they just wouldn't have been maintained there.
  17. Interior-wise, I say the H5/6 wins hands down. Exterior-wise, I'm 50–50 on the H5 vs. the H1–4. It'd also be nice if the new trains' interiors end up being similar to the Alstom Metropolis in Budapest, which is pretty nice compared to most modern interiors. To the point, while the proposed configuration of the new trains is a viable solution to the present limitations of Greenwood yard and lack of a Kipling yard, in the long term if & when Kipling yard is built, they would then have the option to link the trains into a TR-type configuration, just like MTA linked their R62s and R68s (into sets of 5 and 4 respectively).
  18. Those plans may be looking good on paper, but we still keep bumping into the same wall over & over again: lack of funding. The question is, what's taking so long for the provincial & federal gov'ts to at least give a clear yes or no answer ("yes, you'll get funding" / "nope, you guys are S.O.L.").
  19. 2026 is still a few years away anyway, so if the contract were awarded now there's still a chance to make the planned timeframe. And again think back to how it only took 5 years from the time the TR was first thought of in 2005 (before the contract was awarded) to the first set arriving on property in 2010. And it's still not clear what the deal will be with T1s vs. ATC. Retrofitting the T1s with ATC has been considered & rejected multiple times over, and converting line 2 to ATC has been funded (unlike the new fleet) because doing a life extension of the legacy signal system is not considered a valid option. This leaves 3 possibilities: 1) the new fleet gets here in time for the SSE & ATC on line 2 2) the T1s are rebuilt, but are incapable of running on an ATC line 2 3) the T1s are rebuilt & continue to run on a non-ATC line 2 (including the SSE?), which would cause more problems related to the aging legacy signal system
  20. If your argument is that Alstom selling T1 parts now & new trains 10 years later is the same, economically, as them selling both of those things at the same time, the argument should hold true for both sides (the seller & buyer), no? Which means it'll only end up costing the TTC more in the long run because they'd end up having to pay for both. So while it might be a goldmine for Alstom, it would literally be the opposite of that for the TTC.
  21. Well, Bombardier never had the chance to prove itself by doing a life extension of the M/Hs prior to producing the T1s & TRs, nor did UTDC have the chance to prove itself by doing a life extension of the Gs prior to producing the H6s (although considering how the H6s turned out, UTDC probably wouldn't do a very good job at rebuilding the Gs either). In any case, having a company do a life extension of an older fleet has never been a prerequisite for said company to build the replacement fleet – why should this time be any different? If the T1 replacement trains hopefully arrive on schedule, the T1s would probably only require a minor rebuild to last until the late 2020s / early 2030s. Hopefully that won't be the case here (although the outlook is looking pretty grim unless some major changes happen ASAP). The first TR arrived on property in 2010, merely 5 years after the design was first proposed in 2005, and that's including all the delays involved. They could always go back to the married-pair configuration. Plenty of models that came out after the TR continue to use that configuration (i.e. Montreal REM, Long Island Railroad M9, Metro North M8), and while those aren't technically subways, there's no reason why the subway can't do the same.
  22. https://stevemunro.ca/2022/10/11/will-line-2-renewal-ever-happen/ And the jeopardy of line 2's fate continues...
  23. A lot of the time it's 1 account creating several threads in several subforums (sometimes it could be several accounts doing this at the same time). Since there doesn't seem to be an option to report profiles directly, I'd report 1 of the multiple threads created by said profile, indicating it as a "spam account", and eventually all those threads get deleted & the spam profile turns blank
  24. I always avoid shutting down my computer, I just leave all my internet tabs open & close the lid, putting it in sleep mode (sometimes it randomly wakes up for no reason). Unfortunately there seems to be a limit to how long you can keep doing that, as once every few weeks or so I open it up to discover it had shut down & I now have to restart & reopen everything. The same thing happens with Chrome on mobile.
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