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  1. Go and read ttc helps and look at the ridiculous complaints. Now it has even become easier to complain. Just put in the employee number and time and thats it. No need to look for a vehicle number, route etc. Complaints should be followed like other transit agency where it costs $25 to put a complaint in. The agency investigates and if yhe complaint is found just they return the $25 and deal with the problem
  2. Poor drivers, now entitled customers will use your id number to complain about anything and everything, mostly unjust. Be interesting when management will be flooded with complaints and wont have time to deal with it.
  3. Someone is going to be in trouble.
  4. If you need guidance for a simple assignment, Maybe you should find another job
  5. Pardon if this has been answered but how would they know is you have sleep apnea ?
  6. Questions of the people applying Rumors are flying at my division that ttc is speeding up hiring process meaning when you get called in for the information session at the hotel, the interview also takes place the same day. Can someone chime in if the process has changed ? Thanks in advance
  7. Top of my head Gladstone will be gone
  8. Exactly don’t forget Leslie barns is steps away from the wheeltrans lakeshore garage lol
  9. Just chiming in here, been a while since I’ve been on. Great to see lots of new potential hires. Love the enthusiasm and the questions being asked. Good luck to everyone and I’m happy I’m slowly moving up the seniority ladder. Keep up with the hard work, it all pays off in the end.
  10. Curious to what you moved onto ? Pretty much bang on what he said
  11. If you don't think fare invading doesnt occur and it isn't a problem, I suggest asking other operators, collectors or ask a fare enforcement officers for their opinion. I respect your concerns by mentioning the way operators drive. But it seems you are only seeing the wrongs in a ttc operator. I mean to be fair, you should mention how other people drive their cars, how taxis and Uber drivers are agressively, how cyclist dont follow the rules of the road, how pedestrians don't follow the rules of the road. The list can go on and on. I'm sure if you told us where you worked, I bet I ca
  12. Take it from a operator and a whole new topic but a lot of people don't pay for a ride. Ask others on here and I'm sure they will give the same answer. My opinion is the rate is a lot higher than what ttc says. The people that get free rides are all different types of people, young,old, black, white, rich and poor. These people know how the system works and how to get around it People complain about the high ttc prices but are also the first to criticize a fare inspector for doing their job. The public will take out the cell phone and tape any altercation with a ttc employee and the pub
  13. People pay on st Clair????? As soon as streetcars went all door boarding for some strange reason people rush to the back
  14. Just as the other user posted, no problem as long as the tattoo is not offensive ....if you think it is and feel uncomfortable being seen I recommend you wear a long sleeve under/t shirt underneath or buy an arm sleeve which would hide your ink as well protect you from a farmers tan
  15. Ask any operator, lowfloors have more power and faster acceleration but this will lead to customers being throw around if you push the throttle down fully l. When you step full throttle on a crlv/arlv to accelerate it might be slower but it's more smoother in terms of a ride, meaning you won't throw passengers around. I cringe when I'm heading eastbound on king at Dufferin or heading westbound at sumach and king and a 514 cherry low floor turns in front of me. I just simply lose any time I had and I'll be behind my schedule time by the time 514 turns off king at least 2 to 3 minutes. (And th
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