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  1. Every bus and streetcar has a waybill on it at all times. Everyday a new one is taken out of the division with the vehicle.
  2. It makes for fast and convenient boarding and alighting. If we didn’t open all doors at each stop, most people would just stand there waiting for the doors to open instead of just pushing the button. This would increase dwell times at stops.
  3. Yup, there was definitely a time during the summer of 2017 when some ALRVs were deployed onto the 505 and 506 during the Queen Street construction. I distinctly recall my first and only time ever operating 4212 was as a 505 on one particular day..
  4. If they didn’t make you aware that you require them before you start training then you don’t have anything to worry about. I believe the dresscode initially calls for dress shoes. I believe you will be provided with a voucher after you start training to put toward the purchase of safety shoes.
  5. 4078 has definitely seen it's last day of service. Noticed it at Russell with a whole bunch of parts missing.
  6. I’m not so sure 4246 is retired. It seems as though it is currently being used as a mule at Leslie to shunt the dead cars around the yard.
  7. It looks like it’s over for 4082. Noticed it in Russell carhouse without a headlight.
  8. .32 days of training (does not include weekends or holidays) .First few days of training are at Hillcrest .You’ll be based out of Russell/Leslie division .You’ll be taught on the new cars at the beginning of training and they’ll teach you the old cars toward the end .Midterm written test, Final written test, Circle check test, Coupling test(old and new cars), B-23 test, Midterm driving test, Final driving test (old and new cars) .Older vehicles are nicer to drive in my opinion .Large stopping distance must be given, especially in slippery rail conditions .Stop,Check,Go all switches and always ensure that they are set for your intended direction of travel .When leaving a main line over a manual switch, you are required to go back and set it for the main-line direction once you have passed over it .10km/h over all facing and trailing switches until your rear trucks have passed over them .25km/h entering signallized intersections .25km/h entering crosswalks
  9. I don’t know if it is officially decommissioned, but I noticed 4027 in Russell carhouse with a missing headlight and some interior electronics torn out. I also saw the A section of 4238 being halled east along Kingston Road on a flatbed today.
  10. Nope, I also noticed 4214, 4224, 4208, 4210, 4200, 4215, 4203, 4230, 4247 and 4237. On other tracks in the yard at the time I also saw 4207, 4242, 4204, 4221 and 4243. The cars sitting at Leslie right now are 4201, 4212, 4213, 4216, 4220, 4222, 4232, 4235, 4238, 4239, 4244, 4245 and 4246
  11. I believe you mistook it for 4182, which is indeed missing part of its skirt and is still sitting beside 4202. Had a walk through the yard today and noticed that 4218 and 4251 seemed to be missing a substantial amount of parts. I think it’s safe to say that these 2 cars will not see service again.
  12. That’s true, but it hasn’t officially been listed as decommissioned on this thread.
  13. It looks like 4202 might be a goner. I noticed it has one track/signal light missing and it’s front destination sign has been removed.
  14. Between 5pm and 7pm. Most shifts will be more than 8 hours. The only time you’ll do less than 8 hours is if you’re doing a 1 piece special or if you’re on open report and are sent home.
  15. It appears as though the repairs are complete. Spotted it at the Leslie Barns today and it looks like nothing happened to it.
  16. I don’t think they’d ever make streetcars loop at Leslie. The reason is, they’d all have to operate through Leslie Yard if they were looping there. Due to the special switches in the yard and the fact that they are operated by the yard controller, it would be chaos for every streetcar entering the yard to report to yard control before they can enter the yard and make certain that their route through the yard is properly set.
  17. I believe nfitz was referring to CLRV 4090.
  18. Uh, the damage is worse than you can tell from those photos. Broken windows, torn up fiberglass body panels. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some structural damage as well. In the last case you're speaking of, the only damage was to the front skirt of a CLRV which can be replaced in no time. This looks quite a bit more severe.
  19. Yup, passed it on the 401 in Pickering about 2 hours ago.
  20. It's Spadina and King/Charlotte Loop
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