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  1. https://discordapp.com/invite/wZkMWn2 Heres the fixed link!
  2. If you haven't watched our first video yet please do! -- In this series called Vehicle Showcase, we will be showcasing different types of transit vehicles in North America. This episode will go over TTC's Novabus LFS HEV. Make sure to subscribe for future content coming soon!
  3. Hey guys me and Maxim Polyakov have created a new YouTube channel, please subscribe and stayed tuned to our new video premiering at 630PM EST!! Also follow our Twitter and Instagram, and join our Discord server. Thanks. Links: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWQ0ACG_1qygzZbHg8-BJLQ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PTD_Transit Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ptd_transit/D Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/wZkMWn2
  4. Not a different panel, came off a wrap they didn't properly take off
  5. Doubt he knew, he had a lot of trouble with the controls on the bus while driving
  6. 3700 did 2 trips on jane, then got taken off since the driver's knee was hurting from the position of the seat/pedals
  7. Whats your point? thats been delivered a long time ago
  8. Starting from Tuesday this week the NGs are starting to get front door interlock, 1274 is the only one I know with it right now, just got it installed today.
  9. Thats what i've heard from my shop foremen, dont know if its actually true
  10. Correction, meant to say 1685 is retired
  11. Just because the wiki says it's retired dosent mean it's retired...
  12. 1778, 1808 Retired, and decommissioned today
  13. Ok, and i don't want a bus full of 45+ people. The bus isn't going anywhere, so there is always next time.
  14. Yes, but the chance of getting a spot is very very low.
  15. No, you have to sign up first, but we are already full on spots so you can't come
  16. Depending on which type of bus you're on you can easily press the stop request without the bell making a sound, it has nothing to do with VISION, also the "Not In Service" signs at stations are not random, if the bus arrives before its scheduled time, depending on the route the sign will flip to Not In Service until its scheduled time to depart that stop.
  17. It's still at Malvern parked along the Sheppard wall, I have no clue
  18. The buses at obico are still considered malvern buses, so they'll be back and forth for repairs
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