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  1. Starting from Tuesday this week the NGs are starting to get front door interlock, 1274 is the only one I know with it right now, just got it installed today.
  2. Thats what i've heard from my shop foremen, dont know if its actually true
  3. Correction, meant to say 1685 is retired
  4. Just because the wiki says it's retired dosent mean it's retired...
  5. 1778, 1808 Retired, and decommissioned today
  6. Ok, and i don't want a bus full of 45+ people. The bus isn't going anywhere, so there is always next time.
  7. Yes, but the chance of getting a spot is very very low.
  8. No, you have to sign up first, but we are already full on spots so you can't come
  9. Depending on which type of bus you're on you can easily press the stop request without the bell making a sound, it has nothing to do with VISION, also the "Not In Service" signs at stations are not random, if the bus arrives before its scheduled time, depending on the route the sign will flip to Not In Service until its scheduled time to depart that stop.
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