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  1. Small bit of news to pass but 1401-1406 have had their CBus liveries removed and put into service on various routes. The Cbus route was originally suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic but now has been confirmed to be discontinued entirely as of 9/2022. Also "Tacobus" 1276 is still at the spot it was at but has received a paint job so it looks nicer
  2. COTA mainstream 1276 has been spotted after retirement now converted (poorly) into a taco bus. safe to say all 12xx, 13xx, 14xx 15xx mainstream buses are retired.
  3. oh wow. so i guess now cota is up to 3 or 4 ad wrapped buses with special liveries. also noticed the 11xx and the 12xx have been shifted to certain routes and have been seeing less 10xx units lately so those buses might be retiring soon?
  4. COTA is going to buy 2 electric buses from new flyer and will have options for 8 more. https://www.newflyer.com/2020/09/central-ohio-purchases-zero-emission-xcelsior-charge-transit-buses-from-new-flyer/?fbclid=IwAR2p8sKcA1Q9hOZ9tBmq98_omkl3nUjnY5DBml-F95byguQaggfKPHWnmHM also the fleet numbers for the 2020 XN40s are 2001-2028 Some of the Chevy Cutaways are still operating on local routes to help with social distancing.
  5. As far as i know only those 2 went up there simonsevillematt might have additional info
  6. Update on the buses sold to tarc: 2721 - 2726 And 2931 - 2933 were sold to tarc 9903 also still with that charter service as of last week. All 2008 gillig are retired and some are going to go to tarta Various Chevy cutaway buses used for project mainstream have been serving on select local routes for the last few months during the pandemic to help with social distancing.
  7. Spotted bus 2009 in service yesterday as I got sunburnt yesterday waiting on the 24. Not the best pic as it caught me by surprise.
  8. TODO (Paperbuses):

    Future plans for making paperbuses:

    COTA's Flxibles, gilligs, and Grummans

    Portland' trimet Gillig phantom, and Flxible metros

    Transporte de azul y blanco gillig phantoms, flxible metros, and RTS

    A non existent Orion V

    CTA/CMBC? Ballard Fuelcell Bus

    VTA fuelcell

    MTS D40LF

    king county proteerra

    and other requests starting at page 304


  9. Can confirm 1701 was converted for use on the Air Connect. Spotted it last week downtown
  10. Here'a Another card to add to your collection Its not much but I didn't have the time to build a fancy card like the year before last. Its My Official Card for this year.
  11. I can say that 9 Buses from COTA were sold to TARC however i can only identify 2931 in the photos posted on tarc's twitter page. I can see another 29ft gillig and what appear to be some of the 2007 35ft gilligs but i cant see any fleet numbers based on these photos. Evidence: also based on my own observations 2833, 2836 and 2840 are the only 2008 29ft gilligs left in active service. all information posted in my auction posts is correct but only 1 bus was entered in. also can confirm that 2718 and 2719 are up with CATA now too.
  12. The End Results of the Auction today: 2008/2009 Gilligs That Were Auctioned off today 2008s: 2831 (non running, became a parts bus), 2832, 2834, 2835, 2837, 2838, 2839 (Received new engine cover prior to auction) 2009: 2934 (has a wasp nest in the exhaust pipe, first 2009 gillig to be retired) Chevy/Champion Cutaways 2011s: 1168, 1169 (Non running), 1176 (Non running, parts missing), 1179 (non running) 2012s: 1262 (involved in an accident, non running), 1265 (Non running), 1268 (non running, parts missing), 1271, 1272, 1274, 1276, 1277 (My photo of this bus got corrupt), 1280 (Non running) 2013s: 1362, 1363, 1364, 1365, 1366 (Non running), 1369 2014 MV1s 1477, 1480 Inactive/retired units (these were in the same yard as the auction buses but they were not for auction. All 2007 gilligs are retired though some still remain on COTA property and a good number of the 2800s are inactive though some are still in service. The buses listed below are inactive and may be privately sold off or are in the contingency fleet 2702, 2703, 2710, 2723, 2802, 2820, 2814 (Might be parting out??, very far left of photo) , 2933 all photos were taken by me and can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/tape-city/gallery/57747064/cota-buses I give my permission for the CPTDB to use any of the photos i have posted past, present and future in the wiki.
  13. COTA is about to auction off more vehicles. Select baby Gilligs from 2008 and 1 from 2009 are going to be auctioned off along with a number of chevy cutaways Auction is going to be on October 12 https://www.cota.com/initiatives/auctions/ VEHICLES 2008 Gillig Diesel 30’ Low Floor Transit Coaches (5) 2009 Gillig Diesel 30’ Low Floor Transit Coach 2011 Chevrolet C-4500 Champion Cutaway (4) 2012 Chevrolet C-4500 Champion Cutaway (9) 2013 Chevrolet C-4500 Champion Cutaway (7) 2014 Chevrolet C-4500 Champion Cutaway (3) 2014 VPG MV-1 Mobility Vehicle also 1513 was spotted back in service
  14. Another COTA bus has been involved in an accident Thursday and is likely a potential write off. 1513 was hit by an SUV and then crashed into a house. The damage to the bus doesn't look to serious but I bet this one will be written off. The Driver of the SUV was found at fault for the accident and also tried to flee the scene. The COTA Driver, the single passenger, and the people in the house all had minor injuries.
  15. COTA has another batch of ford transit vans hitting the road: Spotted 1965 yesterday while on the Cmax in mainstream livery also either 1876 was re branded for the new COTA Plus Service or was the pilot for said program. Photo is from COTA's twitter also Random 28XX and 29XX units have receved new tires in recent weeks.
  16. Bus 1314 was breifly taken out of service after being hit by stray bullets on 6/10. Bus was back in service on 6/14 with one of the bullet holes still present. no one on the bus was hurt.
  17. A hand full of the 2800s are still in service. One was chasing 1904 on friday. Havn't seen the baby 2800 gilligs though. 1924 still had some new bus smell when i rode it Friday.
  18. Spotted a lot of XN40s sitting in the yard next to some of the remaining 2700s friday. sadly no photo can say most if not all have been delivered.
  19. Bus 1901 has entered service now... Sadly didn't get a chance to catch it
  20. Update for the Ford transit vans: been meaning to pass this on but the fleet numbers for the ford transit vans are 1861-1878 i haven't seen an 1879 yet and definitely have not seen any higher than that. Evidence You can use this photo if you want until someone gets a better photo.
  21. Update about 2401 & 2402 sent to CATA: 2401 is confirmed as the parts bus based on OMSIMattHowell's Youtube video but apparantly it was originally going to be 634 before something happened. 2402 is confirmed to be 632 also 2401 - 2403 had an old school Stop request light in the front. the 2100s, 2300s, 2500s, 2404 and 2405 didnt have those. the last buses to have those were either the 1993 flxibles or the 1995 flxibles (i'm not too sure) Evidence:
  22. Like last year i decided to make a Christmas card but sadly didn't have much time this year compared to last year. and yet again this is the last day I will be online before Christmas. A Christmas tree sits in the village square of a Snow Village. Happy holidays from MCTABus (AKA the Wandering COTA Bus, Tape_City)
  23. Update to ford transit van roster Fleet numbers: 1861 - 1878 spotted 1878 parked outside my house. of coarse my iPod has to die on me before i get a picture also 2401 status with CATA is unknown. 2402 is confirmed active as 632 with CATA
  24. COTA Bus 1608 now has a wrap to honor veterans on it. spotted it on route 10 yesterday. sadly couldnt get a pic of it.
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