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  1. Bus 1901 has entered service now... Sadly didn't get a chance to catch it 😕
  2. Update for the Ford transit vans: been meaning to pass this on but the fleet numbers for the ford transit vans are 1861-1878 i haven't seen an 1879 yet and definitely have not seen any higher than that. Evidence You can use this photo if you want until someone gets a better photo.
  3. MCTAbus

    Paperbus Thread

    had some time to finally get some more paper buses done... NOTE: the Gillig phantom didn't have a creator name if anyone knows who the original maker is please tell me. I got the phantom from the same site i got the RTS and D40LF From In recent weeks a gillig phantom has been spotted wandering around Columbus. I havnt been able to take a photo of it as of yet but it is the same color as the clerics in one of my minecraft mods. a blank version (seeing how the 3 blanks i got all feature tip in windows and not sliding) a very early WIP of a CATA bus And an almost finished version of the Wandering COTA Bus. (It says final but some decals didn't save) Portland Trimet buses are on hold still due to the lack of available flxibles 😖 .
  4. I tried to look for a certian video he did only to find he deleted his whole channel. Anyone know what happened to his channel or caused him to delete it?
  5. Update about 2401 & 2402 sent to CATA: 2401 is confirmed as the parts bus based on OMSIMattHowell's Youtube video but apparantly it was originally going to be 634 before something happened. 2402 is confirmed to be 632 also 2401 - 2403 had an old school Stop request light in the front. the 2100s, 2300s, 2500s, 2404 and 2405 didnt have those. the last buses to have those were either the 1993 flxibles or the 1995 flxibles (i'm not too sure) Evidence:
  6. MCTAbus

    Christmas Card - 2018

    Like last year i decided to make a Christmas card but sadly didn't have much time this year compared to last year. and yet again this is the last day I will be online before Christmas. A Christmas tree sits in the village square of a Snow Village. Happy holidays from MCTABus (AKA the Wandering COTA Bus, Tape_City)
  7. Update to ford transit van roster Fleet numbers: 1861 - 1878 spotted 1878 parked outside my house. of coarse my iPod has to die on me before i get a picture 😕 also 2401 status with CATA is unknown. 2402 is confirmed active as 632 with CATA
  8. COTA Bus 1608 now has a wrap to honor veterans on it. spotted it on route 10 yesterday. sadly couldnt get a pic of it.
  9. MCTAbus

    Paperbus Thread

    I'm busy working on a lot of things so sadly not had much time to make paper buses but am working on a V2 of the "Wandering" COTA bus. V2 is essentially if i were to own the bus if it hadnt been sold to cata as a parts bus. Its still a WIP.
  10. odd its working for me. still cant find the full video though
  11. 2 bits of info Ford transit vans: i have now seen units 1861 and 1862 active. so now i know of at least 3 units. 2010 gillig advantage Bus 1031 sufferd some sort of radiator leak on 4/12/18 and leaked fluid on the interstate. A car hit the fluid and crashed as a result with the driver not surviving the incident. I have spotted that bus active this week. I couldn't find the full news article unfortunately https://abc6onyourside.com/on-your-side/cota-employees-raise-concern-about-safety-of-buses-after-deadly-accident
  12. an update to the cota buses sold to battle creek. the website that posted the news about the new buses got some info wrong and I can now confirm that 625 and 626 are actually brand new buses bought with a federal grant. 630 is Ex cota 2715. The other unit is being fitted for service but its fleet number is with BCT (and its former COTA number) are unknown. all information is verified as i asked Battle creek transit themselves on facebook. COTA buses 2402 and 2403 were also sold to CATA but 2402 is being used used as a parts bus. the info about them being removed in november of 2016 is now known to be incorrect (I guess they were moved from 1 bus barn to the other around that time???
  13. Either Battle Creek has bought more of these buses or the Site that mentioned the 2 former COTA buses got their numbers wrong @simonsevillematt Spotted 2715 in battle creek as 630 with its original Livery intact but featuring ads and different rims. Now trying to contact Battke creek to Get an answer... Images are from Discord.
  14. MCTAbus

    Paperbus Thread

    Check your inbox, i sent the window kit there.