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  1. Update on inactive buses (passed to me from COTAbus) 2520 is missing its bike rack 2524 is inactive but surprisingly got a new bike rack. 2722, 2717, 2718 are confirmed to be inactive either as reserve or retired and awaiting auction, other 2700s are also there but no idea which ones 2820 is inactive Photo evidence (By User COTABus)
  2. MCTAbus

    Paperbus Thread

    I'll add it to the queue to do after finishing the portland buses which i havnt been able to do yet because of work (and putting most free time to my Minecraft project in regards to getting the world loaded out which takes a lot of time to do) I should be able to hopefully as early as next week get to a stable point in the scheme of things to get started on those buses. Also someone asked about an Orion 1 and I do recall buried around page 50 a small scale Orion 1 but sadly no large scale.
  3. MCTAbus

    Paperbus Thread

    Here's the first of what will hopefully be more to come but honestly ive been too busy with life and a new gaming laptop. Both Buses are not complete as of now (missing logos) I present: Portland Trimet's GMC RTS and a cherriots variant (found this out through reference pics i found of the RTS) when in service for Trimet: When active for cherriots: Both are not finished and i will update them when i do finish them.
  4. COTA's wiki is in a bad need of updating and here's what i know. I am trying to contact COTA to get more information and verify what i know ALL 1999 Novabus LFS and 2001 New FLyer D40LF buses are retired (this is obvious but not mentioned that all are retired in the wiki) all 2003 New Flyer D40LF buses except 2308 and 2310 are retired. The current status of 2308 and 2310 is unknown but they may have been retired with the order of 2016 Gillig Advantage CNG buses. 2004 New Flyer D40LF Buses: 2403 and 2404 are retired The current status of 2401, 2402, and 2405 is unknown but they may have been retired with the order of 2016 Gillig Advantage CNG buses. 2005 Gillig Advantage buses: Some units may have been retired but i cant confirm which units if any have been retired 2005 New Flyer D40LF: The current status of all 5 (2521 - 2525 units is unknown but they may have been retired with the order of 2016 Gillig Advantage CNG buses. 2009 Gillig Advantage 30ft Buses: 2940 and 1 or 2 more buses have been converted for use on the new COTA Air Connect route. COTA ordered buses on the following years but theres no record in the WIKI 2010 Gillig Advantage, 2011 Gillig Advantage, 2012 Gillig Advantage, 2014 Gillig Advantage CNG, 2015 Gillig Advantage CNG, 2016 Gillig Advantage CNG (13 units) Ill add/update info when i can verify the info (COTA responds)